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Flat 3D Mock-up Templates – Apple and Other Devices

Mock-up Templates are great at helping you visualize whether or not your ‘finished’ design serves its intended purpose sufficiently by quickly placing your design into the environment it will eventually be surrounded by. By doing this, you can potentially spot grey areas within your design and correct them, saving you time and money from printing and/or manifacturing, what could be classed as, an incomplete design.

There are many templates available to download on the market, free and premium or ofcourse you can make your own. Below you will find an example of both free and premium mock-ups created by Italian UI Designer Frank Rapacciuolo, he has created some beautiful Flat 3D Mock-up templates for various devices such as the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S4, and more.

Screen Shot 2013 08 06 at 13.13.09 Flat 3D Mock up Templates – Apple and Other Devices

Screen Shot 2013 08 06 at 13.15.55 Flat 3D Mock up Templates – Apple and Other Devices

Screen Shot 2013 08 06 at 13.16.23 Flat 3D Mock up Templates – Apple and Other Devices

Download Mock-up Template here

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Personal Branding | Does Your Personal Brand Reflect Who You Really Are? @medianovak

personal branding who you really are 1 650x500 Personal Branding | Does Your Personal Brand Reflect Who You Really Are? @medianovak

What does your personal brand represent? When potential clients, or customers see your name, what do they think of? Hopefully you’ve identified the brand you want to project by now—if you haven’t, browse through our blog entries and articles to get a crash course. Today, we want to give you tips for ensuring that your brand is unique—in other words, that your personal branding helps differentiate you amongst your peers and competitors.

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personal branding who you really are 2 650x387 Personal Branding | Does Your Personal Brand Reflect Who You Really Are? @medianovak

Excellent Examples of Forms in Web Design

A form can be a very important part of a website. From really simple and direct ones, to fancy, colorful and creative, there is a form style for each site. When thinking about the interface design of your site, this is certainly an element you should focus on. From Login/SignUp forms, to contact forms and other types of forms, we need to keep in mind that the point of those forms is to get the user’s attention and make them want to fill in the info. So here are some excellent examples of forms in web design.

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forms21 Excellent Examples of Forms in Web Design

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forms32 Excellent Examples of Forms in Web Design

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Mobile UI Design Inspiration #4

dropbox Mobile UI Design Inspiration #4
UI and UX design plays a huge role in whether people adopt your mobile apps. Here, we roundup 7 mobile UI design inspiration part 4 are compiled to give inspiration to you and other UI/UX designer out there. Enjoy and share this roundup of mobile ui that we put together for you.

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Cultural Bookstore on Wheels in Portugal

vna1 Cultural Bookstore on Wheels in Portugal
vna2 Cultural Bookstore on Wheels in Portugal
This Portuguese bookstore is set on a set of 70’s Renault wheels– with a unique selection of translated stories from their own local storytellers. [View More Photos at]

Hydro 100:80 by 10¹² TERRA

leibal hydro10080 1012 3 650x974 Hydro 100:80 by 10¹² TERRA

leibal hydro10080 1012 2 650x974 Hydro 100:80 by 10¹² TERRA

leibal hydro10080 1012 5 650x974 Hydro 100:80 by 10¹² TERRA

Hydro 100:80 is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer 10¹² TERRA. The container can be broken down into two parts with the water at the bottom and the plant portion at the top. Remove the bottom of the container when the water is dirty, and then replace it with clean water.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

50 Funny and Beautiful CG Cartoon Character Designs

g495 50 Funny and Beautiful CG Cartoon Character Designs
We have added Funny, Beautiful and Creative 3D cartoon character designs for your inspiration. These were created with powerful 3D tools like ZBursh, 3DsMax, Maya and other 3D softwares.
g495 50 Funny and Beautiful CG Cartoon Character Designs
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25 Creative Animal themed Print Ads for your inspiration

g490 25 Creative Animal themed Print Ads for your inspiration
Advertising is one of the primary markets for graphic designers. Companies around the world rely on the talented and creative minds of designers to create visually impactful and memorable product advertisements.
g491 25 Creative Animal themed Print Ads for your inspiration
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Clever Sound Activated Sculptural Lighting by LumAcco

Clever Sound Activated Sculptural Lighting by LumAcco 640x480 Clever Sound Activated Sculptural Lighting by LumAcco
Florida-based creative design studio, LumAcco (Luminous Acoustics Company), which specializes in illuminated modern wall art has come up with something very interesting that will definitely excite music and art…

See more at Wave Avenue.

Keep Your Divices In with A Pocket In A T-shirt

Have a look at different yet attractive design for a pocket in a T-shirt so that you can carry your devices.

nn1 Keep Your Divices In with A Pocket In A T shirt

nn2 Keep Your Divices In with A Pocket In A T shirt

Small Business Marketing Tips | The 5 Worst Marketing Blunders Small Businesses Make @medianovak

small business marketing tips marketing blunders 1 650x433 Small Business Marketing Tips | The 5 Worst Marketing Blunders Small Businesses Make @medianovak

Our digital world has made it simple to undo any unfortunate mistakes – simply hit Control + Z and move on. However, when it comes to marketing campaigns for your small business, simply hitting Control + Z isn’t as easy.
Avoid searching for the undo button altogether by steering clear of these top marketing mistakes made by small businesses.

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small business marketing tips marketing blunders 2 650x505 Small Business Marketing Tips | The 5 Worst Marketing Blunders Small Businesses Make @medianovak

8 Great Redesigns of Popular Websites & Apps

Nothing or nobody is perfect. The same goes for websites. Every single website on the web could always use some sort of improvements.

Today we will showcase great redesigns of popular websites and apps by great designers from Dribbble, Forrst, deviantArt, and Behance. The designers behind these redesigns took this massive challenge to improve their skills, gain recognition among the design community, and of course beef up their portfolio.

The results are bound to catch your eyes. Personally, I’m in love with the Amazon redesign. Fingers crossed Jeff Bezos checks it out.

It’s always a treat to see another designer’s take on a famous website. More often than not, their concepts turn into interesting ideas. Okay, enough blabbing. We hope you’ll appreciate these redesign concepts. Enjoy!

1. IMDb

imdb11 650x410 8 Great Redesigns of Popular Websites & Apps

IMDb is the International Movie Database and is used by many to track actors, TV shows, movies, and more. A redesign of IMDb was warranted, because it has retained the same layout for years. IMDb may be a little confusing to use because it has a lot of links all over the page. For a new user, this can be frustrating. The redesign of IMDb by Flip Slovà?ek makes the site a lot easier to use. Slovà?ek’s redesign makes IMDb look like a web app. It has several panels, each of which are scrollable. Dividing the page into panels like this makes it easier for the user to interpret information upon loading the page.

2. Amazon

amazon redesign11 650x559 8 Great Redesigns of Popular Websites & Apps

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping websites. You can buy nearly anything you could need on Amazon, from a coffee mug to a fork lift. Amazon’s design has been successful in that it is easy enough to use and aesthetically appealing, however, it is a little boring. Yanis Markin’s redesign of Amazon fixes this problem. Markin makes Amazon look more modern by representing similar products and related items in grids above and below an product. Overall, Markin’s redesign is more intuitive and simpler.

3. Facebook

facebook restyle11 650x513 8 Great Redesigns of Popular Websites & Apps

Facebook is the largest social media website, so it has seen a lot of redesigns. However, one redesign that particularly stuck out was by Claudio Sabatinelli. With more and more Facebook updates, many users feel that the site is becoming more challenging to use. Sabatinelli reduces the clutter that Facebook currently has and makes the site look more like Path or Tumblr. This would be a blessing for many of the less tech-savvy Facebook users, since Sabatinelli’s redesign is much easier to use.

Check out the rest redesigns here!

Dopludo Collective

120 Dopludo Collective

Dopludό Collective was found in St. Petersburg in 2006. Word “Dopludό” comes from a phonetic transcription of french words “deux plus deux”, which is “two plus two” in english. At the heart of the name of a creative trio lays the absurd mathematical formula “2+2=5″, which has been proved several times and being a potential key to reconsider all mathematics from the beginning.

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Design Rules

rule01 wallsticker mrcup 01 Design Rules
rule04 wallsticker mrcup 01 Design Rules
rule08 wallsticker mrcup 01 Design Rules
What are the real rules of the design? What would you put on the wall of your study design and graphics? If you are asked the guys MrCup and HERE is the answer…

Design Days Dubai * International Fair


0 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair


Design Days Dubai is the leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects. The fair presents design from leading international designers and galleries alongside up and coming design from across the world. The fair also presents a strong non-commercial programme consisting of education, workshops, installations and live performances.


0.1 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair


0.2 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair


Design Days Dubai is owned and managed by Art Dubai Fair LLC, a joint venture company between the DIFC and Middle East Fairs Ltd.

Art Dubai Fair LLC’s other products include:

  • Art Dubai
  • Downtown Design
  • Art Week
  • The Global Art Forum
  • DXB Store
  • Campus Art Dubai


The third edition of Design Days Dubai takes place from 17 to 21 March 2014.


Art Factum Gallery – Beirut

1 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
by Marilyn Massoud and RashaNawam

Art Factum Gallery is a fresh space devoted to presenting all forms of contemporary art. Founded in 2011, it is located in the Quarantine District. As an establishment that focuses on bringing in international artists to the artistic/cultural scene of Beirut, Art Factum Gallery manages to emphasize that by applying to several international art fairs and events, not to mention retaining a tight bond with several international galleries and institutions. That, along with collaborating with local cultural organizations and personnel, insures the subsequent spreading of the artistic message onto the masses_ one of the gallery’s main motives. As for its portfolio, Art Factum Gallery represents and supports several international, as well as local artists in the Middle Eastern region.


Based Upon

2 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Ribbon Bar


Based upon is a team of artists and designers creating highly acclaimed, large scale artworks and sculptural furniture.

The work is inspired by natural and urban landscapes, explorations of archetypal forms and patterns and by the narrative histories woven within a place or group of people. Having developed a unique palette of mark making techniques in liquid metals and resins it also offers an exclusive collection of award winning hand made surfaces which are used primarily within superyachts and the worlds finest interiors projects.

Based Upon was established in 2004 by twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell and is currently a team of 30 based in London but working extensively across the world.


Broached Commissions

3 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Trent Jansen, Briggs Family Tea Service


Broached Commissions initiates bespoke made and limited edition design collections, each collection based on a different event in Australian history. By fusing the depth of history with cutting-edge design, the company creates new work that embodies a story of Australian life and fulfills contemporary functional needs by designing for current conditions and contexts. Applying a collaborative research and design process, the company enables an international dialogue about design from the Australian experience and perspective. Design ideas are adapted to local contexts when they move from country to country, from one design studio to another – Broached Commissions shows the Australian experience of this process of design migration.

Broached Commissions has three founding permanent design members: Trent Jansen, Adam Goodrum and Charles Wilson. Every year the core designers are joined by a curator and guest designers, each chosen for the particular relevance of their practice to the commission. The role of the curator is to lead the group on a fascinating journey into the human and industrial stories of the period being investigated.

Broached Commissions was founded by creative director Lou Weis and Vincent Aiello.


Carwan Gallery

4 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
by Marc Baroud


Carwan Gallery founded by the architects Pascale Wakim and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte in 2010, Carwan began as the first pop-up gallery in the Middle East. Established in Beirut, the gallery exhibits limited-edition pieces in art and design events throughout the world, with a focus on internationalizing design in the Middle East. In exhibitions as well as in its primary Beirut space, Carwan features the work of international cutting-edge designers of unique contemporary objects such as limited-edition furniture, lighting, and objets d’art.

Carwan Gallery also provides creative and design-centered consultancy and assistance to collectors, architects, and interior designers, offering the possibility to receive a site-specific tailored service, with access to a cadre of top-level craftsmen from the whole Middle East to assist with production, adaptation, and integration of object, in order to find an exclusive and unique contemporary solution with an exceptional handmade character. Read more about Carwan Gallery.


+Coletivo Amor de Madre

5 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Estudio Guto Requena, Noize Chair


+ Coletivo Amor de Madre Gallery is a space dedicated to contemporary experimental DesignArt with strong influence of modernist Vanguards where the industry connects to the artistic make, invoking a medieval heritage of reintegration of Arts & Crafts.

The space aims to create a dialogue between the industrial and post industrial world with the contemporary art, its variants and requirements entered in current world issues.


Erastudio Apartment-Gallery

6 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Vincenzo de Cotiis, Modular Element Assembled Lamp and Irregular Shaped Coffee Table


Erastudio Apartment-Gallery is a design gallery which sets its attention exclusively to the architectural and design works carried out by the most important names of the Italian and international architectural scene, the ones who have had the most acknowledgements and awards of the 20th and 21st century.

The Gallery is located in a period building of the early 20th century in the Brera Design District in Milan, and divided into two private spaces: an apartment and a courtyard, the former “horse stables”.

Erastudio Apartment-Gallery opened during the Fuorisalone 2012 with a “site specific” design exhibition by the Italian Architect Vincenzo De Cotiis who presented prototypes and unique pieces exclusively for Erastudio.


Galerie Diane de Polignac

7 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Salome de Fontainieu, The Nest Chandelier, 2012


Diane de Polignac Gallery specializes in Art (post-war & contemporary) and Design. In Design, the Gallery edits very fine furniture created by contemporary artists, in exclusivity for the Gallery. Creating exclusive furniture is the opportunity for our Artists to explore their thoughts about the boundaries between Art and Design.

Allying the beauty of the shape to the excellence of the finest craftsmen and cabinetmakers, Diane de Polignac Gallery creates sustainable, timeless and iconic pieces for you.


Galerie Sofie Lachaert

8 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
‘anamorphosis’ by d’Hanis & Lachaert – Gallery Valerie Traan


Galerie Sofie Lachaert stand for introspective research in the fields of contemporary design, art and crafts. Objects as art or art as an object; questioning function and representation, the gallery’s carefully selected objects communicate with space, interior and the human body. The gallery is an important platform for designers who cross freely the borderlines between applied and visual art, offering her visitors an overall picture of work of prominent designers; from all over the world and in a vast range of disciplines.

For each exhibition a unique presentation is developed. Each artist, each theme gets its own atmosphere, its own world. It makes every visit to the gallery worthwhile, even for the many regular visitors, amongst them collectors and museum curators worldwide, attracted by the quality of the presented work, the daring choices, the interesting themes.


Gallery Seomi

9 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Kim Sang Hoon , Phenomena Console , 2012, Luxsteel , Wood


Gallery SEOMI introduces contemporary design movements with works that reflect the new constructionism and new organicism of Korea. The newly created works show a refined and eclectic vision and have, by now, become new modern classics within their own culture.

The works include those of Korean designers Bchoi Byunghoon, Lee Hunchung, Kang Myungsun, Kim Sanghoon, Bahk Jongsun, Bae Sehwa, Lee Samwoong and Jang Jin. They are devoted both to the idea of craftsmanship and to maintaining an originality that goes beyond contemporary ideas of form and style. The designers present dynamic yet understated design objects that represent the essence of modern life. To enhance the aesthetic of modern Asian organicism with a considered approach to function, recents works, meticulously hand-made by their creators, possess their own context and reveal a unique design. Beyond beauty, these designs are focused on new forms of structure and utility that rediscover the diverse style of living culture. Showcasing the interaction between the realm of design, art and architecture, they suggest new ideas and perspectives of the culture within integrated boundaries.


Gazelli Art House

10 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
1 UVA, AlwaysNever


Gazelli Art House is a commercial art organisation dedicated to providing a new setting for the creation of contemporary art and delivering the message of the finest international artists to a wide audience of both new and established collectors. The gallery invites individuals to embark on a journey of understanding art, establishing bespoke dialogues and relationships between artists, writers, specialists, students and novices through exhibitions, talks, workshops and tours.

Gazelli Art House in partnership with Design Dubai Days 2013, is proud to announce its inaugural participation through the concept-driven booth, Let There Be Light. As an extension of its autumn 2012 exhibition sharing the same title, the gallery will exhibit artists Antony Hall, UVA and Henry Krokatsis – delicately merging fields of art and design.


Industry Gallery

11 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Tom Price – Meltdown Chair: Bronze #1

Industry Gallery, the only US gallery focused exclusively on twenty-first century design, opened in January 2010 in Washington D.C. Occupying over 4000 square feet of space in a converted auto repair shop, the gallery holds temporary exhibitions of work by designers selected for their ability to illuminate a broad spectrum of international design.

The gallery opened its second exhibition space in Los Angeles in March, 2011, in the historic Pacific Design Center, one of the West Coast’s top design destinations and home to a branch of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

See our article about Tom Price.


J+A Gallery

12 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Heinke Stream _line Art Déco Ceiling Fan , Stripped And Polished 1950s company Design By Heinke


Founded in 2012, Dubai based J+A Gallery has been established to promote design objects from the early 20th century. For the first time in the region, the gallery presents a selection of rare industrial and mid-century design objects and salvaged goods from Germany and Central Europe. The unique objects range from the 1900s to 1960s and the collection will be more and more complemented with salvaged, reclaimed and up-cycled products.

The gallery strives to open the market and the minds of people for the beauty of industrial design, for classic materials with an enormous haptic value like wood, ceramic, and steel. Beyond that, the gallery provides solutions to re-use material and forms transferring objects from their original in a new context with added value for today. In a world of “copy and paste”, these objects represent a journey back to the origins; to the transition from traditional craft to industrial mass production under strong influence of modernist design after World War I. The items are rare and surviving witnesses of a bygone era and tell exciting stories of their history and of the development of modern industrial design.


La Galerie Nationale

13 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Helidon Xhixha, seating ensemble


As a longstanding specialist in design and art, La Galerie Nationale, based in Dubai, offers collectors, connoisseurs and lovers of designart a rare opportunity to acquire original vintage furniture and 20th century objects of historical wonders by famous designers such as Jean Royère, Joe Colombo, Maria Pergay, Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbisier, Willy Rizzo, and Raymond Loewy in perfect stage.

For its second participation in Design Days Dubai, La Galerie Nationale takes the opportunity to promote, along with classic modern pieces, contemporary works by internationally renowned Italian designer Helidon Xhixha who is considered to be a worthy successor of ancient design.


Majlis Gallery

14 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Majlis Gallery – Ernest Race Antelope chair


The Majlis Gallery has been established in Dubai since 1989. Alison Collins, founder and interior designer herself, was entranced by the region, especially with the architecture and the ambiance of the old wind tower houses in Al Bastakiya. In 1978, she secured the lease on a wind tower villa where she played host to many informal soirees in the ‘majlis’, hence the name, introducing artists both professional and amateur to a somewhat culturally bereft community over the next 10 years.

The gallery’s vision then and now is to bring to Dubai artists of international repute and to support them in their exploration and interpretation of the Middle East into visual forms. An ever-changing collection of three-dimensional objects, along with the fine art and furniture defines the galleries programme. Over the years, The Majlis Gallery has hosted countless exhibitions, seminars and cultural events and formed a model for the feasibility study that ultimately led to the restoration of all the remaining buildings in Al Bastakiya, and its emergence as a cultural centre for Dubai.


Mariam Al Nassar 20th Century Decorative Arts

15 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Fontana Arte, mirror, 102 cm, c. 1950

The Mariam Al Nassar 20th Century Gallery started with the aim to bring stylish and high quality 20th century design to the Gulf. The availability of such items to GCC locals in their native countries did not exist, although a huge part of the local culture revolves around family and the home, and in the GCC, one’s home is really one’s castle!

Therefore, Mariam Al Nassar believes people should have the opportunity to furnish their homes locally with high quality and great looking design. The gallery promotes 20th century designers who’ve produced beautiful objects.


Perimeter Art&Design Gallery

16 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Mutant Bench by Claudio Colucci


Since 2004, Perimeter Art&Design Gallery has been developing, producing and promoting exclusive contemporary design and decorative arts projects by international designers of different generations.

The gallery’s philosophy is to identify some of the most original projects from the gallery’s associated designers and include them in its exhibition programme. Perimeter, for example, commissioned the first furniture by architect Kengo Kuma ever made for a gallery, showed unique Zaha Hadid furniture designed for Home House in London and introduced its edition series starting with the only two Sushi Sofas by the Campana Brothers. Perimeter also supports emerging designers, artists and makers, including designer from Africa, who are working with strong individuality beyond the up to the minute homogenization of the design thought of process.


R 20th Century

17 design days dubai international fair events 20141 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Wendell Castle, The White Edition, Big Table, gel-coated fiberglass reinforced plastic


R 20th Century is a New York based gallery representing historical and contemporary design from the United States, South America, Europe and Asia.

 Founded in 1997 by Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman, the Tribeca gallery runs an exhibition programme with the goal of promoting a closer study, appreciation and preservation of twentieth and twenty-first century design.

R 20th Century specializes in unique and rare vintage works by designers including Wendell Castle, Greta Magnusson Grossman, Poul Kjærholm, Verner Panton, Sergio Rodrigues, Joaquim Tenreiro and Jose Zanine, to name a few.

 The gallery also represents contemporary designers Hugo França, Hun-Chung Lee, Renate Muller, David Wiseman and Jeff Zimmerman.

See our article abou R 20th Century.


Salon 94 with R+R

18 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Rick Owens, 2 Prong Bench white sivec marble, 2012 / Betty Woodman, On The Way to Mexico, sculpture, 2012 / Rick Owens, Bibliotheque, wall hanging, 2010


Since its creation in 2002 the mission of Salon 94 has grown from producing special artist projects in a non-traditional home setting, to representing emerging and established artists such as Katy Grannan, Lorna Simpson, Jon Kessler, David Benjamin Sherry and Takeshi Murata. A satellite exhibition space debuted in September 2007 with sculptural work by Huma Bhabha. In 2010, a third exhibition space opened around the corner. Located steps from The New Museum in New York’s Lower East Side, both galleries strive to provide more accessibility to visitors to the developing downtown art scene.

n addition to presenting solo shows by the galleries’ artists, Salon 94 also focus on ambitious group exhibitions and artist projects. In 2011, the gallery presented an exhibition of contemporary ceramics entitled “Paul Clay” featuring works by over 40 international artists, and in 2012 curated an inter-disciplinary exhibition with designer Duro Olowu presenting a selection of vintage and contemporary photography, textiles, contemporary works of art, design objects, books and objets trouvés. These exhibitions further the galleries’ project-based roots and help enrich the context of its regular programming.


Sarah Myerscough Fine Art

19 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Thomas Bohle, 6 SC12, Ceramic, 2012


Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, established in 1998, is the leading West End London gallery that represents international and museum quality turned and carved wood, by renowned artists from Europe and America. The gallery’s objective is to present collectors with a comprehensive selection of world class design and craft in wood that reveals the material diversity, skill and exceptionally high level of artistry in this specialist field.

Through the gallery’s significant marketing and curatorial efforts, the status in the UK of this craft has been elevated and has stimulated interest from important private and public collections, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art exhibits at COLLECT in London, SOFA New York and Chicago. The gallery has expanded the craft and design element of its programme to incorporate museum-quality ceramic and contemporary furniture.



Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery

20 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Sgroll Vidal, Moto OV, 2009


Limited editions, prototypes, design-art-furniture and unique products – the stilwerk limited edition design gallery presents selected objects of designers, architects and artists, which work at the interface between art and design.

Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery is delighted to attend the Design Days Dubai for the second time, exhibiting a range of outstanding designer pieces, exclusive prototypes and limited editions by both established and up-and-coming designers including Oskar Zieta, Studio Besau-Marguerre, Elisa Strozyk, Sebastian Herkner and sgroll/vidal.

Despite the extensive range of forms on display, these exhibits have one thing in common: they focus on the essence of their own materiality and its transformation. Two-dimensional photographs are transformed into three-dimensional objects, sheet steel is ‘inflated’ and used as seating, wood becomes a ductile surface, and copper and marble are reinterpreted. Classic materials are transformed to create exceptional and unique furnishings and objects, and the boundaries between art and design become fluid.


See our article on Elisa Strozyk, that is going to be in Dubai with Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery.



21 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Damien Langlois Meurinne, silver coffee table


Twentytwentyone Gallery is a Concept Store, located in the heart of the Antiques Street at Furn el Hayyek (Ashrafieh), specialised in furniture, lighting, objects and accessories of the 20th century and designer’s pieces. The gallery also offers a collection of contemporary paintings, photographs and sculptures. Its implementation coincides with the growing success of design in Europe and the evolution in tastes in Lebanon.

Among famous designers represented by the gallery are Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Salvetti, Hubert Legall, Pucci de Rossi, Fornasetti, Eileen Gray or Damien Langlois Meurinne. The gallery also features a section for industrial furniture with items discovered in France and furniture and vintage lightings from the 50s to the 70s, including designer’s cult pieces like Joe Colombo’s and Jean Royère’s.

The driving spirit of the gallery lies in the exploration and discovery of exceptional pieces and all that is new and original in the world of interior design. It will continuously be updating its collection via special commissions to designers and special pieces discovered in Europe.


Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

22 design days dubai international fair events 2014 Design Days Dubai * International Fair
Sylvain Willenz, Shift, tables, clear and graphite, 2012

Victor Hunt Designart Dealer has traded and curated contemporary design since 2008. The gallery’s services focus on the search for and investment in prototype, limited and designer editions from the most remarkable emerging designers. The gallery advises collects and deals.

Victor Hunt is a branded personality: a progressive alter ego capable of customizing its relationship with each client. Designart is understood as the grey zone within design, craft, architecture and sculpture. The gallery operates as editor or retailer, depending on the project. Victor Hunt represents a permanent collection to offer the fullest possible range of identity-driven work, and presents ephemeral exhibitions to highlight recent evolution in the field of contemporary designart. The aim is to frame design culture using the available tools to the fullest and reduce the distance between public and designer.

Based in Brussels but with a strong international network and web presence, the gallery answers to contemporary online habits and desires with rotating images of objects on its website or documentaries showing the creative processes and personalities behind contemporary objects, brought to the public on a wide scale by means of 2.0 and partner blogs.



See more Galleries or Fair&Events.