Evolution of Famous Brand Logos


designbolts.com has compiled and compared the first and current versions of logos used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

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A Creative Project of Animal Logotypes by Dan Fleming


This post will unveil a creative project of animal logotypes by Dan Fleming. In this project he actually played cleverly with the logos’ concept, he did such an awesome synthesis by imagining the object, and then making it as per its original stature.

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Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Icons Revealed


The Olympic icons have finally arrived with a big bang. The icons for Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games are officially exposed by the designated organization. These icons are inspired by the Rio 2016 typeface—created by Dalton Maag. These icons are impersonating the players and the sports apparatus to give an actual feel to the icons as if they are tangible and lucid.

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Marks and Badges by Gijs Dries

Gijs Dries of Hasselt, Belgium is a freelance designer who has created a series of marks and badges. Some of them were for clients and some were just for fun. Imagine what these badges might be earned for, if Dries was a merit badge creator and you were winning his marks for how you played the game of life.

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Impressive Hand lettering Logo Design

Calligraphy art / Hand lettering is still seen as a creative talent since way back when and that Personally i think totally motivated to see the historic exercise nonetheless being utilized. A expert can heighten the idea of Calligraphy to magnificent works of art that motivates other folks. As a person, have learned to create. It could be discovered and valued by everybody, and could grow to be an absorbing pastime.

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New on Branding Journal: Waldo Trommler Paints

How to create a brand that stands out? We need to find the design solution that hasn’t been used by any of the competitors. At the same time showing the main features of the company – friendliness, quality and innovation. WTP is not just a manufacturer of paints – it’s an assistant, always ready to help, suggest and defend from the hassles and problems. Repairs with WTP is simple, convenient and fast and this is what in it’s simple design.

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Christmas & Holiday Inspired Logo Designs


Today I am showcasing Christmas & holiday inspired logo designs & marks. In this holiday season if you are designing a greeting card for your relatives, friends and family, this collection will inspire you through the beautiful collection of Christmas logo designs.

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Edka Digital – Brand Identity by Vio Pintilie

Vio Pintilie is a Barcelona based graphic designer working at Edka Digital, an independent creative agency. She recently published this beautiful branding project of the agency’s new visual identity. The whole design offers a modern and colorful look. The brand identity reflects Edka Digital’s graphic work of clear design in combination with solid technical realisations.

Modern and Colorful Brand Design.

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Commonwealth Banana Republic vs. Canberra Identity

Nice Job!

I like our version myself.

VIKHOUSE Corporate Identity

Illustrations by Elisabeth Zartl

Elisabeth Zartl is a freelance illustrator and writer from Austria who has a great interest in experimenting with art, photography and language. Her illustrations are blends of fantasy characters with fair tale landscape.

More illustations

25 creative, inspirational stamps

I’ve wanted to make a stamp for myself for some time now. But then I started wondering where I would use it. I’ll have to give that a bit more thought. But visually they make quite an impact. So here are a few examples. You can see the whole collection over at grafiker.de

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Inspiring Sports Logo Designs with Smashing Creativity

Today we have round-up of inspiring sports logo designs which will surely stir up your inspiration for a perfect sports logo concept! Go for the Goal!

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Social CV Business Card

Detailed Info: http://www.codegrape.com/item/social-cv-business-card/2330

All layers can be changed, you can replace all the information on the business card in easy way with just a few clicks.


* 02 PSD Files
* Double-sided
* 300 DPI
* 3.75×2.25
* Print ready
* QR code