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RE-ACT Lectures – Dédalo #10

1207 RE ACT Lectures   Dédalo #102115 RE ACT Lectures   Dédalo #103101 RE ACT Lectures   Dédalo #10

The Festival promotes and dynamizes the city as a platform of debate and sharing. By focusing on the urban issues raised by the population, it establishes a direct connection between the public opinion and the process of architectonic project. Throughout the 5 days’ workshop, it will bring together groups of students guided by architects, sociologists and artists of the national and international scene. The conferences and targeted interventions will deepen the urban debate, thus creating a bridge between the downtown and the oriental area of the city. By envisioning the creation of specific architectonical proposals it intends to collect feasible and effective solutions for the problems that are most pertinent in Campanhã.

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BlankHiss // Chapter VII – Utopia // BlankHiss

Frag 650x909  //  BlankHiss

Poster for BlankHiss // Chapter VI // Fragmentation

Magnolia Typeface (MAAN)

Thumbnail logo Magnolia Typeface (MAAN)

fox2 Magnolia Typeface (MAAN)

Stationery Magnolia Typeface (MAAN)


Magnolia is a display typography. Inspired by the shape, softness and symbolism we brought a digital environment for its growth trying to create a new specie.

Project on Behance

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