VIKHOUSE Corporate Identity

Illustrations by Elisabeth Zartl

Elisabeth Zartl is a freelance illustrator and writer from Austria who has a great interest in experimenting with art, photography and language. Her illustrations are blends of fantasy characters with fair tale landscape.

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25 creative, inspirational stamps

I’ve wanted to make a stamp for myself for some time now. But then I started wondering where I would use it. I’ll have to give that a bit more thought. But visually they make quite an impact. So here are a few examples. You can see the whole collection over at

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Inspiring Sports Logo Designs with Smashing Creativity

Today we have round-up of inspiring sports logo designs which will surely stir up your inspiration for a perfect sports logo concept! Go for the Goal!

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Social CV Business Card

Detailed Info:

All layers can be changed, you can replace all the information on the business card in easy way with just a few clicks.


* 02 PSD Files
* Double-sided
* 300 DPI
* 3.75×2.25
* Print ready
* QR code


Singapore-based Equus have recently revamped their website, to house an updated portfolio of strong identity work for various high-end and luxury brands throughout Asia. Check it out.

Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

“Launching a new coffee brand in today’s very competitive market is hugely challenging. You have to offer something truly unique, of the highest quality, along with great atmosphere.

You really have to stand out in a crowd.
London is a city deeply rooted in its traditions, history and architecture. Loyalties are formed in childhood and honored for a lifetime. So our task is not just to show the outstanding benefits of our product but to weave these assets into the larger culture and themes of London culture, combining the heritage of coffee drinks with the distinctive, one-of-a-kind pleasures of London House coffees.” – Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner.

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20 Beautiful Stationery Branding Mockups

As a designer, it’s even more important to have good stationery. It’s a part of your job – some clients will want you to give them the complete package – logo, color scheme, branding, stationery. You know, the works. What does having no stationery say about a designer? That he’s not that good. Why would your client settle for second best? Would you?

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Making Waves by Dominic Tunstall

Check out more of my work here.

I was given the oppurtunity to rebrand a sailing company in the Western Isles (UK). I had to consider certain brand values when approaching the problem and visual styling. I considered professionalism, safety, fun and establishment.

Dogs Dressed as Humans by @ongezondnl

I look at these picture, and now I’m thoroughly convinced that dogs are humans. Portraits bySebastian Magnani have dogs dressed as humans, and we’re assuming there are a few post-production touches as well, even so look how very human they appear!

The project is named Underdogs, and Sebastian first started working on it in August 2009, and now includes two sets.

More photo’s and information here.

Visual Identity – AGRIVOC

Branding, identity and design for AGRIVOC, a project that is primarily based on the agricultural studies and education methodology.

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Bakery and Cupcakes Business Card

Detailed Info:

2 sided business or visit card template.
Ideal for bakery or cupcakes makers. Great for personal and business usage.

Fully Editable
Layered PSD
300 dpi 3.5” x 2” / Bleed Size: 3.75” x 2.25”
Print Ready – CMYK

Are you Protecting your Social Media Identy?

Social Media has be converted into very popular. A lot of people have accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, and a lot of share information, images, and other things with their friends throughout these sites. But they may not realise how much they’re sharing or that unfamiliar persons can access some of this info. They should protect their Social Media Identy. Read Complete article

Dream Girl Business Card

Detailed Info:

2 sided creative business card. Great for personal and business use.

Fully Editable
Change colors easily via Color Overlay option
Full Layered PSD
300 dpi 3.5” x 2” / Bleed Size: 3.75” x 2.25”
Print Ready – CMYK