150 Simplicity Vector Icons

Simplicity Vector Icon Set is a Full set of 150 icons are designed to be simple and neat that can fit into every project. With this set, your project will be given a clean and prominent feel. They can be scaled to any custom sizes while the quality is still intact.

Top trends for your home – Curtains and Wallpapers

They’re often one of the last elements added to a room, window treatments—curtains, shades and other window details like shutters— and they can make a great statement. Curtains and wallpapers are quick an easy ways of give your home a brand new face. More cozy for the cold days in winter or fresh and bright colors to spring and summer.

wallpaper 5

The curtains are responsible for filtering the light, give privacy to a room, set styles in terms of decoration, protection from the sun, and hide defects that may have on your walls. Floral prints can bring to your home a natural harmony that combine with other elements like pads can create the sense that you are in a garden. Another trend is stripes – vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes – can create different atmospheres and sizes in a room. Bold and vivid colors, chromatic motives and urban motives – for young people – are excellent ways to put your personal style in your home as well as the wallpapers.

Modern Bedroom in Light Tones

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Parley geometric thin font

Found this cool free font, thought I should share it with you guys. Source and download link http://www.gfxnerds.com/psd-files/clean-and-green-small-ui-kit

free font

Simplify your Desktop with these 28 Minimalist Wallpapers

You often download files from the internet and just save it to your desktop folder for easy access, this is also applicable when saving files. We love to save files in a location where we can easily see and minimized the amount of clicks to open a folder and look for certain files.

Now, here comes the day that you are irritated on how messy is your desktop and started to trash some files and transfer the other just to give space attain a better desktop view. But putting away those files will not definitely turn your desktop pleasing to you and others, there is more important aspect to consider, this is on choosing the right background or wallpaper that will turn things uncluttered and tidy.

Start neatening your desktop and choose from these 28 minimalist wallpapers.

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iPhone App Chiizu releases two new themes by designer illustrator Brian Butler and November Club

Chiizu, the premier photo decoration iPhone app app, has partnered with two new artists to release themes for their in app store.  Chiizu’s in app store operates like a gallery, so when you buy an artist theme, you are also supporting the artist!

november club chiizu iphone app 2

november club chiizu iphone app


Brian Butler is a Miami based illustrator, his stark black and white theme harkens back to 80’s Skateboard graphics with grotesque details and luchadore-inspired masks. Ittiphat Jittichotphong is a Thai artist whose sketchy illustration style is both quirky and whimsical and can be seen in his November Club theme. You can buy both of their themes in the in-app store now.

Users can share their creations via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Ren Ren, Instagram and more! Chiizu currently offers more content than any other app available.  We offer more than 23 exclusive themes, each including over 80 pieces of art.

brian butler chiizu iphone app

brian butler chiizu app


Created by a media artist, an illustrator and a designer, the photo-decoration app for iOS offers themed sets by an outstanding roster of artists, including Linda Gavin, the original creator of Twitter’s logo; Dyna Moe, the woman behind the “Mad Men Yourself” avatar maker; painter Juka Araikawa; and former Sub Pop Records art director Jesse LeDoux.

Create More Space In Your Studio with Living Cube

Till Konneker created an all in one storage solution complete with bed that’s perfect for small spaces. [More Photos at HiConsumption.com]

theQ Camera by theQ

theQ is billed as the first social camera, and it shows – it features 3G to share photographs directly from the camera to social networks like Twitter and Facebook but it also backs everything up to theQ LAB – every photograph you take is accessible online in this private playground.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

30 Creative 3D Anime Character designs

Anime are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. Anime includes animated television series, short films and full-length feature films. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of “animation” in Japanese. In English, the term is defined as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. The intended meaning of the term sometimes varies depending on the context.

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30 Best and Creative Typography Design examples for your inspiration

Typography Design is one of the most fascinating elements of graphic design. If it’s web design, album art, posters, or any other type of graphic design, typographical inspiration can be a great resource for designers. Here we have added 30 creative Typography designs for your inspiration.

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Placas by Titolo Pagina

Placas is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Titolo Pagina. Placas is a collection of coffee table designed for indoor and outdoor settings. The project is a combination of three circle segments, having the same dimension that complete the circular figure.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

Inspirational Examples of Black and White Business Card Designs

If your upcoming project demands designing a unique and innovative business card using these two colors and you are finding yourself absolutely clueless, then this post is definitely going to help you out. We have listed some of the most creative black and white based business cards in this write up. It will give you an idea of how a designer can stretch his or her imagination using this combination, thereby encouraging you to come up with an equally unique concept. Enjoy!

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Pagan & Sharp Studio: Type and Lettering

Pagan & Sharp Studio is one of the studies of lettering, design and logo design. Opened in New York in 2011 is today a real example of creativity and graphic culture…

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Family Matters

Marie and François Magnol are two French brothers. The businesses they are in charge of depict perfectly their personalities both as individuals and as family. Marie owns Va de Retro, where she restores old vintage furniture and gives them her unique style, which is a sort of industrial, french and retro mixture. Of course, Va de Retro also works as a decoration studio or even a vintage consultancy, if you’re trying to find something unique and need some help. She was able to find a gas pump from the 50s and transform it into an spectacular shelf, even if there are only 2 or 3 more pieces like that left in the world.

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The Past is the Present, Revival of Vintage Retro Design

Retro defines an outdated or aged trend or fashion that has been popular and ubiquitous in the past couple of decades.

The word Retro means “backwards” or “in past times” – a reversion to the past.

Recently, the retro style has made a striking comeback, which isn’t all that surprising. The designs are as distinguished as they are attractive in their simplicity: they are usually based on geometrical shapes that form an emblem or provide a guideline in constructing a badge with typography, iconography or imagery.

People tend to associate value with dated items. Incorporating these vintage trends in modern designs is what gives a brand its edge and gets it to stand out by making it more memorable.

Now let’s show you what Retro Insignia badges look like, how they can be designed and what they can be used in.

There are countless shapes a retro badge might be formed into, the most common being the circle. Other distinguishing elements include flags, bands and ribbons that often serve as breaks in the sharp outline of the main shape. The primary message or statement of the design is usually placed in the centre, using a bold script or a basic font that is consistent with the style.

retro american shapes

retro fonts

Retro Fonts

As simple as the outcome might look, it takes a good level of skill and a sharp eye to place all elements in a harmonious way, setting the balance and stability of the design correctly. Great attention should be paid when selecting a font, as it is a crucial component of your badge.

Some good free fonts to consider are Riesling, American Captain, Andes, Sierra Madre and many more, which can be downloaded here:


retro shapes

Shape of a retro insignia

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of shapes from which to choose. After browsing some designs, however, you will find that the most commonly used and a very effective one is the circle. Additionally, the background pattern or image can be of great effect if chosen well. Floral backgrounds and grid line patterns are very popular. A blurred photograph is another way to go.

retro colors

Color Schemes

Using multi-coloured ink or textile paint was very expensive in the past and thus quite uncommon. Therefore, most retro badges are limited to a maximum of two colors. It’s also very common to use only one color and play with its opacity, letting the background image shine through and blend with the text.

retro vintage design

Retro textures

The use of texture and noise, while not a must, creates a great worn-out look and emphasizes the vintage feel of your design. Adding a solid thick shadow to the text increases the effect and sharpens the typography used.

vintage examples

Uses of a Retro Insignia

There is no real limit as to where Retro Insignia might be used. It’s very often found in logo designs, labels, t-shirts and poster designs. Many companies take advantage of the look for their branding and packaging.

It’s simple, attractive, creative and reminiscent of good times gone by – what’s not to like?

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New Neon Letters