Selena Gomez for FLAUNT Magazine, Nov 2013

Photographed by Amanda de Cadenet at the Rosslyn Hotel, Los Angeles.

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To the movies with Lifetime and “Witches of East End”

Based in DUMBO on Brooklyn’s waterfront, Juniper Jones is the creative force dedicated to creating custom-tailored solutions. We are especially proud of our recent :60 cinema/TV spot for Lifetime’s new series “Witches of East End,” which has helped attract millions of viewers each week since its debut on 6 October. As shown in our Making Of video – – we shot the talent in a real environment, then added considerable visual effects artistry to dramatically showcase a very powerful group of witches creating a dramatic fire ritual.

Naturally, without a good story, it’s all just smoke and mirrors. The story for this spot was not really narrative; the idea was to communicate a feeling of intrigue and to give hints into who the characters are and who they will become.

To us, this spot would already look quite amazing even without all the fire! Using Fume FX, we had the perfect tool to create iterations of fire, smoke and heat haze to make the overall story come to explosive life. While we did shoot plates on set and a couple of small fire setups with talent, it was still a situation of having 90% of the spot created in post. VFX artist extraordinaire Allen McKay and a supporting pyrotechnic crew matched the 3D fire to the real fire.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Karlie Kloss by Bruce Weber #2

Everyone featured in the ‘Hope’ has huge media attraction these days and walks the fine line between being a talented, famous person and becoming a bit cheap. Think about it. And as long as you do that, get a taste of the Karlie Kloss and Emily Ratajkowski editorial shot by Bruce Weber.


Natalia Siwiec Confidential. Exclusive Interview & Photos

Natalia is putting Poland into the hottest babes countries. Read the interview to find out about her outrageous secret tattoo, her guns and blood addiction and much, much more.
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Lauren Young

Indroducing our 2013 crush – Lauren Young. We stumbled upon the extraordinary model when researching about older issues of Jacques Magazine. The american girl, who looks like an incredible combination of Evangeline Lilly and Olivia Wilde, has already modelled for Jacques Magazine, American Apparel, Adidas Originals and VICE. Be prepared, you are going to see a lot more of her in the future here on Whitelies Magazine.


Katy Perry for W Magazine

Singer Katy Perry appeared in a photo shoot of Mario Sorrenti for the November issue of W Magazine.


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Daniel Radcliffe for SHARP magazine

Daniel Radcliffe has been photographed for cover-story of SHARP magazine by famous celebrity-photographer Matthew Lyn.


Rick Genest in “Restless East” for HYPEBEAST

Rick Genest has been appeared in “Restless East” photoshoot for HYPEBEAST. Rick played “Jiangshi” which is an evil character in Chinese folklore. This is a zombie or vampire who kills the living and steals their vitality.


Jay Z Announces Men’s Fragrance – GOLD Jay Z

Rap mogul and international entrepreneur, Jay-Z, recently announced his first men’s fragrance “GOLD JAY Z” which will debut on Black Friday – November 29th at major department stores throughout the U.S.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Karlie Kloss by Bruce Weber

In the upcoming ‘Hope’ issue of CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfield managed to perfectly catch the essence of our times. The issue features Kim Kardashian by Riccardo Tisci and Karl Lagerfeld as coverstory and a seductive photoshoot with the girl of the moment, Emily Ratajkowski.


Emily Ratajkowski by Andrew Kuykendall

The whole world has been waiting for this one. Emily Ratajkowski goes all in for Galore Magazine. Renowned photographer Andrew Kuykendall captured the model of polish descent in his latest seductive editorial. The model poses in a classic american country scene with a luxury touch.


Kate Winslet for Vogue US

Beautiful Kate Winslet has been photographed on November cover for Vogue US by Mario Testino.


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Paris Hilton Unrecognizable In ‘V Magazine’

Photographed in black and white by Daniele + Iango, Paris Hilton looks practically unrecognizable . More images here.

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2013 Most expensive cars

This simply could be named, as the article most expensive ever written in 2013 by BRABBU. It wasn’t easy for either of our collaborators, achieving to a final list of the 2013 Most Expensive Cars. Buying a car is a simple process. You go to the dealership, pick out the one you want, and let the haggling over the doormats and the undercoating commence.

The cars on this Expensive list, though, are a little different. To be real…the difference  it’s bigger than your monthly income. How many of you desired to put your fingertips at the gorgeous new Ferrari La Ferrari? Even if you do happen to have a spare $1.13 million lying around, don’t bother calling your Ferrari dealer. If Ferrari thinks you deserve of one its 499 masterpieces, it will call and offer the privilege of such a masterpiece to you.

"Lamborghini Veneno- Official Introduction"

That’s what sets these dream cars apart, and makes this list of the world’s top ten great cars a bit special.

Let’s face it; we may never see one of these cars in the flesh., so we want to assure that you can accomplish your “bucket list”. These cars are more than just insane pieces of engineering capable of transporting you to 60 mph faster than lightning striking a cheetah; they are cultural treasures.

On the bottom BRABBU made a special mention to….see our countdown first!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your checkbooks…and for final notice…We’re accepting volunteers for test drive! Send us an email to

10. Porsche 918 Spyder $845,000

"Porsche 918 Spyder"

9. McLaren P1 $1.1M


9. Hennessey Venom GT $1.1M

"Hennessey Venom GT"

8. Zenvo ST1 $1.2M


7. Maybach Landaulet $1.3M

"Maybach Landaulet Sedan"

7. Ferrari La Ferrari $1.3M

"2013 Most expensive cars"

7. Pagani Huayra $1.3M

"Pagani Huayra"

6. Koenigsegg Agera R $1.6M

"Koenigsegg Agera"

5. Lamborghini Reventon $1.61M

"Lamborghini Reventon Panavia Tornado"

4. Aston Martin One-77 $1.8M

"Aston Martin"

4. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster $1.8M

"Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster"

3. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse $2.6M

"Bugatti Veyron 16.4"

2. W Motors Lykan Hypersport $3.4M

"Lykan Hypersport"

1. Lamborghini Veneno $4M

"Lamborghini Veneno"


"Maybach Exelero Special Mention"



Nike Basketball partners with award-winning poet and playwright Lemon Andersen paying tribute to James’s journey. Rubber City Soul is a multi-stanza poem paying homage to King James’ upbringing in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, while also celebrating his NBA titles. The piece culminates with a fitting couplet, one that elegantly sums up the journey traversed by one of the greatest basketball players in the world: “Talent is given / Greatness is earned.” Listen to the poem and watch the video here.