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Christmas gift ideas: 10 best kitchen appliances

Do you intend to purchase some fancy and useful kitchen appliances this Christmas? Is there someone on you Christmas list who wants new kitchen gadgets and gizmos? Then small, interesting and high-tech kitchen appliance should surely be your bet. Listed below are the ten of the best kitchen appliances released in 2013 that you can take home for the holidays and you and your family would love.

# Easy Toaster from Russel Hobbs Easy Toaster from Russel Hobbs

Kitchen counter is one place that you don’t want cluttered. More so if you have a small apartment. To fit ever so nicely on the counter, without needing much space is the Easy Toaster by Russel Hobbs. The toaster has a flat back so it can be cramped against the wall to save space. For utility, the toaster only toasts two slices of bread at a time, but has a pair of pockets on the outside which absorb heat from the toaster’s element to keep additional slices warm for you.

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Revo intros its retro chic SuperSignal DAB radio with Bluetooth capacity

Bluetooth Radio killed the Video star – Revo has finally unveiled their expansion to the SuperSeries range with the retro chic SuperSignal DAB radio. Exhibiting its classy form with American Walnut wooden facades, the design harks back to the purist level. This subtle elegance of the form factor is complemented by a OLED display and anodized aluminum and mild-steel grille.

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Brazilian child crafts a model excavator from syringes and wood

Ingenuity precedes resources – this in a nutshell describes the above pictured contraption built by model hobbyist Wesley Pereira de Souza. What might seem like just another toy is actually a home made version of a scale model excavator. However, the remarkable essence of the project goes beyond its DIY nature. The entire model is actually built from an assortment of scraps, including – old syringes, tubes and wood pieces.

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Hardwrk Massive Dock for iPhone is handmade from concrete

The concrete dock for the iPhone, the Hardwrk Massive Dock is equipped with a Lightning connector and can be optimally used with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Handmade from concrete, the Massive Dock has micro-suction pads on the bottom, which allow the dock to adhere itself to the desk.

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Does Ladybug 3D printed keyboard piano tingle your music taste buds?

Taking advantage of 3D printing as an additive manufacturing technique, this Ladybug 3D printed keyboard is made from 3D printed shell. Themed on a Yamaha P35 digital piano, this keyboard has been manufactured using Selective Laser Sintering by 3D Systems in the USA on an advanced sPro SLS system.

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Living Christmas tree – Life Tree made up of aquariums, LEDs and water

Dubbed the Life Tree, the living Christmas tree comprises of a total of 25 aquariums packed with moss, LEDs and Japan’s favorite amphibian. The Life Tree is on display at the Kyoto Aquarium, it will be there for the world to see until December 25.

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Kaldewei Sound Wave turns bathtub into massive Bluetooth speaker

The Sound Wave system can be retrofitted to any of Kaldewei’s existing line of 3.5mm steel enamel bathtubs to transform it into a massive Bluetooth speaker. With the Sound wave, the bathtub is converted into a sound box to deliver highest quality amplified music when filled with water. The Sound Wave immerse the bather into a pool of favorite songs.

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Mira Schroder’s Workbed combines a work desk and a resting bed

German designer Mira Schroder from experimental studio BLESS takes things to a more ‘personal’ level by creating the Workbed. As the name suggests, this contrivance fuses a work desk and a bed into a singular conception.

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Skull Armchair executes a brilliant design for gothic themed interiors

Harold Sangouard is one of those designers who has taken a cue from edgy dimensions of human skull to design a beautiful armchair named ‘Skull.’ Skull Armchair is a perfect example of skull furniture that exudes both mystery and elegance into your lair.

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Sound designer assembles 3D printed speaker from music patterns

The designer has developed a speaker that is created by generating drawings made from studying music patterns generated by resonating metal plate that distributes the salt poured on it into uniform patterns.

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Rene Pierre Limited edition football table for Christmas

World’s leading manufacturer of high quality football tables, Rene Pierre is celebrating Christmas and the wonders of Santa Claus by launching the Legende Special Edition Table Football Table.

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Supercool Batmobile Tumbler case for iPhone 5/5s

Bandai from Japan have come up with their own version of a Batmobile, but for a smartphone. It is not just a non-movable iPhone 5/5S case that you dress your smartphone with. In fact is something that your friends will envy once they see it in your hands.

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Divine Music Box: Limited edition Westime MusicMachine with bright blue fuselage

The MusicMachine is made in white or black lacquered walnut wood for sound amplification, and plays six songs on a pair of metal barrels – one of them is dedicated to sci-fi themes, and the other for rock and roll.

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Six sleeping positions that describe your personality

Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski, analyzed six typical sleeping positions and found out that each is associated with a particular personality type.

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Fold Inn – A fully portable bedroom with modular features

Fold Inn offers temporary habitable solution with larger spaces or more importantly vacant spaces. Such type of spaces are usually associated with work-spaces and conference zones, where employees or business attendees (travelling from long distances) might want to retire for the night instead of opting for a hotel.

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