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Russian Post

post5 Russian Post

Russian Post.
  A ring it is a main element of corporate identity, because a Post it is a dot, a portal, an entry point and output point, the post connects people and traditions.
  I created 9 corporate identity substyles for the Russion Post: the first style is the main and one style for each federal district. The Russian Federation is very big country and I decided that the division in the districts can simplify the work of post. Each federal district has its own color and icons. The icons depict the animals that live in the area and the indastrial production of these regions.
  The color of box indicates in what area of the country the package is sent. But the color of the sticker indicate from what area a box comes.
  I also created stickers that show delivery method: by air, by water, by the ground and express delivery.


Hi, Guys!
There is exploration of calligraphy.
Custom lettered Cocobolo.

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cc Cocobolo

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Sommelier Markov Anatoly

Brand identity for Sommelier Markov Anatoly by the russian graphic designer Pavel Emelyanov.
002 650x509 Sommelier Markov Anatoly
08 650x428 Sommelier Markov Anatoly
1227 650x424 Sommelier Markov Anatoly
More info + photos here

Rebranding Movies

Thank you for smoking

Screen Shot 2013 06 28 at 19.38.031 650x384 Rebranding Movies


Fight Club

Screen Shot 2013 06 20 at 19.24.181 650x400 Rebranding Movies



Screen Shot 2013 07 02 at 22.55.471 650x395 Rebranding Movies


Pulp Fiction

Screen Shot 2013 06 21 at 21.48.501 Rebranding Movies


View them plus close up’s at:


Dreamna is a project funding platform for people to share their unique and novel ideas and interesting experience. Users can contribute money or time to support the project if they like the ideas.

Design Agency : Double Eleven Design Studio (


th 1e5e163374b66d7c704702d55b5ec3e8 dreamna logo 01 650x397 Dreamnath 1e5e163374b66d7c704702d55b5ec3e8 dreamna logo 02 650x397 Dreamna

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Coffee Logos

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coffee logos 650x2086 Coffee Logos

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Coffee logos @ Behance

iSOL Branding

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isol project iSOL Branding

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Beautiful and Artistic Twitter Backgrounds

Paint Brain l 650x325 Beautiful and Artistic Twitter Backgrounds

Music Headphones l 650x325 Beautiful and Artistic Twitter Backgrounds

Blondes Legs l 650x325 Beautiful and Artistic Twitter Backgrounds

Artistic Flowers l 650x325 Beautiful and Artistic Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter Covers is the first website that collects the best Twitter Covers and Twitter Backgrounds around the world. There are different categories you can choose from, for example, Abstract, Art, Nature, Photos, Places and etc. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us your favorite ones.

Anima Soma Brand Identity by VAMADESIGN

Anima Soma by Vasilis Magoulas VAMADESIGN Anima Soma Brand Identity by VAMADESIGN


Brand Identity design for Anima Soma Yoga studio, designed by Vasilis Magoulas aka VAMADESIGN.

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Full Free PSD iOS 7 GUI

PSD gratuit iOS 7 650x366 Full Free PSD iOS 7 GUI
View the source of Full Free PSD iOS 7 GUI