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Just came across this duo from Portland, they are such a cute couple and their songs are so happy! Made me smile!


Luis Willer!

Last week I had the opportunity of meeting this great latent, Luis Willer, a São Paulo based model from Santa Catarina. Luis is simply stunning and his photos are such a bliss. Enjoy!


Food & Farming!

Food & Farming is a brilliant project by New York based photographer Grabriela Herman. For who does not know Gabriela is half Brazilian, half American and she’s just great, love her work! Got to know her in 2009 and I’ve been following her career until now, she’s always surprising me with her stunning photos. Such an inspiration for me.


From Here To Now To You!

If you haven’t done so already check out Jack Johnson‘s new album, From Here To Now To You, out everywhere now!
I’m listening to it and as a super JJ’s fan I have to tell you it’s relaxing, it’s full of joy, it’s an album to listen and chill and get happy, it’s a total bliss! Get yours!

Alexander Ebert!

Alexander Ebert is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles – California, he’s the lead singer of the band Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and his songs talk to my heart, I truly admire him as a person and as a musician.

Get to know him, check for the video The Thruth here.

Brazilian Photography!

I’m amazed by the young generation of photographers here in Brazil, these photos belong to Diego Ciarlariello, a Sao Paulo based photographer I really admire.

more here

Through the Backyards!

This is what I’m current listening to – Au Revoir Simone – an electronic band based in Booklyn, New York.


High Tide or Low Tide!

This is a Bob Marley‘s song and it’s a version that I truly love, it’s relaxing and calms me down. Hope you enjoy it!


Auto-Reverse Official Video!

This is a new O Rappa‘s song, this video is extremely well done it was shot one of the Rio de Janeiro’s communities, and the song talks about being happy, no matter what, finding joy in things most of people don’t care. This is my favourite Brazilian band, their lyrics inspire me, give me strength and make me happy!


Thicker than Water Film!

This is what I’m currently watching for the 5th time I think, a film by Jack Johnson and The Malloy brothers.

If you do read my posts, you already know how passionate I am about the beach, surf and surf music and of course, Jack Johnson, find more about these passions here.

Matt Costa – self titled new album!

Matt Costa is a singer and songwriter from Costa Mesa, California, I once had the opportunity if meeting him and he is so far the most humble and sweetest musician I ever met.

Matt has a new album, you can purchase it here


Kings of Convenience!

Kings of Convenience is my favourite band ever and I can’t believe some people don’t know this amazing duet. So this post is for you who does not know these guys, they are from Bergen, Norway, it’s only two amazing guys Erlend Øye & Eirik Glambek Bøe. I love all the songs, all the melodies and all the lyrics. They simply rock my world.

Click here for an awesome video.

Rareform Interview with Marc Beauregard

I simply love folk and surf music in general and I grew up going to the beach, so I’m used to swim and dive but I never felt like surfing, I guess I’m too afraid, I don’t know, so the last seven years I’ve been following this singer, songwriter and surfer I love and I just posted about him, that is Jack Johnson, what happens is that in 2009 another singer, songwriter and surfer caught my attention: Marc Beauregard, so I became a huge fan, I love his energy, his lyrics and he’s always so positive, his songs just put a smile in my face, no matter what kind of problem I have, I count on Marc’s songs to feel better.
Since I just came back from the beach and I have all these feelings here alive I decided to post this interview, which is awesome because he mentions my name, as a person he would like to meet, what an honor huh?
Along with the interview you can check this really well done video from Rareform too.

If you don’t know Marc, please check for his new single called Forgiven, you can download it from Itunes.


Not Sure What To Call This Thing!

Not Sure What To Call This Thing is a plataform I created to share photos I like, most of them are mine and the others from photographers I admire.

Cali Conscious!

This is what I’m currently listening to – a California based awesome band – called Cali Conscious.
Their songs are pure good vibes! Could not be more happy now :)

Click here to listen the whole album.