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Eid Card Design Inspirations 2013

As the blessed month of Ramadan is coming to an end, everyone is aware of what’s next. One of the greatest religious occasions “Eid” is a few days away and people all around the world are busy making preparations for it. New clothes, family reunions, delicious cultural recopies and so much more is on it’s way too. Along with all this, people greet each on this blessed day by meeting, sending Eid cards and greetings. Following are some of the inspirational Eid cards designed for this Holy day:

More Eid Crad Designs



Apache Eid Fitr Greeting Card

Apache eid fitr card 2
Designed by: Syauqi Muhammad


GE (UAE) Eid Cards:

eid moon

Designed by: Anjana Jain


J&K Bank – Ramadan Eid Card

J&K Bank Eid greeting
J&K Bank Eid greeting

Designed by: Amanullah Khan


British Council Eid Card

eid card design

eid greetings

Designed by: Kiran Asif



eid mubarak

eid calligraphy

Designed by: ~ Shakshak


Eid Mubarak Atria Hotel

eid card

eid mubarak

Designed by: achmad fauzi

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Why Graphic and Website Designing is the Best Career to Choose

Inspiration and imagination are the word belongs to the profession of graphic and web designing. With the rapid advancement of technology, design and art made a solid place in the list of top career option in recent time. If we take a look around us, we see design and art in all the professions of life directly and indirectly. Engineer, doctor, architecture and all other professions have the essence of design in their domain.

Being a graphic and web designer open the door of many creative activities. A person who has strong imaginations and firm determination can earn fame and money by presenting his inspiration to the world. Today we decided to present you some guidelines for Why Graphic and Website Designing is one of the Best Career to Choose?

Check out some Designers Interview and work to understand more.


Never ending Scope!

Scope and demand are the two important and major features one has to look before choosing a career. Fortunately, if you are a graphic or web designer, then you don’t have to worry about the scope of your profession. One of the major reasons behind this is increasing growth of web and internet technology. Graphic designer can easily fit in any domain of art, media, business and science.


Every organization who aims to face the challenges of new world technology must need a designer who can illustrate their thinking and present it to the world.


Flexibility of Work


Designer and artist do not require to go for office and do a 9-5 jobs to build their career. They are creative minds and could show cast their skills from any part of the earth. Graphic and web designing is included in the list of those professions who have high earning and can be done flexibly. This flexibility increase the trend of being a graphic or web designer because no one wants to travel for an hour to work daily if he can earn double by sitting at home.

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Windows 8 Visual Styles

Computer Technology getting update and innovative day by day. The head of technology Windows OS also got new awesome version of Windows 8 in recent past. Windows 8 bring us metro style user interface with many other new features. We have got few Windows 8 Visual Styles to spice up your desktop screens.

If you do not have Windows 8 then we have Windows 7 Visual Styles collection here.


Elune for Windows 8

by `neiio

wiindows 8 visual style



Leopard Beta for Win 8

by *sagorpirbd

snow leopard for windows



Mild 8

by ~dIzzEE94

visual style windows 8


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Free Outline Icons

Today we are sharing simple, elegant free icons set by PAGE Interactive. They are minimal flat icons designed with an outline style, and are highly useful for a wide variety of web and app design projects.
By: PAGE Interactive Sp.j.

Download Flat Free Icons Set

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Free Corporate Identity Mockup

Brand identity or Corporate Identity, idea or image is marketed to recognizable by more and more people, and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product. Presentation of corporate identity is important factor to show off the design and concept in realistic way by creating mockup. It take time to start from the beginning to create mockup for any identity. We have found one awesome photo realistic Free Corporate Identity Mockup to use it to emerge with your design to create your amazing corporate identity presentation.

Thanks to Vision Trust and Mateusz Turbinski for this amazing share.

Checkout for interesting Brand Identity Designs


free corporate identity mockup


Download corporate identity mockup

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Free Themes for Tumblr

Tumblr, a social networking and micro blogging site being operated by Tumblr, Inc has over 100 million blogs. This site rapidly gained millions of users and recently Yahoo announced to purchase this site for approximately $1.1 billion. Mostly used by youngsters, this site includes pictures, videos, content and much more. With unique ideas and concepts in mind, people have designed varieties of different kinds of themes for their Tumblr blog, these consist of free and paid themes but emphasizing on free themes for Tumblr, following are some of the finest themes prepared:

Download these themes here


Office Tables by Erbao

Office Table


UltraPics by ultralinx

Ultra Pics


Yellow Mellow 2.0 by laurenashpole

Yellow Mellow


Urban 4 by Max Davies

Urban 4


Catching Elephant by Andytlr

Cathing the Elephant


Cameras and Boxes by Meg

Cameras and Boxes

Water Color by Sara white

Water Color


Effector Theme by Pixelunion-themes


Chalk Dust v.3.0 by Mia-caro

Chalk Dust

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The Art of Arabic Calligraphic Designs

Just like the name enlightens, “calli” refers to beauty and “graphy” means writing. With a broad tip of pen, calligraphers bring words back to life scripting them in an extraordinary way. It’s the art of writing words in a gorgeous, expressive and classy technique.

From various types of Calligraphic designs, some of the elegant and sophisticated ones are:

  • Thuluth Style: Islamic calligraphy introduced by Persians in 11th century
  • Diwani Style: It has its roots from Ottoman Turks, a form of Arabic script.
  • Nastaliq Style: One of the main used design in Perso-Arabic script. Developed in Iran in 8th and 9th century.

Visit our Arabic Art Section for more interesting and inspiring designs

Beautifully written in Dewani Style, it’s an Islamic art Arabic calligraphy for an Islamic quote.

Calligraphic Design

Written in Maghribi script found in 13th century in North Africa. Courtesy of Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Horse Calligraphy

Magnificently drawn horse in calligraphic style

Amazing Arabic Calligraphy

Ahlaz Zikr Ayaaz Arabic Calligrpahy

By: Abdelghany Shoair

Al Hakk Arabic Calligraphy


Al Fath Arabic Calligraphy

By :Eduard Dimasov

Calligraphy on T-Shirt

Amazin TShirt desing

T-Shirt Arabic Calligraphy

T-Shirt Arabic Calligraphy -2

By: Muhammad ElMahdy

The grace and love these types of calligraphic designs have been done with, it shows the significance of art. Not only in ancient times. but also now such charming art makes our lives a lot more colorful. Which one of these do you like the most? Share your feedback through comments!

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Advertising Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

With new products budding every single day, the hype for exceptional adverts has increased rapidly. Advertising companies demand for creativity and for an illustration to speak a thousand words. They want new thoughts which can enlighten their ideas in a single picture.

To gain immense amount of buyers and to deliver a message to open the eyes of the audience, Advertising agencies always have to think out-of-the box. Today, we gathered some of the best and creative advertising design ideas which surely force you lips to say WOW!

Heinz Ketchup

A ketchup company’s Heinz creative ad campaign.This ad makes the Heinz Ketchup look the best dressing for any kind of food. The quality and clarity describes it all. Continue »

Website Design to Inspire your Creativity

Would you prefer your website to be dull, artless or eye catching to the audience? Of course not. When you decide to design a brand new website, the major strategy techniques and examples for best design trends should be kept in mind. With new minds emerging with new layouts every day, the competition has become tough.

What makes a website attention-grabbing and motivating to the eye are the highly structured blue prints behind the designing of the web. Web designers need to be updated with the new trends and schemes to compete in the world of designing.

Visit the Responsive web design that will help to make better design

Following are some of the best designed websites of all times and their used techniques:-

Lifestyle Federation

The design was awarded as the best CSS Design award of June 2013.

LifeStyle federation



Nicolas Borreil – Portfolio

The design was made to be websattractive and also one of the winner of CSS Web Design award, June 2013.

Nicolos Borreil

By: Nicolas Borreil


Artem and Julia – Creativity

This website is a perfect example for the creativity and ideas of innovation. The use of landscapes, nature and the color contrast makes this website one of a kind. It has a clean yet appealing concept to it.

Jula and Artem

Ray’s Lab – Artwork

This marketing and communication website uses the unique artwork to steal the attention of the viewer. The colorful layout and exceptional way of illustration makes all the difference.

Ray's Lab

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Creative and Inspiring Typographic Designs

Arranging textures with perfect fonts and visible typefaces creates an art which needs to be look again and again because of its perfection and striking gestures. This art of writing ordinary letters into creative styles is called Typography.

Typography is a skill used by graphic designers, painters, compositors and art directors. Its use is profound in Calligraphy, Graffiti design and Comic books. Today we are going to discuss some of the best creative and inspiring Typographic Designs which inspire your inner imaginations of art and design.

More mind blowing Typography Inspirations

Hungry for Food?

An interesting typographic design from the promotion pictures of private food chain situated in Czech republic for its successful 20 years.

Food Project for 20 years of Agrofert

Food Art


Art direction – Pavel Kriz


Inspiring Face Typographic Art

Following are some of the best inspiring Face typographic arts.



Designed by: Ashed Dreams

Retro Text Art

Retro Text Art- Letter Z

Retro Text Art -Letter O

Design by: Radoslaw Rzepecki


Coffee Typographic Art

A personal experiment of typographic art with Coffee.

Cafegrafia - Cofee Art



Design By:Marina Rosso


3D Typography Art

Amazing 3D project designs

Tiger Text ARt
Visual 3D Illustration

Design By: Joao Oliveira

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Ramadan Facebook Cover Photos 2013

With the blessed month of Ramadan Kareem knocking on our doors, its time to greet this month with respect, affection and love for Allah, with the spirit of doing good deeds and best behavior towards fellow Muslims. With great admiration, many Muslims around the world send greetings with the arrival of this month, many change their public displays to pictures of Islamic verses, Holy places and beautifully designed pictures to show the value of this month. Today we come up with best Ramadan Cover photos which would likely to be suit on your social networking profiles and show the sprit and respect you have for this month.

More Ramadan and Islamic Art in our Arabic Art section


Ramadan Facebook Covers

This gracefully made design conveys the message of the arrival of the month of Ramadan in a very simple way.




Designed by: Abdallah el Kotabi


Amazing Facebook Cover by Youth Corner


facebook ramadan cover5


Ramadan Facebook Covers (5)




Ramadan Facebook Covers (6)(1)


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Some of Best Icons Design

Designing logos and icons is always a difficult task to achieve. You need to be creative and artistic in order to design a perfect icon which could describe the true picture of desired organization. Many people doesn’t define any difference between any an icon and logo, but in reality there is a huge difference between a company logo and a well-known computer icon.

Find out more Icon Designs for download and Inspirations.


Miasushi – Food Delivery

This iconic design is made for a Miasushi Food delivery services. Yummy isn’t it?

Mis Sushi

By: Mysmaxom


Get Plain Text – Mac OS

This icon was designed for Mac OS utility program which convert the copied text into plain text.

Icon Text

By: Mysmaxom


Icon for Mail

This inspirational icons was designed for services.

By : Ilnur Nazyrov

The icon is designed for a social networking site

By: Max Pominenko

Wanna Fun?

These iconic designs are made for a dating website

Wanna Fun

By: Max Pominenko




Roll App Icon

Cinnamon Roll App Icon

Roll App Icon

Pan-Cake Icons


Final Phase


These are best iconic design. Tell us which do you like the most?

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Giveaway: 3 premium WordPress themes from ThemeFuse and The Art Times

The Art Times have a special opportunity for you today. ThemeFuse is giving away 3 WordPress themes licenses to The Art Times readers!

WordPress offers a variety of online solutions for bloggers and web developers. If you love WordPress as much as us, then this giveaway is a treat for you! Winners of today’s giveaway will win the opportunity to download a free WordPress theme of their choice from!

Visit this post on The Art Times and get one of your choice.

Check out these styles of WordPress templates created and produced by ThemeFuse.

PixelWhiz – Designer WordPress Theme

Showcase your art and portfolio with PixelWiz!

Designer WordPress Theme

Metro Vibes – Metro WordPress Theme

A modern and responsive metro WordPress theme perfect for a creative agency or a portfolio showcase website.

Metro WordPress Theme

The Muse – Inspiration WordPress Theme

A minimalist inspiration WordPress theme for anyone that wants to start his own blog and believes that content is king.

Inspiration WordPress Theme

MobilityApp – Mobile WordPress Theme

Developers, showcase your apps and development skills with the MobilityApp WordPress Theme.

Mobile WordPress Theme

Don’t wait any longer! Participate in our giveaway for a chance to win a free premium theme from ThemeFuse!

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4 Best Magazine WordPress Themes 2013

Blogging and writing as a hobby can mature your skills and enhance your inner capabilities. If you have enough creativeness, then with your writing, you can alive your feelings and live them through your words. There are many tools and application which gives Bloggers and Writers to express their gratitude and feelings towards writing by providing flexible plug-in and easy architecture, but Word press placed in top whenever the list of these types of open source and Content management tools have been listed.

Handpicked useable, responsive and detailed blog-magazine wordpress themes

Maestro – Fully-functional Business Instrument

Maestro is an amazing Co-operative category theme with improved professional looks and Crumina Team template. It is a fully functional business theme used strictly for making co-operative sites or building professional portfolios.


wordpress blog theme


Official Retina Responsive Word Press Blog Theme

Retina responsive Word Press Blog Theme is another Blog/Magazine category theme with Colorful, responsive design and RTL language support. It is a customizable theme with 30+ short codes.



Flavor – Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme

Flavor is a Blog/Magazine category Word press theme famous for its advanced platform with professional features. The themes is integrated with AJAX sorting and filtering with like and view counts.



Raiden — A Minimal Word Press Theme with Style

Raiden Word Press theme is design to focus the readability factor of blog and Magazine. It is a stylish blog theme which supports 10 Word press Post Formats and completely suitable for any personal Blog.



These are some of the best responsive Word Press themes used by Bloggers and Designers. Have we miss some of your favorite Word press theme? Which themes from the listed above you used in your blog?

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6 Logo Design Trends of 2013

Creativity, inspiration, imagination and little motivation is the recipe behind a successful classical Logo which become the trademark and emblem of any organization. A logo design expresses the inspiration and impresses the mission statement on which the organization is up to. An interesting logo hides different meanings in its own. It hides the source of ideas, zeal of imaginations and a spirit to explore the limits.

Today we are highlighting the best five logo design trends following in 2013. These trends have been followed by many developers and graphic designers in their design and piece of art. We list them according to their style, their simplicity and their creativity.

Branding and Logo Design Lover? Then visit The Art Times Branding Guide and Inspiration series


Object Based Logo

Object based Logos are designed and inspired by the things we see around our self every day and night. These Logos gives a recreational architecture and a new soul to the non-animate bits and pieces and give them a new look. Object based logos can be seen in various organizations that are known for their creativity and art. Some of the honorable mentions are Apple and Twitter logos.



Logo Inspitation logo drawing object logos

By: Iliya


Twist Effect

In these days twist effect is the famous logo design effect added to the Logos to show the elasticity and friendliness. Twist effect also shows the impression of a complete domain in which the organization is setting up its work. It starts and end facing each other vertically or horizontally reflects that the organization never forget its past and by no means leave its loyal customer when they are in peak of success.

X Art Design

Xclusive Logo

By: Jeppe Voight Christensen


logo trends

logo drawing

cloud logo design



Unlike any other logo design, the bracket logo design expresses the relation of trust and equality. It always shows the combination of two equal things and combined them graphically to make them considered as one. Bracketing logo design is the latest logo trend of 2013 and has been used by many web and logo designers when they need to show the meaning of equality and strength. The bracketing design is used by creative and artistic designers because they have to be used in a way that if any of the part separated rests no meaning for the left.


handshake logo

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