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Daredevil Defies Death

stunts of a daredevil 1 Daredevil Defies Death
What you see in these photos are real pictures by Mustang Wanted. He is a daredevil athlete from Kiev, Ukraine. His photographs are really interesting and show how close to death someone could be. His crazy location stunts made him a sensation online going viral in thousands of websites.
stunts of a daredevil 3 Daredevil Defies Death
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Logotype and Symbol designs in Black by Vasilis Magoulas

Vasilis Magoulas VAMADESIGN LOGOTYPES Logotype and Symbol designs in Black by Vasilis Magoulas

Logotype, Mark and Symbol designs in black designed by Vasilis Magoulas aka VAMADESIGN.


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Meet The Greek

This restaurant chain started with a simple idea: bring together traditional and contemporary aspects of Greek culture and cuisine. End of Work was given the task of translating this into a visual identity and interior design.
016 Meet The Greek
082 Meet The Greek
104 Meet The Greek
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Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

If you’re a logo designer or interested in learning more about logo design, there’s no doubt you’d like to see some excellent examples for the best logo designers around for your own inspiration. Today we gathered 14 creative logo designs to show you. In this collection you’ll find a variety of styles, from minimal to bright and colorful.


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logo inspiration 1 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

logo inspiration 2 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

logo inspiration 3 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

logo inspiration 4 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

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It’s very simple. Lines, circles, space.
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Are You Infected?

GoodVirusLogo2 Are You Infected?


Have you helped a friend with rent? Bought lunch for a homeless person? Helped a sibling with their schoolwork? Given someone a lift? Stopped for a distressed motorist? Picked up a lost dog? If so, you may be infected with the good virus. Click here to see more Good Virus.

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Free bold fonts

This is new collection of free bold fonts, headlines are our selection

046774a2fb9fd3cd6bd0601dfd3e4e0f Free bold fonts

Futurr Free bold fonts

0d3d7f433d6d0bc67657d4ab6230331d Free bold fonts


Human Billboard

09 Human Billboard

Billy Gibby is a boxer, and frankly he has no chance of ever becoming world star in the sport. That’s why Billy Gibby decided to earn some $$ by branding his body. He turned his skin into a billboard where everyone is welcome to advertise their website. GoldenPalace paid $21,000 to put a tattoo of their website on his back. Billy Gibby has gone even further recently and changed his name to Hostgator dot com.

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