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Edyta Jermacz f/w 2012

Preview the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection of the Polish designer Edyta Jermacz.
1o2 Edyta Jermacz f/w 20123o Edyta Jermacz f/w 20125o1 Edyta Jermacz f/w 20128o Edyta Jermacz f/w 2012

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The Creative Content Design That Sells Movies

COLORlovers has the launch of their new design content marketplace, coming soon, and they wanted to aide in the celebration of their new content marketplace by taking a fun look at the most popular design elements in movie posters from 2011. Marketers know that one of the aspects of getting people to the theaters are carefully and creatively designed marketing materials for the movies they want us to see. The designers behind the marketing materials know they need to catch our eye and lure us into seeing their film, but as with every Hollywood movie, the real success of a blockbuster movie will ultimately be determined by the quality of the film itself.

On a billboard, in your Netflix queue or on the rack at your local movie store…The posters for movies are often the first thing to catch your eye and they’re designed to make you want to see the movie. Let’s take a look at what designs sold best in 2011.

 The Creative Content Design That Sells Movies

Dilemma by Project COALA

dilemma92 750x500 Dilemma by Project COALA
Project COALA launches first generation of Dilemma.

dilemma5 750x500 Dilemma by Project COALA

It is a series of clear, shaft-like objects designed and crafted by hand. From a distance, Dilemma intrigues with its transparency and apparent fragility. Yet this transparency blurs recognition of its true shape while revealing another object trapped inside the core of each piece. Dare to come closer and the extent of this ambiguity’s potency exposes itself as a phallus-shape enclosing a knife!

dilemma3 750x500 Dilemma by Project COALA
Dilemma spurts insights on polarized themes: are PAIN and PLEASURE, opposed to SEX and VIOLENCE, truly extremes and how thin is the line between TABOO and SELF-EXPRESSION? Denying any resolution of these questions, Dilemma thrusts us into a position where we oscillate between ADMIRATION and DISGUST.

dilemma7 750x750 Dilemma by Project COALA
Dilemma is made by Project COALA in collaboration with designer Thor Dissing, photographer Bo Brinch, and model Sabine Kusk. For more information go to

dilemma1 750x828 Dilemma by Project COALA

PINKO insect tshirt collection

cristian grossi fashion pinko moodboard 01 PINKO insect tshirt collection
Insekta Moodboard
Textile moodboard design for Pinko by studio Kreativehouse.
Original textile moodboard for Pinko fashion brand, original illustration by Cristian Grossi

cristian grossi illustration kreativehouse fashion pinko moodboard design1 PINKO insect tshirt collection

cristian grossi illustrazione insetti pinko fashionxx PINKO insect tshirt collection

cristian grossi illustrazione insetti pinko fashion v2 PINKO insect tshirt collection

cristian grossi fashion pinko moodboard 02 PINKO insect tshirt collection

Top 10 Disaster Movies that Could Become a Reality

In the last few years, 2012 has created a huge buzz in our culture. Theories, prophesies, and predictions are all pointing to the world ending on December 21, 2012. You may recall that originally the world was going to end in 2000, remember? Either way, the single idea of the world ending has created a highly profitable revenue stream. New movies and shows are stating to focus on what living in a post-apocalypse would be like.

Many people do not believe in 2012 and they usually laugh at the possibility of the end of the world. That being said however, there are also a few people who have such an extreme belief of the 2012 doomsday that they are actively preparing for it. Check out this new tv series by the National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. This new show explores the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Unique in their beliefs, motivations, and strategies, preppers will go to whatever lengths they can to make sure they are prepared for any of life’s uncertainties.

Bottom line is, we all hope that the world will not end in our lifetime. We collected some interesting images from famous movie, and explain why fiction can become reality. We hope you will enjoy this article and spread the word!

10. Independence Day

independence day 62811 Top 10 Disaster Movies that Could Become a Reality

Independence Day was a great film and this terrifying image above is definitely an Image that sticks with most people. The White House consider to be the symbol for one of the most powerful Men and Countries in the World disintegrated in a matter of seconds really does get people thinking what would happen to the Human race if we weren’t the only species in the Universe. Is it most likely to become a reality? I doubt it, and even if it did not for a long while, there have been stories, mock cover ups but I firmly believe that we are the only race in our area of the Universe…. For now!

9. Planet of the Apes

planet of the apes1 Top 10 Disaster Movies that Could Become a Reality

Not the newest one for obvious reasons but the classic is a great film that makes it to the number 9 spot in the list. One of their first to use the broken Statue of a Liberty in an Iconic picture, like the white house from above, the statue of liberty in this state does seem to represent chaos, disorder and the end of the world. So why is at Number 9? Well the fact that evolution goes backwards in this film does strike people as Odd and even though the newer goes onto say that we ourselves caused the up rise I think the world would have enough firepower to fight these well educated gorillas off.

8. 2012

2012 movie poster1 Top 10 Disaster Movies that Could Become a Reality

The Film 2012 was an iconic film of erm… 2011 but it portrayed the devastation that our world could tear itself apart. The Image that I believe it one that is most shocking is the one above. Considering the Mountain range is where Everest lies, to imagine the ocean becoming such a big power is astonishing. We have seen the devastation that Japan suffered when the tsunami hit last year, and know all to well the power of the Ocean. Will it turn into a reality? Not this year and that’s why I have put it at 10. The signs are there that this apocalyptic situation could bring an end to life on Earth but I highly doubt it will be this year.

See the rest here!


Screen shot 2012 02 08 at 10.00.27 AM TEN DOLLAR FONTS !

Ten Dollar Fonts Is a new underground / experimental font store, All fonts are $10!
They are looking for students and designers to submit there fonts to sell! You can make some money from your work!

Visit the site and contact them to start selling

Interior Design with Kids in Mind: Innovative Hair Salon in New York

hair salon for kids 2 Interior Design with Kids in Mind: Innovative Hair Salon in New York

We all know that kids love colorful things, nature and animals. Andrea Mason/Architect thought that a colorful and nature inspired hair salon would make the visit to the hair stylist much more pleasant. Located in New York this amazing hair salon is targeted at children under 10. Do you like the idea of it? For more pictures click here.

10 (More) Responsive WordPress Themes

Artboard 10 (More) Responsive WordPress Themes
A responsive web layout has the ability to adapt to a multitude of displays and devices.

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Adam Martinakis

Google x Collabo Arts

googleposters Google x Collabo Arts

I was hired by Collabo Arts, the artist representetive agency to design a series of posters to be used for Google events. These posters were designed in many different sizes for different locations and applications. What you see is a part of the series and the whole set is total of 14 different versions. Each poster represents Google’s particular product/service and I came up with a certain look to tie different product together. Please take a look at this link for details.

Casa Do Conto in Porto, Portugal

Casa do Conto (House of Tales) was born three years ago, giving rise to a unique project within the Oporto’s growing hotel industry. More info and pictures!

199 Casa Do Conto in Porto, Portugal

921 Casa Do Conto in Porto, Portugal

More info and pictures!

Antywalentynki (Anti Valentines Day)

On February the 14th, Royal Jazz Club in Szczecin will be hosting all Valentines Day haters! On the “Anti Valentines Day” all guests that are sick and tired of all the glitter, love and red color will enjoy Valentines-free atmosphere in the club.
House music collective Viadrina will be responsible for the sounds. Walls will be decorated with photos by pijebokocham and dobry wieczór.

More info: here

antywalentynki Antywalentynki (Anti Valentines Day)


Ginger Jarvis – Great design and motion work!

From Canada I want to present you the amazing work of Ginger Jarvis, hope you like it!

ginger jarvis 01 Ginger Jarvis   Great design and motion work!

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LEGO Office

See More Here

lego office 01 LEGO Officelego office 02 LEGO Officelego office 03 LEGO Officelego office 04 LEGO Officelego office 05 LEGO Office

After the JWT NYC and the Fuzzco Offices, there is the LEGO offices in Copenhagen. Made jointly by Rosan Bosh and Rune Fjord, the objective was to design an interior that reflect the corporate values: cooperation and knowledge sharing. This is expressed by the reception which is also the coffee break area for employees. Were designed 13 meeting rooms each one with a different style. But the most important when you working at LEGO, it’s always have few bricks at your fingertips to express your creativity.

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40 Websites That Look Great in Blue

Resume 40 Websites That Look Great in Blue
It seems these days that many designers automatically settle on the main color in their website’s palette automatically: white. Every other color is just an accent to that.

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