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Tijuana Tears – Animated Lyric Video

Tijuana Tears have created a fun psychedelic animated lyric video for their song howl. The animated type was created by artists around the world via animographys franchise type.

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Revolve Fall 2013 Video Look Book

Revolve Clothing released two videos for their upcoming Digital Girl Fall 2013 Video Look Book. Rezatron directed two videos, one being a behind the scene look into the scifi inspired photoshoot.

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Unif Clothing | Skate Decks + Video

For the release of UNIF Clothing‘s Don’t Care Bears skateboard decks, Rezatron and Unif thought up a concept and strategy to introduce a live action version of the 04 individual characters printed on the decks. Each character is personified with the bears unique trait, being; high, brutal, drunk, and dead. UNIF Don’t Skate.

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The Creepster + Alysha Nett + A Frog

The Creepster is at it again with nostalgically sexy photography featuring Alt model, Alysha Nett.

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Rezatron I Woody NY

Rezatron “I Woody NY” a tribute to Woody Allen @Gallery 1988 Venice

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Truth a Short Film

Three friends stumble upon the TRUTH while playing a game of truth or dare, directed by Rezatron!

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If You Smell What The Barack Is Cooking

If You Smell What The Barack Is Cooking by Rezatron

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Rezatron Illustrations for October

Rezatron updates with a few fantastic illustrations for October.

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The Creepster A Visual Storyteller

Los Angeles based visual storyteller The Creepster

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Syria-sly Knock It Off by Rezatron

Rezatron creates a Syria awareness poster.

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Rezatron Type Treatment

Rezatron’s cute type treatment inspired by a certain mail body part.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Meal by Rezatron

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Meal by Rezatron

A live action photograph interpretation of Adult Swim’s cartoon show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, featured in Gallery 1988 x Adult Swim gallery show.

Limited Edition of 25 12×8 prints available via Gallery 1988

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Rezatron Illustration Portraits

Rezatron’s Butter Face and Sorry We Are Closed Minded 13×19 portrait illustration prints.

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The Rose Bull by Rezatron

The Rose Bull an fun illustration of Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose by Rezatron

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