Plastic or Wooden Furniture? Both! Wood Connected by Plastic

The Plastic Nature is a furniture concept which exemplifies the connection of the “plastic-world” and the world of wooden furniture.

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25 Must have Free Fonts for Logo Designing

Today’s article is a treat for our users as we went out and had chit chat with many designers to suggest us some really awesome fonts that designers should have in their library. After many days of chatting and emailing we have gathered 25 must have free fonts that are ideal for logo and heading design.

Free Fonts for Logo Designing

Liverpool English Pub Branding

While working on project it was very important to show the connection between our brand and traditional England. Especially with its famous town – Liverpool. That’s why we’ve started from analysis of history and key elements of town’s name and logo. The symbol of Liverpool is The Liver Bird. This bird is like legendary Phoenix and Sirin birds – there were no such a thing in real life, however, scientists still argue what kind of extinct birds could be its prototype. By itself Liver is a symbol not only of Liverpool town, it’s also main part of logo of very famous English football club. The second part of the city’s name means the water because the city is located near the sea.

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North Northwest by Julian Calverley

A collection of personal landscapes made in the North Northwest of Scotland. An ongoing personal project started in 2005. Julian’s fascination and connection with the landscape, British locations in particular, dates back to when he was a young boy, with numerous family trips spent wild camping in and around the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles. These everlasting memories help to provide a deep affinity with the wild, grand open spaces of the British Isles. Preferring the qualities of autumn and winter light, Julian often works before dawn and after dusk. In all weathers, he captures the atmosphere of the scenes before him, often returning to the same remote locations time and time again. Landscapes can look so different, almost unrecognisable, from one moment to the next that Julian considers it vital to experience them in their varying weather conditions and sea states.

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Rock your Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you still haven’t a card to give to your sweetheart?
Buy now “John & YokoCard and print it at home!

And rock even more with Jimi Hendrix printable card!

All cards are designed by Inky Valentine.
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Turning an old farmhouse into a modern home

Check out this great house! It has an rural feeling but at the same time it is very modern. More info and pictures!

Turning an old farmhouse into a modern home

Turning an old farmhouse into a modern home

More info and pictures!

Axe and Flannel Mountain Made Products

1954 Mercury XM 800

The Mercury XM-800 was a concept car created by the Ford Motor Company brand, Mercury, first introduced at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show.

Via MindSpárkle Magazine – More Photos

Milhama by Yaron Lirase

Yaron Lirase is an Israeli born designer currently living in Amsterdam. His design work is mostly done as side projects and they involve different aspects of crafts and design.
Earlier this year he released his first jewelry collection named “Milhama”. This collection was inspired by his childhood memories of life in Israel during the gulf war period and by a war diary he found from his sister. In this collection he was mostly inspired by the materials and shapes, mostly the gas masks and their accessories.


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The Photographer Magnus Reed’s apartment

Happy Sunday! Check out this a little bit different apartment! More info and pictures!

The Photographer Magnus Reed’s apartment

The Photographer Magnus Reed’s apartment

More info and pictures!


WALL PAINTING decoration for a kid’s room in Bogota, colombia.
made by KIKAYIS.


Macro Soap Photography

Colours and patterns arising naturally from the interference of reflected light rays from the front and rear surface of a thin film of water and soap held in a tiny frame (a ‘bubble wand’).

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Portraits by Andrey & Lili

Amazing model portrait photography by Andrey and Lili.

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Photos by Saana Wang

Interesting family photography. Enjoy!

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