Why You Should Create Questionaries for Your Clients

questionnaire Why You Should Create Questionaries for Your Clients

In all walks of life, the only method that tells us whether we as individuals or institutions meet certain expected standards is through feedback either verbally or in a written form.

One feedback method is to get data by using a questionnaire. The questionnaire was invented in the 19th century by an eminent Englishman Sir Francis Galton.

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Slinky Chair by Infinity Design

1387299569 2 640x445 Slinky Chair by Infinity Design
The elegant design of the Slinky chair was inspired by Japanese hieroglyphs. It was released by the Italia based design studio Infinity Design.

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Modern Sway Rocking Chair

chair 1 650x433 Modern Sway Rocking Chair
Designer Markus Strauss has reimagined the traditional rocking chair for modern spaces with his aptly titled Sway Rocking Chair.

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Handmade Editorial

TROUGE 3 650x820 Handmade Editorial
Created by designer Jeffrey Huynh, this editorial design is clean and simple, featuring attention on the Boom Awards. Boom is an onomatopoeic word dramatised literally in 3D to work as a editorial feature for Wallpaper Magazine’s Design Awards 2013.

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Gypset | Event Artisans

gypset event artisans large 650x571 Gypset | Event Artisans

Gypset is a luxury event company that specializes in transforming outdoor spaces into incredible events with their unique custom tents and hand made furniture.

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Octovo x Tilley Surfboards

octovo tilley surfboards large 650x806 Octovo x Tilley Surfboards

Octovo and Tilley Surfboards have created five individual designs built using Tilley’s method of combining local, custom milled wooden skins and components with hand-shaped foam. The shapes were selected to match a wide range of conditions for traveling surfers. Original graphic and paint schemes were created for each board, as well as custom leash cups cast in either bronze or titanium.

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Rainbow Mural unveiled at Hilton Hawaii

1653828 10152019286265765 1680512399 n 650x523 Rainbow Mural unveiled at Hilton Hawaii

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort celebrated the completion of its newly restored, iconic Rainbow Mural on June 24 with a traditional Hawaiian blessing and dedication ceremony. Hilton invested $4.25 million to ensure the two-sided mural, once named the world’s tallest mosaic when it was first revealed in 1968, would be an exact replica of the original designed by renowned artist Millard Sheets.

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Atelierhouse by Henry Thaler

1387221223 1 640x426 Atelierhouse by Henry Thaler
Atelierhouse of Henry Thaler is a collection of furniture made for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bolzano, Italy. It embodies both, elegance and functionality.

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Instant Realistic Foggy Window Effect

foggy window effect Instant Realistic Foggy Window Effect

Add a super realistic foggy effect to any picture in seconds (via smart object), just like you were standing behind a window during a rainy day. You can achieve beautiful results with just a few mouse clicks. See some examples below:

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Vintage Bicycle Bar in Bucharest

1386958307 1 640x427 Vintage Bicycle Bar in Bucharest
Young designer from Bucharest Alina Turdean found a really ingenious solution for the interior of the Vintage Bicycle Bar. All the furniture pieces in the bar contain details of old bikes.

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New to Graphic Design? A Comprehensive Guide to Get You Started

chart New to Graphic Design? A Comprehensive Guide to Get You Started

As with all careers as a beginner it can be daunting with no experience behind you. In becoming a graphic designer your insecurity can stifle your creativity. You are either unsure of yourself, you shy away from the simplest of tasks, or your overconfidence leads to numerous mistakes.

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Transformers Mania

1163 Transformers Mania

Workers work on “Transformers” replicas on the outskirts of Shanghai, June 18, 2014. Li Lei, owner of a small factory, uses his spare time and money to build “Transformers” replicas for rent or sale. The new Transformers movie, which is premiering later this month, has brought the factory many new orders, according to Li. (Photos: AP/Reuters/Aly Song)

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Sky Center Project by Vilaça Interiores

ProjectoSkyCenterApartamentoemLuanda Sky Center Project by Vilaça Interiores

Located in Luanda, the Sky Center Project is one of our favourites. Between art and design, we worked in order to create harmony between the colours, materials and textures to create the perfect home.

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Most Creative Business Card Designs

my business card by stynom d2z28rf e1402866585765 Most Creative Business Card Designs
As always we are looking for the most creative designs to share with you, and today we presenting a most creative business card designs for inspiration, you will see creative ideas and new designs we hope you get inspired!

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The six cornerstones of creativity

brain 650x401 The six cornerstones of creativity

Ever wondered what creativity is? Well, according to men much smarter than me (and contrary to popular opinion), it’s something we’re all born with. Something which, over time, we can all learn to develop. Sorry to shatter all your illusions, but you weren’t bestowed with a special ‘gift’.

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