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Enjoy Bacardi’s New Visual Identity from ATTIK

Facing increasing competition in a crowded spirits category and brand fragmentation, Bacardi turned to ATTIK for a new visual identity system that would strengthen and unite its entire rum portfolio and allow the brand to speak with a single voice on a global scale. Over the past year, the new system has been adopted by all of Bacardi’s individual marketing territories, supporting the brand’s highly visible 150th anniversary celebrations all around the world.

“The Casa de Bacardi has a rich history of creating great parties and great times, always bringing people together. To support a comprehensive revitalization of the Bacardi brand, ATTIK redesigned the BACARDÍ visual identity to match the warmth, masculinity and proud heritage of the iconic 150 year old spirits company. Our creative strategy was to help BACARDÍ own a distinct position in the competitive rums market.”

ATTIK is part of the Dentsu Network focused on developing integrated advertising, digital and branded experiences. The agency’s complete case study appears here:Í

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Anglicanism is a tradition within Christianity comprising the Church of England and churches which are historically tied to it or have similar beliefs, worship practices and church structures. The word Anglican originates in ecclesia anglicana, a medieval Latin phrase dating to at least 1246 that means the English Church. Adherents of Anglicanism are called Anglicans. The great majority of Anglicans are members of churches which are part of the international Anglican Communion. There are, however, a number of churches outside of the Anglican Communion which also consider themselves to be Anglican, most notably those referred to as Continuing Anglican churches.

The symbol is composed of the main concepts of Anglicanism, the flag of the United Kingdom (the country in which this religion originated) and the Christian religion thus has joined these two concepts, the country’s flag and symbol that represents Christianity, the cross. Among them we can see that even influenced the design itself fit certain design patterns of the London Underground.

Complete project: Anglicanism

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OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Audit Program for iPhone

OHSAS 18001 2007 is an international OH&S standard. It defines a set of occupational health and safety management requirements that apply to all types of organizations. Use our app to audit your organization’s occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) and to improve its overall performance.

The Audit tool is equally useful for internal audit as well as client company Audits.
The app allows the auditor to:
-Create Audits
-Manage Audits and Status of audit
-Audits can be saved in multiple sessions and hence give flexibility to complete audit over period of time without losing any data
-Facility of creating and reusing -templates for quick audits
-Facility of creating ISO question set and reuse it
-Generate report in PDF and Email to potential stakeholders

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Audit Program for iPhone

Man of Steel 2

Batman and Superman

Superman and batman

Minimal Football Logos. By Manara Design Studio

Simplifying some popular football club logos.

For the full project:


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Baby & Babes

We designed the corporate identity and UI for a web platform which delivers sourcing services for baby’s products and mommies’ wears.

Design Agency : Double Eleven Design Studio

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30 Colorful Business Card Design Examples for your inspiration

Designing your business cards in a very trendy fashion and making it memorable would help your identity to stay out of the trash bin after you the end of your discussion. Business cards are the most effective offline way to promote and advertise your business. Your Business card speaks for as brand and they are a good and effective tool to impress and maintain relationship with your clients.

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Chorasta Mian Khan

Chorasta Mian Khan is a small city (Town) of Distric Okara Province Punjab Pakistan.
Chorasta Mian Khan is very famous for its Development its People and its Politically importence. See More

Hardcore Bar and Grill Visual Identity

Hardcore Bar and Grill visual identity by designer Vladimir Lifanov. A place with a brutal interior, hard music and exquisite menu.

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#Twitter Hotel in Spain Based off of Social Media

Take a unique vacation to a place that answers your every beckoning call via Tweets. Let the hashtags begin! [View More Photos at]

How a psychopathic behavior can actually help your career?

One of the primary characteristics of a psychopath is their ability to focus on minute details, to capture everything of importance in their mind’s eye with one simple glance. In the business world, you have to develop this skill, which is in all of us but mostly lies dormant. To begin, simply start by pushing yourself a little more each day to develop a habit of detailing all important information required to complete your tasks.

Tips that can help you in your career

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