Priyanka Chopra by Bryan Adams

Priyanka Chopra is the first bollywood actress to become a Guess model.

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On The Wall – Kobe Bryant

On the wall is a daily collection of illustrations inspired by legends. (By Bram Vanhaeren)

Today on the wall – The Black Mamba

The Beautiful Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti 27
Bianca Balti is an Italian supermodel and actress. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, with a body like that, she’s also a mother. Enjoy all her 173cm of Italian gorgeousness!
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Benedict Cumberbatch for Esquire US

The star of “Sherlock” BBC TV-Show and “The Fifth Estate”, Benedict Cumberbatch has been photographed on November cover of Esquire US.


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What It’s Like Inside Vincent Kartheiser’s 580-Square-Foot Home

Joe Pugliese spent some time inside Vincent Kartheiser’s 580-square-foot abode for Dwell‘s Small Spaces, Big Ideas issue. Situated in the middle of Hollywood, the Mad Men actor’s home is unassuming, according to the photographer. “It’s not entirely recognizable from the street – there’s trees and a bit of nature surrounding it,” he explained. “And it certainly is a small space. [Vincent] did a lot with the footprint of the house.”

The cabin, renovated by Funn Roberts, includes a bed on a pulley system so it can be stored in the ceiling. “It’s all idea-driven,” Pugliese noted. “Vincent and [Funn] had to come up with these solutions from scratch – it wasn’t stuff that he purchased at a store and pointed at.”

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10 Halloween events you cannot miss in London


Short Days, Long Nights. We are in Halloween mood!


London receive one of the top halloween events in the world. Many parties, activities for grown-up and kids. Party is everywhere, there is no time for resting. So, have you choose your costume yet?


Kids Halloween London Events
It’s time to make the most terrify costume to your kid!

And now, this is the top 10 list parties that you cannot miss!
Are you ready ?


1.Fright Nights at Thorpe Park
05 Oct 2013 – 03 Nov 2013

2.Torture Garden Halloween Ball
01 Nov 2013 – 02 Nov 2013

3.Halloween at the London Bridge Experience
26 Oct 2013 – 02 Nov 2013

4.Halloween Screening at Club de Fromage
26 Oct 2013

5.Halloween at Union Chapel
29 Oct 2013 – 31 Oct 2013

6.Halloween at London Zoo
26 Oct 2013 – 03 Nov 2013

7.London Gay Mens Chorus Halloween Ball
01 Nov 2013 – 02 Nov 2013

8.Singalonga Rocky Horror Picture Show London
31 Oct 2013 – 01 Nov 2013

9.Circus of Horrors at Lyric Theatre
28 Oct 2013 – 16 Dec 2013

10.Halloween at Old Operating Theatre
24 Oct 2013 – 31 Oct 2013


And your house is ready for Halloween?
Don’t miss, next week article of the best halloween decoration!

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Fancy shops for halloween in London


The Halloween is coming and you don’t know where to buy your costume? Grab a coffee and go shopping the best outfit for this terrifying night.

And London have the greatest parties & you cannot miss them!
The real question is – Where to buy a costume in London ?  

1. Mad World Fancy Dress and Costume Hire


@photos by TimeOut

35000 costumes, but don’t worry, the staff will help you find the perfect outfit for you.
where? HERE !



@photos by Prangsta

Ready-made costumes, a helpful staff. 18th century outfits are their high point!
where? HERE !

3. Angels


@photos by Angels

Unparalleled quality, handmade costumes, they create costumes for films over the years.
where? HERE !

4. The Costume Studio


@photos by The Costume Studio

Excellent, high-quality costume. Inspired by film costumes.
where? HERE !

5. Beyond Retro


@Photos by Beyond Retro
” it caters for the festival teen, the trendy twenty-something and the shrewd, more mature, fashionista. For both men and women, this branch offers one of the widest selection of retro-wear in London, all under one roof.” by TimeOut
where? HERE !

 Parties you cannot miss! Check in here!

Have you already choose your costume?
Tell us what the best costume of this Halloween!

Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

If you are not fans of spooky disguises we prepared a list of interesting characters like Cleopatra, Bonnie & Clyde, Kitty, Batman and Robin – where you can dress up if you use a little imagination. Most of our suggestions are easy to do with what you have at home.Enjoy!


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Lana Del Rey for “Fashion”

Lana Del Rey appeared in a cover of the Canadian edition of “Fashion”. Lana dressed from Sally Lapointe, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana for the photo-shoot.


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The Talks: Jude Law

The English actor Jude Law has established himself as one of cinema’s finest actors through his performances in movies such as Closer (2004) and Cold Mountain (2003). Law has been nominated for two Academy Awards and continues to build a prolific body of work that spans from early successes such as Gattaca (1997) and The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) to more recent turns as Dr. John Watson in Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), as Hugo’s father in Hugo (2011) and in the titular role in Dom Hemingway (2013). We don’t need to explain to you his status as an international sex symbol. He recently sat down with “The Talks” to discuss acting as a form of art, modelling and creativity.

Do you consider acting an art in the same way that painting is an art?

It’s certainly a craft. Is it an art? Yeah, in certain ways it is. It depends on the director, it depends on the project, and it depends on the medium. In theater it feels like more of an art form than perhaps on film – in general. But in some films you are required to approach it like an artist and in others you’re about as artistic as the guys who are there to light it or to do the catering.

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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for Entertainment magazine

Stars of the award-winning show Brayan Cranston and Aaron Paul grace the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine.


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Stylish and brutal Brad Pitt for Esquire

After stylish photoshoot with Leonardo Di Caprio, Esquire invited Brad Pitt on the new cover of the magazine. And for his 49 years he looks great! Make it sure by looking at the photoshoot of the new Esquire’s issue at FreeYork.


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Will Smith’s $2.5 Million House on Wheels

Celebrities can tend to be on the road more than half of the year, so it only seems right that a star of Will Smith’s caliber has one of these amazing homes to keep comfortable through the time spent not at his primary residence. [View More Photos at]

Robert De Niro for DuJour

Fantastic actor Robert De Niro has been photographed for Autumn issue of DuJour by Robbie Fimmano.


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Pharrell Williams Pictures by Milan Vukmirovic

Pharrell Williams pictures by Milan Vukmirovic – fashion photographer, art director, editor, designer and style icon. Born in 1970 in Paris.


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