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Matisse & Sadko – Stars (Official Music Video)

Created by Vladimir Tomin

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SUBWAY Subwhy?

Feed your iPAD with monsters

Don’t stuck in the tree

iOS touch HERE

What do you mean? Of course it is free game. All games should be free.


Cubatrons: WAR gameplay video


The Eyes of a Tongue

Tongue01 The Eyes of a Tongue

Because it is

Cubatrons Gameplay




GameIcon1024 650x650 CUBATRONS

>> App Store <<

Difficult Reading

DifficultReading Difficult Reading

Stone Paper Scissors Tower Defence Game

>>> Download link


Shanghai virtual tour

Happy New Year MTV

Full project HERE


Physical interface for digital sculpting

Slide01 650x325 Z Ball

Flat01 small1 Z Ball

Lift011 Z Ball

Rot011 Z Ball

Push011 Z Ball

Pull011 Z Ball

Possible solution:

Cover inner surface of the ball with special grid pattern. Put in the middle of the ball spherical camera to track changes in geometry of the ball based on distortion of the grid. Combine camera with gyroscope and accelerometer to track position and rotation of the ball in space.

Solution011 650x325 Z Ball

Full project HERE



Using diversity of styles I tried to deliver a message about how dangerous cults are.

Prophet 650x919 CULT

Prayer 650x390 CULT

Skyfall CROP 650x919 CULT

See full project (with more works) HERE