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ART BY CT – Lexus Korea

main 650 ART BY CT   Lexus Korea

ART BY CT was a promotional project that commemorated the launch of the NEW CT200h Lexus Hybrid in South Korea. It aimed to show the unique styles and colors that had yet to be seen in compact hatchbacks. South Korean agency designfever was responsible for the planning and promotion of the collaboration between Lexus and urban artists using the theme ‘Urban Reflection – CT that resembles the city, the city that resembles CT’. The goal was to create various avenues for users to experience the charm of the NEW CT200h either online via or Pop-up Page, or offline at a unique Pop-up Gallery located in central Seoul and the 2014 Busan Motor Show.

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mon 650

Design Samsung is an online platform for Samsung Electronics to convey the ideas, stories, and philosophy behind their meaningful designs. designfever was involved with the construction of the site from the initial idea phase all the way through contents production. To make the online platform easily accessible to the public, Samsung Electronics aimed to build a site that delivered a consistent design experience across PCs, moble devices, and tablets.

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Verily brand creation and identity design

001 verily screen introduction Verily brand creation and identity design

red were tasked with the challenge to create the new Verily brand personality and how to consistently express it for maximum impact.

The Verily brand was created by the entrepreneurial, social media veteran, Asha Phillips. Formerly Asia Editor at the first social media news wire, Storyful, her vision was to deliver consulting & training for news organisations, journalists, students & businesses on how to distill & verify the best social content possible.

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Daily Press Identity

trouge dailypress 1 650x793 Daily Press Identity
If you’re a fan of coffee, then you’l love this identity for Daily Press, A Brooklyn-Based coffee Company. Designed by Matt Delbridge, this interesting identity shows off material al typography together as well as a smooth dark coffee colour scheme which highlights the brand ideals.

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United Colors of Ukraine

1109 United Colors of Ukraine

United Colors of Ukraine‘ is a series of patriotic works by Andrey Ermolenko, Ukranian artist.

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Handmade Creative Logo Set

handmade logos Handmade Creative Logo Set

6 handcrafted logos with a vintage look that are suitable for many kinds of businesses. Your imagination is the limit with this creative logo set.

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ on TyC Sports

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ on TyC Sports channel
Concept: World Party

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2014 Logo Design

Logo 9 650x460 2014 Logo Design
It’s a new logo design post! Check out the wonderful collection of logos created by designer Andrei Robu, which can hopefully inspire you to explore logo creation further. Follow our journey of posts to find great logos with good topics.

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The Most Unique Business Cards You’ll Ever See

4 mMGpQ The Most Unique Business Cards You’ll Ever See

Having unique business cards mean that the likeliness of someone actually keeping it are pretty high. Business cards can be considered one of the most important pieces of collateral. This little piece of paper will speak for the company or product you belong to. The thought and effort you put into your business card may have the recipient view you as an amateur, or a professional they want to do business with.

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The Toucan has landed

TOUCAN LOGO1 650x459 The Toucan has landed

Toucan is a new kind of fitness club. It’s for those who are put off by the idea of pounding the treadmill at the gym or feeling embarrassed by the posing meatheads on the weights benches. Everything is tailored around you – It allows you to combine personal training sessions with group activities and choose the time and place you exercise.

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Concept Fifa Rebrand

2d07c95c8cf0447e8a3b18ce6730c8dd 650x362 Concept Fifa Rebrand

Some would see rebranding such a prestigious institution as quite a tall order, however Darren Healey’s brand style is simple and unique. This simplified rebrand is well developed and fits the company image perfectly.

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Pastosa Ravioli – an Italian Bakery on Branding Journal

Pastosa 01 Pastosa Ravioli   an Italian Bakery on Branding Journal

Branding Journal features beautiful brandings from all over the world. This week we came across this nice branding from an Italian bakery which is located in the USA.

If you are a designer and want to submit your work to Branding Journal don’t hesitate to contact us: Submit here.

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New website and brand identity consolidates LSM’s global positioning

Website image 6 650x484 New website and brand identity consolidates LSM’s global positioning

Today global architecture studio LSM, launches a new brand identity and website following collaboration with leading brand agency, Six.

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