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Northern Norway “In Search of the Northern Lights”

There is no guarantee to watch the Northern Lights when you want. You can just increase your chances by doing right things. Travel photographer Yigit Yuksel shares his travel notes from his recent Northern Norway trip.


To see the Northern Lights you should always improvise in your travel and search some places that suitable for watching the Northern Lights. This means that you should find a spot where away from city lights or busy roads and it must have an open wide view so you can watch it altogether.

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Aston Martin On Ice Experience


Aston Martin On Ice Performance Lapland in Arvidsjaur, Sweden is a 4 days of driving on ice training from morning till afternoon, including a special time trial at night. A collection of recent Aston Martin cars were in the line up. Rapide S, DB9 Coupe and Convertible, V8 Vantage, Vantage S, V12 Vantage S, Vanquish and Vanquish Volante. All cars were on spikes. The track is located in Swedish Lapland on a frozen lake over 15 km square area and it’s Aston Martin’s own lake. There are more car companies organising this kind of tests in Arvidsjaur but Aston Martin has the most special and the largest track. It has many different combination including mini version of real race tracks like Spa and Nürburgring.

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Italy “The Red Passion”

Italy is a unique country for its historical repertoire with all green landscape. It’s a large country and every corner there is something you should see. Perhaps a man’s lifetime won’t be enough to cover traveling all around Italy. There are tons of things to tell about Italy. Food, culture, history and so on. No matter what your interests are you will find it in Italy.

Ferrari “The Red Passion”
There is no doubt that Ferrari is one of the most important symbol of Italy and probably World’s famous car brand. You can travel to a small town called Maranello and visit Ferrari Factory and Ferrari Museum. It’s also possible to rent a Ferrari and take it a drive around Maranello or even in Fiorano Test Track. Even if you are not much into cars you’ll probably like it anyway. It has its own beautiful charm.

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Iceland: The Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland is a real heaven for an explorer or a photographer. Unique landscapes with mixture of nature’s all colors, terrain is a blanket mixed ice, snow or lava, nights are illuminated by stars and magnificent Northern Lights, half frozen waterfalls and glaciers and so on. Every corner is a different experience in Iceland.

Iceland urges you to do this exploration.

The Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 25 metres and a drop of 60 m.

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How to use your DSLR in Cold Weather & Shooting the Northern Lights

I’ve been in Sweden in February 2013 for watching Northern Lights and other beauties of Winter. For that I crossed the line of North Pole and went to northernmost Sweden. It’s been really cold. Polar weather is very dry but at some point you realize that everything is freezing including yourself. It’s been a challenge for me also for my Photography equipment. Before I go to Sweden I red many articles about using DSLR in extreme cold conditions and how to capture Northern Lights in that condition. This article will be another guide you’re going to read before you use your DSLR in extreme cold conditions. I have few lessons learned, suggestions and tricks to share with you. I hope they will be useful to you.

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Salt Lake Photography

Tuz (Salt) Lake is the second largest lake in Turkey and one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world. It contains between %40 to %60 percent salt. It’s almost completely dry in summer. Central Anatolia Region has no connection to any sea but Salt Lake is providing a great scene to visitors about experiencing sunset and water.


Stockholm Solna Centrum iPhone Retina Wallpaper

Solna Centrum, Creatively and beautifully designed stunning metro stations. Now available for iPhone 4 & 5 Retina Wallpapers.


Stockholm T-Bana Metro Stations

Solna Centrum, T-Centralen, Stadion. Creatively and beautifully designed stunning metro stations.


Northern Lights in Abisko

Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis Photographs from Abisko, Sweden.

Part I
Part II

Stockholm Photography

Photos around the capital of Sweden and Scandinavia.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V


The Icehotel Experience

Part I
Part II

Kiruna Photography

Kiruna is located on the Northernmost Sweden and is a city of mining and winter activities

Part I
Part II

Winter in Lapland Photography

Porjus is a little town in Sweden and there lives about 400 people. It’s a very quite place but also great place to see the Northern Lights and wildlife.

Part I
Part II

408th Jokkmokks Marknad Photography

Jokkmokk a traditional market week called as Jokkmokks Marknad. It’s very traditional and famous and this year it was the 408th celebration.

Part I
Part II
Part III

Dogsledding in Sweden Photography

Dog sledding was one of the activity I’ve done in Sweden. It was so fun and entertainment.Sled dogs are mostly huskies. They are so friendly and beautiful and have always eager to run.