PROJECT UPCYCLE – Shopping Cart to Cargo Bike


Oslo based design and bike enthusiasts, Jason Kinsella and Shwahh Mass created an urban mash up by transforming forgotten urban junk into a surprisingly utilitarian creation. The purpose of the project was to inspire others to explore the possibilities in everyday refuse, while also cleaning up their local communities. The initiative was aptly named, Project Upcycle.

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6 stunning HTML5, CSS3 and responsive website templates

There is no denying, Responsive Web Design or RWD has quickly become a household name in web design. It pretty much went from being completely unknown to something every web designer can comment on. Today, if you are not using some sort of Responsive design on your site, then chances are you are going to be left in the dust. The same could be said about HTML5, in the past almost all websites were built on Flash, however today that has changed and most websites are now built using HTML5 and CSS3. For this article we have found 6 absolutely stunning website templates that utilize either Responsive Web Design, HTML5, CSS3 or all of them in the same design.

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Edible Pantone Pairings by David Schwen

American artist and designer from Minneapolis, named David Schwen, created a series of images, using meal attributes to offer us his own vision of colors.

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Floor Plans of Movies and TV Shows Apartments and Houses

Spanish interior designer Inaki Aliste Lizarralde wondered how would look real filming locations of well-known TV shows and movies. You should probably know that it isn’t how this really works.

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Norway’s New Banknotes- World’s Coolest Currency


Norway’s new banknotes to be released in 2017 probably will be the world coolest and most beautifull currency.

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Word Animals by Dan Fleming

Australian graphic designer Dan Fleming created an unusual series of drawings, which consists of drawings of animals made from letters. More specifically, letters of the animal name.

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ETE Plate


ETE helps you control your portion size by showing you which food group to put where on your plate. Just one simple plate; ETE can be easily used with different types of meals.

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Disney Characters Part 1 – By Sedki Alimam

From illustrations I never finished last year. I still really love a lot about this characters — mostly that they feel like they are not a clone of disney’s version, although they are inspired by it.

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30 new free tools & resources for designers (October 2014)

As usual, we’ve been looking for some fresh graphic items to keep you guys up to date with what is going on in the web design space. We’ve compiled this list with design resources to inspire and cheer you up, as all of these resources are absolutely free, so take what you want and enjoy.

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Apple Watch: What Would Your Favorite Apps Will Look Like


The Apple Watch may only be released in early 2015 but mobile development studio Thinkapps has given us a good idea on what popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube might look like on the watch.

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PiiP- connecting ideas and empty places

piip branding
PIIP is a new initiative to link creatives with affordable empty spaces around their cities. To encourage people to add empty unused places around them or join other coworking places. To encourage people to add empty unused places around them we designed and developed a simple app where you can add empty places arround you. When you spot a place you can easily add it to the network by taking a photo of it. Geolocation is added automatically.

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680+ crisp Photoshop & Illustrator add-ons for 87% off

This is the 3rd volume of the new and unique deal format from Deal Jumbo: 680+ highest quality Photoshop & Illustrator add-ons in one mega bundle! Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own effects, actions, brushes & styles library, this amazing collection will make you happy! With almost 87% off and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new 5in1 mega bundle while you can.

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Karril Indian Street Food

Captura de ecrã 2014-09-27, às 19.02.16

The most emblematic dish of the vast Indian cuisine is undoubtedly the curry. Traveled from India to the four corners of the world, where he was influenced and transformed blending it with traditions and local flavors.

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Top 10 Sources of Inspiration for a Web Designer

There is no shortage of inspiration for web designers, or any designers for that matter. Web design differs from traditional design in a way where web design is the way we browse the web, while normal design can be associated with anything; like the look of your tea cup, or something.

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15 parallax web designs that don’t suck

With high-speed Internet and the recent advances in HTML and CSS technologies, the parallax scrolling effect has become one of the most popular web design techniques.

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