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Pop Pillows – Comedy Reversible Pillow Cases

designzen pop pillows2 01 Pop Pillows   Comedy Reversible Pillow Cases

Pop Pillows by MiJones Design, give a touch of different mood to your bedroom, with these comedy reversible pillow cases. What you need to do is just add your head to get the picture!!! Choose from Dead Tired, Angel & Devil or Noise Pollution. More Pop Pillows pictures.

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Hikoki & Kataguruma Stool

kataguruma01Small Hikoki & Kataguruma Stool

hikoki01Small Hikoki & Kataguruma Stool

Some concepts design are just so good, somehow it can refresh your memory or make you remember sweet moment that you already forget. These two pieces of furniture exhibited by Koji Yano and Yoshiyuki Kashiwagi (83 Design) – certainly fall into that category. They design a creative stool called “Hikoki” (aeroplane) and “Kataguruma” (piggyback) based on childhood memories playing with parents. Do you ever play “Hikoki” and “Kataguruma”. +via: designzen

Lego Lamp

designzen lego Lego Lamp

Lego Lamp by Taiwan designer, Tzuwei Tai. This clever desk lamp get their inspiration from the popular block game playthings. Everyone has the experience of playing with Lego as kids. “Lego Lamp” lamp remind us of the creative spirit we used to have and enlighten us with the unlimited possibilities of building with blocks. +More

Just “Shake” To “Control” – Shake Control

shake01 Just Shake To Control   Shake Control

The Shake Control is a television remote control that works without batteries. Just using a shaking motion generates electricity to turn the television on and off and control channels, volume, and other menus. Shaking the device in different directions to perform several functions.

Bolt Light Bulb

designzen light bolt Bolt Light Bulb

Bolt Light Bulb by Sungmin Hong. From the name sure you know what it all about. Its a bolt + bulb + light, that the idea.

Virtual Light

designzen virtual Virtual Light

Virtual Light from Anderson Horta portfolio.