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30 Amazing Examples of Package Design

Having a proper Package Design is an essential aspect for any company because sometime that is all option the buyer will have to decide if the product is worthy of their money. The color scheme and design has to be very carefully orchestrated for the right brand representation. A good amount of market research is also a vital part packaging design.

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Free Clear Social Media Icons with PNG & PSD

This freebie includes popular social media icons that are completely vectorized. As usual, the icon set is free to use for personal and commercial projects. Inside the zip folder you will find PNGs and PSD file.

Icons that are included : facebook, twitter, pintrest, linkedin, google plus, flickr, stumbleupon, rss, email , dribbble, deviantart , behance, zerply, 500px, github, skype, vimeo, lastfm, youtube, spotify and share button.


Free Mini UI Kit PSD

UI Kit are very useful when designing any web app or iPhone app. Having a template or guide can save you lot of time. In this edition of Friday freebie, we bring you a nicely designed Mini UI Kit PSD that has buttons, forms, checkbox, slider, loading icons and more.


Website Mascots Showcase & Analysis

There are many ways to spruce up your website and bring it to life such as : simple modifications to your layouts color to a full overhaul. However, there is another way to make your website stand out from the rest of them and that’s by creating a mascot.

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Examples of Inspiring Coming Soon Page Design & Analysis

Of course you won’t have your website upgraded and redesigned in just a day or even a week. Therefore, it is best that you get yourself a coming soon/under construction page as a placeholder until the new site is up and running. Need inspiration? You’re in luck because today I’m sharing ten coming soon website designs that will surely have you coming back.

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Free Circle Social Media Icons PSD

This freebie includes 8 social media icons that are completely vectorized. You can resize them to any size you want without losing quality. Definitely great icons to add to your resource folder.


Negative Space Logos with Examples and Analysis

When you design you don’t always have to include all the bells and whistles, sometimes you will find that simplicity and minimalism works best. As the great Plato says, “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” That quote can’t be anymore appropriate for the art of logo designing and it really comes into play when designing a negative space logo.

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25 Beautiful Dark Business Card Designs

Like logo design, business card design is very complex and unique process. People want their business card to be very personalized because it reflects their business, personality and the quality of service the offer. Some people prefer light & bright business cards whereas some people prefer dark and black themed business cards. Dark business cards can be artistic, distinguished and stylish if they are designed with right color combination, typeface and techniques. In this post we are featuring examples beautifully designed dark-colored business cards.

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Free Scroller and Slider PSD

You will find scroller and slider in this PSD file. It is a well designed PSD template with grouped layers for easy editing. As usual, the icon set is free to use for personal and commercial projects.

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Create A Melting Typography Effect

Visual elements such as graphics are an important part of the design process. However, typography is also a crucial part of designing regardless of how much or how little knowledge you have about it. Picking the right typography should be carefully considered to bring out the best in your design. There are hundreds if not thousands of different of typefaces available on the internet that you can choose from but sometimes it can be overwhelming. For today’s tutorial I am going to discuss about typography and show you how to create a melting typography design.

How to Create a Dynamic Composition in Photoshop?

Knowing how to create a visually eye-catching piece is an important concept to graphic design. As most of you know, with experimentation comes the possibility of designing a very original composition and artwork. In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to take the basic elements found in Photoshop and create a dynamic composition with the use of stock images which will include 3D renders and textures.

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Spooky and Creative Halloween Designs

Halloween is just two weeks away. By now, you have run into a variety of Halloween themed design gigs. Much like a hoard of zombies you can’t escape these Halloween designs. In the celebration of this ghoulish day, we have collected some devilishly artistic designs that will inspire you crank out those seasonal designs.

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Free PSD Vector Arrow Set

Today we are releasing a set of the vector arrow set with PSD file. These arrows will be good for any slideshow, direction page and so on. Since, they are created using Photoshop paths you resize them without losing quality. As usual, the arrow set is free to use for personal and commercial projects.

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Creative Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs

Minimal Design is on the rise. More and more web designer, design studios, corporations are embracing minimal, simple and clean design to showcase their work and products. Viewers prefer the clean look because it is easy read and navigate regardless of web browser and platform.
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Minimal Web Design - Desizn Tech

Minimal Web Design - Desizn Tech

Minimal Web Design - Desizn Tech

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Creative Typography Poster and Design for Inspiration

For any Art Director, Graphic Designer creating design focused on typography is challenging because they really have to push their creative boundary and produce design/art that are inspiring and beautiful. To design any typographic poster you have to understand how typeface, font works with color, texture, shapes and subject . If you just type in the words sad, happy, excited in a blank document they do not necessarily express any emotion or concept. However, combine them with the right of color, picture, tweak their shape and size and you get this beautiful artwork that will catch viewer attention.
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