JUSTA, Experimental Identity


JUSTA legal group launched its business under the circumstances of fierce competition, unstable situation in Ukraine and target audience’s total distrust of the judicial system. After the revolution 2014, a lot of cases call for exceptional flexibility. The principal message is communicated by the slogan FLEXIBILITY WITHIN THE LAW. No advertising activity was planned.

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Ööloom sleeping masks


This project won the Grand Prix in Estonia’s most prestigious design awards competition “The Golden Egg” (Kuldmuna), taking gold medals in package design, illustration and corporate branding category.

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“We Love Kicks” – Iconic Nike Shoes Transformed Into Digital Sneaker Skulls


Talented Brazilian artist Marcelo Schultz has designed a collection of beautiful skulls using textures and colors from iconic Nike shoes in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Maria Chair by Raul Herrera Téllez

An amazingly beautiful chair Maria was created by designer Raul Herrera Téllez of Arquiteknia studio.

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Life as we don’t know it

Al Nather hip hop Album “Razz Al Ghazz” inspired me to get surreal by going to the 50s and 60s vintage magazines and advertisements, I made an Artwork for how each track madr me feel. Check out the music and see if you get the same feeling!

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“Roman Object” With Golden Spikes by Jean-Claude Leblanc


Canadian product designer Jean-Claude Leblanc has released a line-up of striking interior design accessories named “Roman Objects”. Created using the tenets of basic geometry, all items from this collection stand individually or work together as a group.

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MightyDeals: 4 Best-Selling Retro Photoshop Actions

The guys at MightyDeals have some pretty amazing deals going on, today we would like to present an amazing bundle with awesome Photoshop Actions. If you haven’t already bought it already, then you really need to get moving.

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Clothes Designed for Chairs by Bernotat&Co

A team of Dutch designers named Bernotat&Co presented a series of clothing. Nothing unusual until this point. There is one interesting thing about this collection, though; all clothes are made for pieces of furniture.

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Onrepeat Studio Updates


Multi disciplinar design studio Onrepeat Studio, specialised on typography, typographic illustrations and 3D illustrations, just relaunched his portfolio, filled with new commercial and personal projects.

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Abandoned Stars Wars Decoration Sets In The Desert

New York-based visual artist and filmmaker Rä di Martino has taken a series of eerie and beautiful photos that capture scenes of abandoned Hollywood film sets. Martino spent over a year traveling throughout the desert towns of Morocco and Tunisia hunting down the old Star Wars sets, exploring these massive structures that stand almost like ancient ruins. “No More Stars” showcases the backdrop of Luke Skywalker’s home on the fictional desert planet Tatooine. Photos by Rä di Martino.

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Fantasia Lamps by design MID

The designers from design MID studio created a lamp called Fantasia that is interesting for the fact that as a stand for it you can use anything that fits.

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Crazy Faces Ceramic Vases by Artist Ben Sanders


Artist Ben Sanders, influenced by post-modern paintings, has customized ceramic pots by drawing eyes, nose and mouth on it. With a great sense of humor and aesthetics, Ben gives to these simple objects a playful and crazy appearance.

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Marble Wedding Gown Sculpture by Alasdair Thomson


Through his recent bodies of sculptures, Alasdair has been exploring the way fabric hangs and folds. Somewhat tentatively with his first series Fabricae, and subsequently with greater strength through The Identity Collection, Alasdair has drawn on a classical subject and given it a contemporary twist. No longer is the portraiture the focus but is now only implied, the identity of the vestments owners instead revealed through this snapshot of their wardrobe.

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Rock Heads: Photo Manipulations of 5 famous rock’n’roll bands by Nicolas Delille & Ludovic Ismaël

3D artist Nicolas Delille and photographer Ludovic Ismaël make colaboration to create this cool portrait series featuring “the biggest fans ever of 5 famous rock’n’roll bands”. The series combined Ismael’s photographic skill and Delille’s talent to construct 3D works of art.

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50 Delicious Restaurant Apps UI Design for Inspiration

In this roundup we’re sharing 50 delicious restaurant app UI design for inspiration with ultimate User experience. Use these for inspiration on parts of your mobile ui app design, or even when designing your own restaurant mobile app. Enjoy and share this roundup of mobile ui that we put together for you.

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