5 Zesty Resume Layouts to Call the Attention of Recruiters


Still not getting any feedback regarding your recent job application? The problem may not lie with your credentials and qualifications but it could possibly be with the curriculum vitae that you are using. Sure you may be the most qualified candidate technically but that edge could be easily undermined if the details are not well-presented and styled to call the attention of the person that you intend to see it. Regardless if you’re the best person for that certain position, you won’t even get that job interview invitation if you can’t pursue recruiters to glance at that piece of document that has that valuable information. It has to be unique and visually inviting to read. If you need some creative designs for your CV then here are 5 great layouts that you may like:

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ColoRing Furniture by Jo Nagasaka

Jo Nagasaka, the president of Schemata Architects, designed this magnificent collection of wooden furniture called ColoRing.

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Coarse Toys by Mark Landwehr


Coarse toys represent for many people the finest expression of the art toy scene. Half sculptures, half pop culture icons, they really set the standards for the scene. It all began when German artist and graphic designer Mark Landwehr decided to create three-dimensional pieces out of his drawings. Currently working in Honk Kong, he runs Coarse Toy company with the help of Sven Waschk and Chrissi Jülich.

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Modern Resume Layouts That Can Help You Bag the Job


Planning to submit that resume with high hopes of landing your dream job? Before you submit that piece of document, have you ever wondered if it’s instantly going to get the attention of the recruiter when it is placed with a stack of other resumes? Think again. If you want to be noticed then it’s high time that you add some zest by giving it a dash of art and inspiration. If you’re looking for some designs then here are some modern CV layouts that could give you the advantage over the rest of the applicants:

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SkyLight Lamps by Frederik Roijé

Frederik Roijé is the designer of these lovely SkyLight pendant lamps. These lamps in colorful wooden lampshades can be hang independently or in groups.

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Bicycle Cafe in Zurich, Switzerland


In the past, having a car was synonymous to success. Now, however, having a bicycle in the new trend. Riding a bicycle is all pros and no cons. It makes you slimmer and healthier, it allows you to enjoy the fresh air, traffic jams are no longer a problem, and of course you don’t waste money on gas.

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New York Polyphony Portraits

New York Polyphony 1
The New York Polyphony are a twice Grammy-nominated a capella four-piece ensemble who create contemporary arrangements of 15th Century chamber music. After designing the cover of their Grammy-nominated album, ‘Sing Thee Nowell’, I asked the group if I could make some portraits of them. Inspired by the idea of a contemporary take on a classical medium, I used a 3D scanner to capture the group before their performance at the Church of Saint Mary The Virgin, Times Square in November and manipulated them after the fact to create a series of impossible busts.

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Killer CV Designs That Will Make an Impression


Your curriculum vitae is the first step in projecting yourself to the recruiter and if you want to be more efficient then you have to make a good impression. No matter how good or skilled you are for the position, you won’t even have the chance to get noticed if there’s no sense of creativity with your CV. It needs to have not just a well-written content but also an excellent presentation so you can quickly capture an employer’s eye and get your phone ringing. Below are some killer resume designs that can bring you closer to landing that job:

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Homemade Furniture Held Together by Tension Designed by Robby Cuthbert

American designer and sculptor Robby Cuthbert creates unusual furniture for the building of which he does not use any hardware in the usual sense of the word, he uses only counterweights.

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Madra Log Basket


Madra not only has an attractive appearance but is also practical to use. Simply pick up the textile basket, go to the log pile or down into the cellar, carry the wood easily to the fireplace and place the textile basket in the elegant stainless steel stand. It is simple to attach the log basket using the clip fixings. Plastic gliders protect the floor and the easy-care synthetic-textile cover is hardwearing.

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Suspended Object Installations by Nicola Yeoman


Nicola Yeoman contemporary artist from London. She creates cryptic installations by altering and rearranging mundane objects.

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Extra Fresh Resume Designs That You Need to Discover


Your success rate in getting landing a job will greatly depend on the quality of the resume that you submit. If you still use a plain and dull design then your chances of even getting an interview is most likely to be slim regardless if you have the best skills and qualifications for the job. In these times, you have to find a more creative way to make your CV more inviting to read and will ultimately result in a job interview invitation. If you need some help then these extra fresh resume designs could just be what you need:

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Satechi 10 Port USB Hub


Satechi 10 Port USB hub seeks to expand the limited number of ports that your computer has by adding an extra 7 USB ports and 3 charging ports. It features USB 3.0, providing fast data transfer rates and it is very easy to install. Simply plug it in and you are good to go.

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Powerful CV Designs to Knockout Your Competition


The current job market is no doubt more challenging than ever before. If you are not exerting any effort then your chances of getting hired or even the probability of getting an interview invitation are very slim. With so many applications these days, recruiters are on the lookout for something that will easily capture their interest. They want something that will break the monotony of plain and boring pieces of documents that basically look the same. If you want to knockout your competition then you certainly need to check out these powerful CV designs:

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Beautiful Creative Styling by Susanna Vento

Helsinki based stylist Susanna Vento works with the so called quintessential Scandinavian look. When designing interiors she easily integrates organic materials with minimalist white surfaces.

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