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Illustration & Animation by Whitevinyl

Images created for a picture-interview with

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Here is Today

An interactive look into time…

Chorus Age

Chorus Age is an online ambient sound toy and artificial life sim. It’s a world in which life eats, breeds, fights and dies with sound. As an ever-changing eco-system, it can be left running to generate music, or you can alter the environment with the Touch of Life or Death.

Book of Dogs WIP

A small print project in progress:

“When I was a kid (about 6 I reckon) I made something called Book of Dogs. It was 2 x A4 sheets of paper folded into 8 pages, bursting with 6 drawings of dogs.
I priced my first DIY publication (super-limited run of 1 copy) at 50p and put it out for sale on the counter of my parents’ seafront gift shop.
Now 20-something years later I’ve decided to replicate all that I remember of the format, including the price, and re-present Book of Dogs in my current style.”

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SOMNI is an audio programme, created to help me in recording, songwriting and potentially live performance.

The left side is similar to a Suzuki Omnichord, controlled (using keyboard & cursor) with chord keys and a strummable touchplate. As well as using the touchplate there are three extra modes, which allow for random arpeggiation, sweeping arpeggiation, and burst (kind of like an instant randomised strum). It currently has 8 voices, both synth and acoustic samples, as well as the ability to augment the scale, meaning suspended or atonal music can be made.

Free to download at

Illustration from WhiteVinyl

Illustration – Whitevinyl

Arlington Electro-Harp

Arlington Electro-Harp

An interactive Audio/Visual (Flash) based on Arlington House in Margate,UK.

For Nihon

Flash-based audio-visual…



An online ambient musicbox, which generates its sounds using the orbital/year frequencies of most of the major bodies of our solar system.

Small Voyages

Album artwork & packaging design
Neverest Songs – ‘Small Voyages’