Illustrations by Wesley Eggebrecht

Freelance Illustrator and Designer based out of Lowell MA.

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10 (More) Responsive WordPress Themes

A responsive web layout has the ability to adapt to a multitude of displays and devices.

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Blue in Web Design! 50 Beautiful Examples for Inspiration

Color is a very important and influencing factor in web design and it is a bit like art.The right balance and the right style between colors can make your website stand out from the crowd.Well,web design is not an easy task so it is a great advantage for a web designer to learn the meanings and psychology of colors.

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33 Romantic Valentine’s Day Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.February 14 is no doubt every couple’s favorite time of year all over the world.People plan different ways to celebrate this special day and surprise their partners and I’m sure you have plans too!!!So what is your plan?

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Pirie Tasmania Wine

Typographic based wine label designs by Norwegian students Magnus Henriksen & Amandus Bjerk.

View full project here

Find more great student design work at Student Showcase.

Changing Lines

Daily Inspirations no. 357

For all the ladies, we’ve got something cute to start with. Take a look at MiaZaara#3 by Yaman Ibrahim … from diapers to modelling, as easy as that :). Ok, now guys … I didn’t forget about our gender … just two photos below there is one you could include into your future fantasies :) introducing … gotta capitalize … the GIRL from Water Color artwork by Lagel Cyril. Ok, now everyone should be happy; let’s move to our illustrations. Actually, there are several I like a lot. My fav is probably the The Sacred Mountain by Jezabel Rodrigo Yusta and Wish by Jason Chan. But seriously, pretty much any of today’s additions are quite powerful. Art and digital art brought us two masterpieces. One of them is Glitterfly by Alex Young and the other Thought Collector by Telthona. This is my subjective opinion though. Hmm, what about ads? If you’re asking if there are some worth checking out .. the answer is clearly, yes. For example Tuxedo Confessions: Get noticed by Jandl Looks. Yesterday I didn’t recommend any freebie … won’t happen again, promise! Today, you guys should take a close look at the free html css template from Themeforest. Guys, I would love to see few comments! Tell us which one is your fav …

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Illustrations by Guillermo Fajardo

Creative and funny illustrations by Guillermo Fajardo from Lima, Peru. Enjoy :)

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Stone by Jürgen Heckel

Amazing landscape photography with stones by Jürgen Heckel from Munich, Germany. Enjoy this beautiful showcase :)

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Ben Chen Funny Illustrations

I Like You, But…

My homage to elementary school love in a digital age is for sale for a limited time at

Each week that it is for sale, I’ll also be giving one away for free! Full details are on my Facebook page.

Spread the Graphic Love with Valentine Design Goodies

Check out the hottest web design goods curated by our pals at WebDesignGoodies – this time with a Valentine twist!

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Hexagon rack by Uli Budde

A coat rack made of solid beech wood, created by German designer Uli Budde.


Illustrations by Andre Pessel

60 Unique Nike Shoe Designs by Daniel Reese

Daniel Reese is a 22 year old sneaker designer from United Kingdom. By using his well practiced skill, he takes regular Nike sneakers and turns them into works of art. What started as a part-time hobby, has spun off into an extremely profitable business. Part of the reason these sneakers are so appealing, is that your friends probably don’t have then and could not find them at your local mall.

Ok, let’s answer the first question on your mind. Yes, you can actually purchase all of the designs showcased. Hope you have some deep pockets, because these shoes are not your average Payless prices. Pricing for most shoes listed is around $200 – $250 per pair. On his online store you will be able to find sneakers based on many categories like tv, movies, video games, technology, comics, sports, and music. These geeky sneaker designs are easy to love and probably can relate to every single person reading this.

See the rest designs here!