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Social media sites such as facebook, twitter & digg are the most powerful websites to share your links and images with world. People will like your links and images and share it with their friends.

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Valentine’s Cards by Inky Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you still haven’t a card to give to your sweetheart?
Buy now “John & YokoCard and print it at home!

And rock even more with Jimi Hendrix printable card!

All cards are designed by Inky Valentine.
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Minimalist Gramophone by Livia Ritthaler

A plank of wood, a cone of paper, two rods, and a needle are all that it takes to play a vinyl record in Livia Ritthaler’s Minimalist Gramophone. You supply the spinning motion to get the music booming which escapes out of the cone of paper. via Hungeree

Ten Broeck Cottage by Messana O’Rorke on

Ten Broeck Cottage by Messana O’Rorke on

Ten Broeck Cottage, Messana O’Rorke, architecture, interiors, design, thisispaper, magazine
Ten Broeck Cottage, Messana O’Rorke, architecture, interiors, design, thisispaper, magazine
Ten Broeck Cottage, Messana O’Rorke, architecture, interiors, design, thisispaper, magazine
Ten Broeck Cottage, Messana O’Rorke, architecture, interiors, design, thisispaper, magazine

The juxtaposition of the classic “house” form with the unapologetically rectilinear form of the addition gives a clear representation of each without confusing the origins of each. Trailer homes are a common site in rural Columbia County and while there aesthetic is generally of the lowest order there is something compelling about their simple rectilinear form; this became the conceptual catalyst for the addition. The Spartan living conditions of the early settlers and the simple clean lines of their architecture were the inspiration to formulate a minimal design solution…

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Illustrations by Sue Marino

Beautiful woman portraits illustrations by Sue Marino from Arundel, United Kingdom. Enjoy :)

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Illustrations by James Wolf Strehle

Amazing illustrations by James Wolf Strehle from Locke, USA. Enjoy ;)

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25 Useful Skin Texture Collection

Skin Textures are widely used to assist all the web designers to fill in the space with the requisite skin type and format. These available textures are a boon for the designers.

Gold Reptile Skin
Skin Bottom Of Foot
Pink Skin Texture

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Villa Clavenstam by Henrik Schulz

Check out this amazing Villa located in Hovås Sweden – a mere 15 minutes drive south west of Gothenburg. More info and pictures!

Villa Clavenstam by Henrik Schulz

Villa Clavenstam by Henrik Schulz

More info and pictures!

Original Air Jordan Jumpman Photo Shoot that resulted in the famous logo

Original 1984 Air Jordan Jumpman Photo Shoot that resulted in the famous logo.

Via Jay Mug

I´m Brokecoli

I´m Brokecoli by Ilovedoodle

Via Jay Mug

Artist Of The Week:Anthony Neil Dart

Anthony Neil Dart is a multi disciplinary designer / director and graphic artist living and working in Johannesburg South Africa.He likes his works to be clean,expressive and well crafted.There is always a strong emphasis on the typographic in his works.He likes to use mixed media elements, often combining photography, hand drawn elements or 3d to complete his projects.He also loves motion design and music production.

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Belfast Peace Walls

Antonio Olmos photographs the walls built across Northern Ireland’s capital city as a means of defusing sectarian tension. There are 99 of them, dividing nationalist Catholic neighbourhoods from loyalist Protestant ones. Some of the walls date from the early years of the Troubles, but an estimated one-third have gone up since the IRA ceasefire in 1994. Now, ‘peace gates’ are being opened in some walls in an attempt to foster greater links between communities.

The biggest peace wall in Belfast runs along Cupar Way. It divides the east Belfast loyalist area of Shankill Road from the Catholic Springfield/Falls Roads area of west Belfast.

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Film Institute Netherlands

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The branding for the Film Institute Netherlands is one of the great projects of graphic designer Mark Sloan. Originaly from the American West Coast, he officiated many years as Head of Design at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and he is currently senior art director at TBWA\Media Arts Lab. To return to the identiy, the whole branding is based on the eye and its variation in pattern, a good judgment that change the usual symbolic of the camera, it’s good to focus again on the artist’s vision beyond of the machine

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‘Falcon Wing’ Model X, New Entrant in Electric Car Market

Tesla, the electric sports car maker, launched “Model X,” its latest electric car on Thursday. The car has features like lift up doors which the company calls “falcon-wing,” doors and based on the Model S platform. Model X is claimed to have a faster acceleration than a Porsche 111, with just 4.4 seconds to 0 to 60 miles per hour.

The falcon wing rear doors of the Tesla Motors Model X electric vehicle are seen at its unveiling at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California February 9, 2012. (Reuters)

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Illustrations by Jirka Vinse

Illustrations by Jirka Vinse. Jirka is a Finnish graphic design student based in Bournemouth, UK. Passionate about all kinds of visuals. Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Digital Art, Illustration and all that jazz.

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