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Amazing Colored Pencil Drawings By Morgan Davidson


Today I am coming along with amazing colored pencil drawings by Morgan Davidson. She belongs to USA and her work inspired me to bits that I was so determined to put forward her collection of flamboyance before you. Her beautiful drawingsare very detailed and crisp sharp, how incredibly she has drawn girls in different hues making them look so different. Continue »

Stunning Digital Art Paintings of Random People – A Fun Series by Julio Cesar

stunning-digital-art-painting-examples (5)
Today I am unfolding before you a collection of stunning digital art paintings of random people, a fun series by Julio Cesar. Look at the fantastic blend of colors, real feel and gestures he has drawn so meticulously, it seems effortless and totally seamless. Continue »

30+ Beautiful Examples of Hand Lettering Styles for Inspiration

Stunning Examples of Hand Lettering Styles for Inspiration (15)
Well my post will unleash before you a collection of 30+ stunning examples of hand lettering styles for inspiration by Mark van Leeuwen. Mark is good at hand lettering and typography, he belongs to Italy. See his complete work that really is inspiration for young artists. Continue »

Submit Your Entry & Win $25,000 in Sony World Photography Awards 2015

Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Well here is a chance to enter into an open Sony world photography award 2015 competition where you can try out your luck if you are an undeveloped or a professional photographer. Get your snapshots submitted before the time is over.

Check out some of the most beautiful photos submitted to Award Gallery 2015
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Famous Failure Stories Free Printable Calendar 2015 | Vector Ai & PDF


You can get the Calendar printed for yourself or you can also give it away to your pals who are lover of sayings and quotes. Have a gaze down below and do let us know how much you took the spur out from this! Download the famous failure stories free printable calendar of 2015.
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10 Christmas Gifts & Gadgets For Designers | Geek Gifts 2014


My today’s post will highlight 10 Christmas gifts & gadgets designers would love to receive. So if you have got some close designer friends, this post of Christmas gifts is totally apt for you to make an abrupt choice for gifts & presents for designer’ friends.
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45 Crazy Typography Posters & Illustrations by Ian Jepson

Crazy-Typography-Design-Posters-Illustrations-Ian-Jepson (1)

Today I am bringing before you 45 crazy typography posters & Illustrations by Ian Jepson. He is our artist of the Year 2014.Look through his thought provoking and mind boggling illustrations that would conquer the hearts of millions.
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35+ Cute and Creative Christmas Ornaments 2014


Today I am unfolding before you cute and creative Christmas ornaments & decoration ideas for 2014. I hope you have a cheerful time watching them.
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18 Creative Street Art Paintings By Pejac

Creative-street-art-paintings-pejac (21)

Today what I am bringing before you is stunning, it is unveiling 18 absolutely creative street art paintings by Pejac.
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25+ Awe-Inspiring Digital Art Paintings by Elena Berezina

Digital-Art-Paintings-by-Elena-Berezina (22)

Today I am unfolding before you 25+ awe-inspiring digital art paintings by Elena Berezina. The artist has kept fancy images in the mind while composing these art pieces, beautiful colors and textures are injecting life into each one of these.
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Absolutely Stunning Typography Paper Quilling by Mary Imbong

Typography-Paper-Quilling-by-Mary-Imbong (14)

Today I am unfolding before you stunning typography paper quilling by Mary Imbong. You will get bedazzled at the way artist has depicted beauty with meaning.
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Android Logo Having a Scary Halloween Costume Makeover 2014


Today I am unfolding before you Android logo having a Halloween costume makeover for 2014. This is a fun project just to show the aura of Halloween. When everybody’s excited about the occasion how can our very own Android robotic logo be taken aback?
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40+ Detailed Hand Lettering Artworks by Raul Alejandro

Beautiful-Detailed-Hand-Lettering-by-Raul-Alejandro (3)

Today I am unfolding before you beautiful detailed hand lettering artworks by Raul Alejandro. He is much into typography, design, animation & art direction. Raul belongs to NY, USA and he is very fond of lettering.
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Unique Logotypes by The King of Lettering Martin Schmetzer

beautiful-logotype-examples-lettering-style (2)

Today I am unfolding before you 20+ unique logotypes by the king of lettering Martin Schmetzer. Check out his creative expertise and you will be wonder stricken. The way he draws logotypes is simply beautiful as if they are dancing on a melodious tune.

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Strangers as Anime-Inspired Sketches by Rober DeJesus

Strangers-as-Anime-Inspired-Sketches-Rober DeJesus (61)

Remember the more you see, the more you observe, and the more you learn, the better you can implement. Today I am unfolding before you a beautiful accumulation of strangers turned as anime inspired sketches by an artist, Rober DeJesus.
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