FUTURALBUM: Album Art Remix Project

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath design by Stewart Scott-Curran

FUTURALBUM is a new collaborative design project created by artist and designer Troy DeShano (Strong Odors, Old & New Project) featuring hundreds of graphic designers from all over the world reimagining artwork for any album they choose. The challenge is they must only use images from Flickr Book Image Archive and Futura for any type.

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Blow Wall Shelves Look Like Floating Paper

If you like optical illusions, you definitely will like these shelves. Developed by Japanese design studio YOY, Blow wall shelves resemble a stack of A4 paper sheets blown up by a gust of wind.

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Portrait Eyewear Affordable Handcrafted Sunglasses


Gabriel and Valentina Hernandez, brother and sister team, stand behind the exciting brand PORTRAIT EYEWEAR, brand that innovates with a beautiful design-savvy product, ready to compete in terms of price, extreme quality and materials, all that, following the principles of a social aware and sustainable business.

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Incredible Sculptures Made of Recycled Skateboard Decks by Haroshi


Japanese sculptor Haroshi, who is an avid skateboarder, began collecting old skateboards some years ago as part of his passion. The most important style of Haroshi’s sculptures is the wooden mosaic. Check out more great work from Haroshi on Instagram.

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Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Kazuhiro Tsuji


Best known as a special-effects make-up artist in Hollywood, Los Angeles-based Japanese artist Kazuhiro Tsuji creates impressive hyper-realistic 3D portraits/sculptures of famous artist and figures such as Andy Warhol, Dali, and Abraham Lincoln. Employing a variety of mold making and sculpting procedures, Tsuji constructs his busts with a variety of resins, silicones and pigments.

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Decube Armchair by Luca Binaglia

A bright chair Decube that is tied to its pouf by a rope and has an interesting shape was created by the design bureau Luca Binaglia.

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Q1 Lounge Chair by ODESD2

The design of the soft chair Q1 Lounge was created by specialists from ODESD2 studio. The shape of the chair resembles a crystal.

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Wall Desk | by Nordic Appeal


The minimal and functional design piece works both as a laptop stand, or as a wall desk…

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ReMake it Meaningful (Design.Samsung)


ReMake It Meaningful was part of the four-month Design.Samsung Idea Festival, created to share the philosophy behind Samsung Electronics and bring awareness to the Design.Samsung website. A viral video was created in collaboration with upcycling artist duo Fabrikr, demonstrating the concept of the competition as they repurposed discarded cardboard boxes to create new and valuable designs. designfever was responsible for the overall planning and execution of the Design.Samsung Idea Festival, including its on/offline exhibition. More than 100 students submitted their designs from October 20th – November 7th, 2014. Over 1,000 internet votes chose their favorite votes, voting over 3,000 times and sharing the results via SNS. The winning designs were displayed on the Design.Samsung website, as well as an exhibition at Samsung’s D’light exhibition space.

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Jupiter Ascending Screen Graphics

Jupiter Ascending is a science fiction, futuristic action adventure film, created by The Matrix trilogy masters, Lana and Andy Wachowski. Starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, Jupiter Ascending takes us on a journey ambitious adventure, that explores the power of fate and destiny, altering the course of our lives and world. Initially, Territory Studios was approached to work with The Wachowski’s to produce animated screen graphics for Warner Bros.’s February 2015 release of the film.

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Noise Toys


One of the biggest advantages in my life is that my closest friends are musicians. Maybe, this fills the gap of not playing any instrument myself.

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Freebies for designers: February 2015

Hello, people. Today we have another amazing roundup full of fresh releases for designers containing icons, fonts, PSD freebies, even Photoshop actions! There’s a bit of everything, whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, so take a look, download and have fun!

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Luna Lana Lights by Stephanie Ng

Luna Lana Lights is a series of handmade pendant lamps, representing spheres dressed in woolen clothing. The author of these cozy lamps is the Australian designer Stephanie Ng.

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The Knot Pendant Lamp by Vitamin

The designers from Vitamin studio created a series of interesting lamps called Knot Pendant Lamp.

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Design Inspiration #40

We’ve revamped our design inspiration posts to cover more than just design projects! We’re posting our roundup of the top projects, gear, fashion, style, and technology images of the week. You can check out more of our previous design inspiration posts via the menu bar as well as following Trouge on Twitter or Facebook, to stay updated with daily design-inspired posts.

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