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The Science Deck -Playing Cards

A deck designed by combining art, science and games.
A deck designed by combining art, science and games.

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Starckbike Helmets


The Giro by S+ARCKBIKE helmet concept boasts sophisticated industrial design with unconventional materials. The shell of the helmet is formed in lightweight aluminum that can be easily recycled at the end of the helmet’s lifespan.

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Seamless & Steadfast Enamelware, by Best Made Company


The beautiful enamelware collection is developed using World War Two era machinery and feature Best Made´s renowned “Famous X” directly baked on every piece insuring a smooth, long-lasting, and seamless finish.

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Overade Plixi Folding Helmet


In urban areas, the main reason why commuters don’t use helmets is the hassle associated with them once the ride is over. Overade designed Plixi to help make life a lot easier. Thanks to its unique and patented folding mechanism, it can easily be tucked into a bag, while still providing a maximum level of safety and comfort.

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The UCO StakeLight is a unique tent stake with a built-in LED light to provide area lighting around your tent. The 17 lumens of light can help you locate your tent in the dark and alert campers to the presence of tent guy lines.

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Animal Cling Rings By Jiro Miura

Japanese self-taught designer and artist Jiro Miura has created an impressive series of rings in the form of various animals. The author says that he could not even imagine how popular he would become.

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Playhouse Beds for Kids from Mathy by Bols

A very cute and useful project was designed by the Belgian studio Mathy by Bols. They offered a collection of playhouse beds for children.

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Geco Hub 2.0 By Simon Lyons

Geco Hub-13

Geco Hub is accessible and interactive storage for the busy lifestyle. It is the place just for the important things that makes sure you don’t lose or leave behind what you need with you. Geco Hub is inherently modular, endlessly customisable and can be installed without screws too – perfect for where drilling isn’t allowed!

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Free Fantastic Music Player UI Kits


We will show you some free fantastic music player UI kits in this post, most of which are lightweight media player widgets can make your mobile apps attractive and user friendly. Enjoy the charm of music with these music player PSD UI kits available for free!

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Trident Gum: Packaging Concept


Visual designer Hani Douaji has created repackaging for Trident Xtra Care which is chewing sugar-free gum. The new packaging is a playful and interactive design that enhance the idea of protecting teeth. “I created a new playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product “Protecting Teeth”. A range of Six packs that represent three flavors, each pack has an illustration of a mouth with either mustache or lips. The chewing gum look like teeth through the mouth die-cut window. The Blister chewing gums is designed to look like a set of bright teeth on pink gums.” Take a look!

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Oh Yeah!


This is the first poster for a new clothing brand. Total creative freedom to design five posters. OH YEAH!

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

Zombie Safe Zone Map

Created by Toronto based art shop Design Different, these colourful state maps highlight the most popular cities that are prone to outbreak. With these maps you will be able to safely escape the apocalypse with exact routes to your safe zone.

Each map highlights a from and to point explaining directions, distance, time, and additional information about the safe zone like water type and food resources. Own one or own them all to be extra prepared.

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Samba Primeknit: World’s First Knitted Football Boots

The unique series of cleats is called Samba Primeknit. They were designed by adidas for soccer, and will be released in a limited edition. And there’s a lot of people who want to buy them already.

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Slice & Serve | Reversible Bread and Cheese Board


Slice & Serve is a real multi-talent for enjoyable food preparation and stylish food serving and presentation. This mixed double is a strong team: Slice & Serve comprises an attractive board made from high-quality, solid beech wood with an integrated dish for dips and a white tray made from melamine. Both sides of the board can be used – the side you use depends on what you want to prepare. The flat side can be used to cut cheese or vegetables and to serve them with accompanying chutney, mustard or dip in the dish. Thanks to its crumb-catching grooves, the other side of the board is perfectly suited to cutting bread, which can then be served with some olive oil or butter in the dish.

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Bus Stop Shaped Like Giant Letters In Baltimore

bus-stop-in-baltimore-by-mmm-7 (1)

“BUS” is an art project created by Creative Alliance and Southeast Community Development Corporation as part of the TRANSIT initiative, Creative Placemaking with Europe in Baltimore.

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