Mo-To Cars

A series of refined wood blocks on wheels.

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30 Most Creative “About US” Pages of Web Design Agencies

Yes, we have been amazed by what an About Us page can be, but as you may guess a company that has a unique About Us page has a great site as well.  So we strongly recommend you to visit the sites on the list one by one and get lots of inspiration for your company’s portfolio site. If you stumble upon a beautiful about us page design of a web design agency, let us know through comments.

I Shot Him is a design studio

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Top 10 Free Logo Design Software

Logo Maker

Top 10 Free Logo Design Software

It is considered as one of the best among logo design software. It has a friendly and modern user interface and enough features and tools that allow you to create HD logo design. Most people consider it as intelligent software for talented and smart individuals.


Top 10 Free Logo Design Software

There are a number of logo design software that will give you lot of prepared icons to use. Among them, we have come with the 10 best logo design software for free download that will produce quality work.

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16 Absolutely Free eBooks for Web Designers and Developers

A guide for designers is found in the form of the various eBooks that can be downloaded for free from various websites. Some books teach basics of web designing for those who are planning to start from the scratch. Some books are meant to provide understanding on the various norms to be followed when designing a website. Some eBooks give certain various kinds of designs which help the designer create newer versions of those designs. To enhance creativity, you need to study creativity.

eBooks are also available to understand website coding along with the various nomenclatures that need to be known when designing fonts and layouts for your website. You can create models of websites with the help of these free eBooks.

Creativity cannot be taught but, designing and norms of designing can surely be. With lack of time and, loads to learn the various eBooks prove to be helpful for budding web designers. You could avail any of these 16 free eBooks for web designers and developers and start designing a great website.
Head First Jquery

16 Free eBooks for Web Designers and Developers

A complete guide to jQuery in building a polish and interactive website. Written by Ryan Benedetti and Ronan Cranely this eBook will help you to quickly grasp jQuery.
Professional Javascript For Web Developers, 3rd Edition

16 Free eBooks for Web Designers and Developers

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Coffee Logo Design Inspiration



These logos are created by designers from all over the world and contributed to these sites to feature their work. It is natural to fall in love with their designs but it is requested to use it with the proper permission of the designers or the agency with its distribution authorization. Let’s have a look at these amazing coffee logo designs and get inspired.

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10 Amazing Responsive Web Design Tutorials

As the world is flooded with all kinds of computing devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops, all of which come with varying screen sizes, designing a website that works well on each of these devices has become the prime concern of every web designer. Termed as responsive web design, it will drive the next generation of web designing.

With mobile and tablet based browsing becoming more prevalent than ever before, the importance of responsive web design isn’t lost upon any of the professional web designer. 21 percent of web traffic that eCommerce sites get comes from tablets and smartphones, with 67 percent of shoppers revealing their preference to buy a product from a site that has a mobile friendly design. The ever-increasing number of form factors, platforms and screen sizes ensures that a website will not fit every device.  The solution being touted is responsive web design that enables the website to adapt itself as per the device specific requirements. Professionals also favor responsive web design as it helps reduce costs by minimizing the need for internal solos, and reducing QA need for every update and website redesign. Below you can find 10 best and most popular responsive web design tutorials scripted by renowned web designers from around the world.
responsive web design tutorials scripted by renowned web designers from around the world.

Beginner’s Guide To Responsive Web Design


This tutorial is exactly what its title proposes, a simple to understand and easy to read guide to understanding what a responsive web design is. The tutorial touches upon important concepts such as Fluid grids and media queries. Although it falls short of teaching some serious responsive web designing, the tutorial is a good place to start if you are feeling too overwhelmed with the entire noise surrounding responsive web design. The bonus is the two-minute video that tries explaining the need of responsive web design through special animations.

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Gruesome Character Toy Design by Dr.Befa

Mexican graffiti artist Dr Befa (Angel Quiroz Benitez), has been working with art collective group Quilombo since 2008, and is the creator behind this awesome collection. He has also worked on the development and redesign of brand labels for companies like Cerveceria Cuahutemoc-Moctezuma, Unilever and Pasccual Cooperative.

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Collection Of Free Stamp Brushes For Photoshop

Photoshop is one of most popular design software. There are a lot of people using it to create digital arts or printed-ready designs. The reason why it is used by a lot of designer is because it offers the high ability but still easy to use.
There are so many additional hardwares and softwares have been created to be used in Photoshop. One of additional hardware that you can use to work with Photoshop is Wacom tablet, this is a tool that many professional digital painters have already used to creating amazing creativity. And the sample of software side is the Photoshop brush, and you should use it if you are going to be professional designer who want to save your time.

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Brand Identity Design | Five Tips For Creating A Memorable Brand Identity @medianovak

Brand Identity Design | Five Tips For Creating A Memorable Brand Identity

Effective branding is the most powerful way to get you, your product and your service out there. With so many companies offering the same or similar thing, you want to stand up and be counted, not blend into the background.
So, as you’re trying to figure out how to cultivate your own clear brand identity, you might be curious about some things that you should definitely keep in mind. If so, we have a list of five items that will be sure to help you as you come up with a way to be just as memorable as so many other companies are; thanks to their clear brand identity.

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Bullet by Itai Bar-On & Oded Webman

Bullet is a minimalist design created by Israel-based designers Itai Bar-On & Oded Webman. Bullet Collection is a series of concrete lighting that come in different sizes, tones, and finishes of concrete.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

60 Creative Negative Space Logo Designs

Negative Space creates an interesting visual effect for the human eye to fathom. By taking advantage of the negative space, designers are able to create something that captures the imagination. Negative space logos must be simple, clear, memorable, and clever. Today we gathered inspiring examples of negative space logos that’ll grab your attention and bring a smile to your face.

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Hazy Clock by Ivan Kasner

Hazy Clock is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Ivan Kasner for LEFF. While designing Hazy35, Ivan was inspired by blurred images. These images create a sense of excitement, imagination and clarity within the illusion.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

Incorporating Subtle Patterns and Minimalism into Web Design

Web design used to be about flashy, bright colors, attention-getters and flash animations that were full of movement and activity designed to be extremely noticeable. Front-end design standards have come a long way since those days, with flash quickly becoming a thing of the past and the professional standard for becoming more sophisticated than it has ever been.

The list of best practices for designing a web page in 2013 is long, but there are two staples of a well-designed page that every developer can start with:

Subtle Patterns

Minimalist Design

These are the two pillars of sophisticated and modern web design. If you pay attention when visiting different sites, you’ll notice that the ones with a really clean and polished look and feel, will almost always exhibit these two qualities.

Subtlety and minimalism show that you aren’t trying to compensate for bad content or be flashy in an effort to get unwarranted attention.

Instead a subtle design tells visitors that the content speaks for itself and doesn’t require a whole cast of bells and whistles to make it more appealing or interesting. It’s the best way to construct a framework for content that you know people are going to be interested in.

So how is it usually done? Let’s look at a few areas where subtle patterns and minimalism come into play.


The general rule of thumb is that when aiming for a minimalist color scheme, you want to use a lot of white, gray and maybe a little black. Hard colors like deep blue, neon green and bright yellows are definite no-nos and shouldn’t be used outside of a few obscure exceptions.


Depending on the feel of your site, the background should provide a soft, pleasing pattern to frame your content. This is where the idea of subtlety really comes into play. While most text boxes should just be white, or a very light gray, your background can go a little darker with some texture added. For a whole collection of these textures check out

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Saidoka by Bluelounge

Saidoka is a minimalist design created by USA-based designer Bluelounge. Saidoka is the ultimate iPhone-charging companion, docked by your side, for full accessibility. A sidecar for iPhones, Saidoka plugs into the USB port of your computer or adapter to charge as you work.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

Aizone Campaign

By Sagmeister & Walsh design firm.

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