Ring Clock

Ring Clock is a beautiful marriage of the ring and the watch. It features three rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds.

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wooden popsicle

Wooden popsicle from the Italian designer Johnny Hermann.

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Famous Quotes Illustrated By Tang Yau Hoong

Malaysian illustrator Tang Yau Hoong started a personal project where he took some famous quotes and Illustrated them to his taste. Take a look at these and read the quotes for some extra inspiration. For more from Tang Yau Hoong visit tangyauhoong.com and behance.net/tangyauhoong.

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The flying car is here!

In a scale from one to worst-torture-invented how much do you hate traffic jams? I’m sure the answer is gonna be pretty high on the charts. And now try to count how many times have you wished the time of the flying car finally arrives and we can, at last, forget the energy-draining horror that scatters all over our roads and our rutines. What if I told you that day has arrived?

Well, it might sound crazy, but it’s here! The brand is called Terrafugia, the vehicle The Transition. In August, it made its first public demonstrations in the USA and all went perfectly. The “car” has been shaped and thought to comply with all ground traffic laws, as well with flying traffic laws, so it is fully operational and ready to be bought for $279.000. The company’s idea is to develop the vehicle until they reach their projected model of the true flying car, the TF-X.

Until then, The Tansition seems cool enough for me. Check out the performance specifications and other details about The Transition at Terrafugia’s official webpage. And reserve one if you wish. We sure will turn green with envy when jammed for half an hour during a daily commute.


The Transition flying over a lake.

tfx v03 silver onGrayFlying 01

The TF-X modelled prototype, expected to become real in 12-12 years.

Building with words

Who told you that writting was a linear action, a regular trace on a paper? Who told you that verses could only follow a certain rhythm? Can’t words and verses have volume? Don’t they have a visual dimension?

Words are much more than just a bunch of letters, which, when joined together, recall recognizable images or feellings. Mar Arza, jumps off these ordinary lines, catching different words to afterwards, build new concepts. She decontextualizes the pages of a book, crowded of different words that stop having meaning. She builds new concepts where words scape from two dimensions: words that speak vertical and horizontal, support and settle, twist and turn, generating new meanings and stories.

Mar gives a new sculptural and visual dimension to the action of reading. Moreover, with this unconventional process, she creates an active reading, trigger of multiple stories and fellings. The user scapes from its passiveness and starts making choices: how to do it, where to begin and end,… it becomes free.





Prophecy detail





Top 17 Independent Infographic Designers 2013

List of Top Independent Infographic Designers are given in the below part of the article.

Tiffany Farrant is one of the most popular independent infographic designer who is based near Bristol near UK. At the 2nd position in the list of Trevor Johnston who has worked as graphic journalist for many years and now works as technical and infographic digital artist.

Stephen J. Beard is at the 3rd position in the list and he is an expert of newspaper information graphics. The 4th position is taken up by Lokesh Dhakar who is based in Baltimore and he has his specialisation in user interface design.

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Professional Photography Bundle : 74 Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions saves the time of photographers and designers. Photoshop Actions becomes handy when you need to perform a task several time. You can record a set of actions and then repeat it with just a single click of mouse. This is the the complete set of Photoshop actions for photographers. These actions includes, drawing actions, sketch actions, comic actions, cinematic effects actions, sunset actions, black and white actions, digital painting actions and lot more actions.

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UpperCup by James McKay

UpperCup is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer James McKay. The product is currently looking for seed funding on the crowd-funding site Pozible. UpperCup is the simple, elegant and functional cup inspired by the daily coffee travels and the notion that good design can make everyone’s favorite rituals even more enjoyable.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

30 Creative Photo manipulation MasterPieces

Photo manipulations are fun to create and fun to look at. Using photoshop you can do lots of creative and fun stuff. You can manipulate photos like you imagine and can show others what you have in your creative mind.

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300+ Best Free Fabric Textures From 2013

This is a collection of free Fabric Textures from 2013. Background is the most important part of a web or graphic design. To create a great looking background we need a high resolution texture. This week we are compiling the best texture lists for our readers. You have seen the Bokeh Textures and Abstract Textures. Now its time to look at the fabric textures. Fabric looks great as the background of a design.

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Display Sneaker Rack for Home

For those of you that treat sneakers like art, this Shrine Rack is the perfect way to put your sneaker collection on display. [More Photos at HiConsumption.com]

Custom Designed Business Cards | Why Business Cards Are Not a Dying Breed @medianovak

Custom Designed Business Cards | Why Business Cards Are Not a Dying Breed

With so much business-related interaction happening in the digital realm, you might wonder whether such old-fashioned niceties as a well-designed business card still matter. They do.
A great business card design makes such a strong impression. These days, it’s not so much about handing someone your card in hopes that they’ll stash it in a Rolodex for future use. A custom designed business card is part of making a great initial connection. It says you’re serious. It shows you care about the little things. It’s part of your image.

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Orbital Chandelier-Sputnik * Stilnovo Lamp



This chandelier takes us back to the era of space experiments, the Sputnik, the dog Laika, or the Trip to the Moon, but does so with a beauty in its clean lines in its elegant color combination in their particular and unique forms.




A true example of Italian mid-century modern design, this chandelier is a sputnik design from the 1950s manufactured by Stilnovo. It has six arms alternating up or down. The finish is in charcoal enamel and the socket covers are in brass. The brass has been newly polsihed and lacquered. It is complete and all original including the ceiling cap. Vintage Mid-century Modern lamps are characterized by simple lines and a fun space-age feel. In general, these lamps are geometric, with globes, hourglasses, and rings being the dominant shapes.





The earliest lamps of the period combined the figurative aesthetics of the the 1930s and ’40s with more familiar mid-century looks. These transitional lamps often featured kitschy plaster or chalkware bases shaped like Nubian slaves or cape-flourishing matadors. Above these painted figures were geometric, two-tiered shades in parchment or fiberglass. Such lamp shades often had stitched edges and were decorated with everything from geometric lines and designs to splatters and squiggles recalling the drip paintings of Abstract-Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock.


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Top Luxury Hotel – SPITBANK FORT

We just came across this marvelous scenario in Hampshire and could not miss this opportunity to show you this. It’s a great idea, surrounded by water, a private set to enjoy the best moments in peace with the one you love the most. Watch the pictures and became speechless.


It started as a Fortress and then it was converted into a luxury private island and hotel after being disposed of by the Ministry of Defense in 1982.

Spitbank Fort is an unusual and historic sea fortress in the Solent, off Portsmouth. Now a luxury exclusive venue and hotel, the fort was formerly home to hundreds of soldiers guarding the approaches to Portsmouth. The arms and ammunition have long been removed, making way for nine luxuriously furnished bedroom suites, three bars, three restaurant areas, and spa facilities. You can also check how perfect it is for corporate rethreaths, weeding parties, private parties and thematic events at their website.

Spitbank Fort luxury hotel.

Spitbank Fort luxury hotel.

Read more at: http://bestdesignprojects.com/top-luxury-hotel-spitbank-fort/#.UhYQJoWnzC8

Top Michelin Stared Restaurants in Paris

The upcoming events in Paris are the ideal chance to give this extraordinary city a visit. Besides the charming old centre and the exclusive Designs, the city is worldwide known for its  outstanding cuisine and its predictably delicious food. Very likely France, and especially its capital, has one of the highest rates of restaurants that are stared by Michelin. For getting the best fine food in Paris you should definitely head to one of these Michelin Stared Restaurants.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée
"Very likely France, and especially its capital, has one of the highest rates of restaurants that are stared by Michelin."
Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Hôtel Plaza Athénée, 25 av Montaigne, 8th

"Very likely France, and especially its capital, has one of the highest rates of restaurants that are stared by Michelin."

84 rue de Varenne, 7e

Le Meurice
"Very likely France, and especially its capital, has one of the highest rates of restaurants that are stared by Michelin."
Hôtel Meurice, 228 rue de Rivoli

Hotel le Bristol
"Very likely France, and especially its capital, has one of the highest rates of restaurants that are stared by Michelin."

112 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, 8e

Pierre Gagnaire
"Very likely France, and especially its capital, has one of the highest rates of restaurants that are stared by Michelin."
6 rue Balzac, 8e