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24 Pics with Amazing Places That Will Inspire You

UberPicture has published lots of photos with amazing places that could inspire everyone. Let’s admire 24 of them and do not forget to explore more:

McWay Falls, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Wanaka, New Zealand

Vatnjökull, Iceland

Kubota Garden

Marble Caves, Chile

Fredvang, Norway

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50+ Absolutely Amazing Artworks

Here are some of the best examples of amazing digital art collected by Smashing Picture!

Click here to see them all!

Zenith WordPress Theme Review by Bless This Theme

Zenith WordPress Theme is a good solution for those who want to showcase their amazing work in a sleek, stable and responsive theme. Zenith is suitable for creatives or design agencies, but will also work as a simple portfolio website with a nice personal blog.

It seems to be a trend around here – more and more themes include the wonderful Revolution Slider, which is a very good idea. Just under the top menu, this slider can occupy the whole width (it is also responsive) or only a defined sized (highly customizable). Only the slider is $15.

What I like at this theme is the beautiful design and its logical structure. In the portfolio page, the layout tends to look like a tumblr page, with a simple column for images and share buttons and one for extra info. The portfolio page also displays a fixed bar for title and easy navigation through works. Cool idea! When you scroll down, a jQuery-made bar will appear to showing the logo and menu.

You have room for clients, testimonials, portfolios, news, services. Zenith also includes a fancy blog with featured images, bold titles and some nice widgets.

Zenith integrates a membership area. Think of a print business or theme shop: the members will pay to have full access to your works! This feature is great for agencies or more possibly for little personal businesses. [Bless This Theme]

Codilight WordPress Theme Review by BlessThisTheme

Codilight WordPress Theme general

The theme used on BlessThisTheme is Codilight WordPress Theme, promoted by Mojo Themes. It’s a responsive WordPress theme suitable for blog or magazine websites. I installed it in seconds, the after installation customization being piece of cake. I selected the blog style, the other magazine mode it’s shown in the featured image above, with a nice grid scheme for the first articles.

Codilight theme is fully responsive, working nicely on mobile phones or tablets. You don’t need to do more work to optimize it for those platforms. I have tested it enough to say it’s fast, stable, innovative. More than this, you won’t need any plugin that can improve some functions but could also cause problems. Pagination, related posts (simple or tabbed), a complex review part, SEO, advertisement management, styling, social integration, all are built in it.

Codilight WordPress Theme Index

The top bar is fixed, users will see it when scrolling down to seeing more of a post. It contains the home button, categories section, a hot tags section, the search bar, a social icons section and a share part. While the homepage is sleek and fancy, what I like the most is the post page. Depending on resolutions, it shows two or three columns. The three columns mode is the most active; in the first one you can see the tags, share options and more related posts. The middle column contains the main area for the article, but the title, breadcrumbs and featured image are all above, taking the space for both first and second column. That’s really nice. The third column is basically the sidebar – you can choose from various widgets that are specially made for this theme. Read more >>

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FREE: Simple Grid WordPress Theme

Simple Grid WordPress Theme is a WordPress Theme with mobile and tablet responsive design. Grid like design Theme is perfect for any creative agency to showcase their portfolio. Inspired by the works of El-Studio creative graphic design studio. more info >>


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FREE: Respo WordPress Theme

Respo WordPress Theme is amazing WordPress theme with clean, sleek and customizable design. The theme is suitable for personal blogs and/or online magazines. more info >>


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FREE: Grid Theme

Grid Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile responsive design, featuring infinite scroll. Grid Theme is perfect for any creative to showcase their portfolio. more info >>


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FREE: Bones WordPress Theme

Built around the HTML5 Boilerplate, Bones is a rock solid foundation to start any WordPress project. Keep what you need, remove what you don’t. It’s totally up to you. Featuring the most detailed stylesheets evar, Bones takes pride in showing you exactly what selectors do what and gives them to you in a neat and easy to understand way. Work with the future in mind, while not having to pander to older browsers. more info >>


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FREE: Buttercream WordPress Theme

Buttercream WordPress Theme supports all post formats, an optional responsive design for smaller screens (perfect for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices), custom backgrounds, a custom pop-up menu and three widget-ready sidebars in the footer. more info >>

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Photographer Anna Hurtig

Imaginary play by photographer Anna Hurtig.


Artist Ryohei Hase

Creepy but somehow fascinating art by Ryohei Hase


Liquids & Bubbles Photography

Beautiful macro shots by English photographer Janet Waters – liquid, bubbles, food coloring and soapy water.


Photographer Lynn Geesaman

By photographer Lynn Geesaman. See more on Smashing Picture >>

Laurel Canyon by Carlos Nunez

Stunning Photography by Vincent Bourilhon

Stunning Photography with a surreal twist. By Vincent Bourilhon