Unusual Jewelry Made from Silver Forks

Nick Greco has a really original method of jewelry creation. The jeweler chose to make his products from old silver forks. The result is very impressive.

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Arbor Skateboards


Arbor Skateboards has been setting the standard for sustainably produced and visually stunning skateboards since 2000. It is our mission to bring you the most functional, fun, and visually appealing shapes on the planet.

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Kollage Magazine Spread

Kollage Magazine is a stencil printed magazine which showcases insane, primary-coloured collages by multiple talented artists. The brightly printed outcome is a bold and interesting compilation of numerous artists work in to one staggering visual piece.

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Ikea Man

Ikea Man is a character design template that was inspired from Ikea’s Instructions, a symbol that has appeared around me since I moved to Sweden. In this project I’ve represented some of my favourite cartoon characters through the limits of symbol, preserving its feel and spirit.

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Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus And Marker


The Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus and Marker is a very good companion when you are out on a job site or an office. It features a clog resistant tip able to write on wet, oily, dusty or rough surfaces such as cinderblocks and concrete. It also has a very convenient stylus tip that lets you operate various touchscreen devices and a clip that allows you secure your Inkzall to your hard hat or pocket.

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Functional Clothing for Photographers by COOPH

A beanie with a lens cap pocket.
COOPH Beanie

The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) is a startup that has incorporated functional design into a clothing range aimed at photographers.

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Bic Man by Sedki Alimam

Bic Man is a project with no affiliation with Bic brand and is simply a personal project about one of my favourites brands.

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This week in web design news: tools for designers, creating great websites that rock

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, tutorials, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Chrome extensions that boost productivity, amazing Illustrator tutorials as well as creative design for inspiration, in the form of letterheads and much more.

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2. Istanbul Design Biennial -THE FUTURE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE

The 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial is now open (1 Nov- 14 Dec 2014). Admission to the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial exhibition is free.

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Historic Robotic Spacecraft Poster Series

Chop Shop is Kickstarting three screen-printed posters celebrating the most popular Robotic Spacecraft in history. These missions were polled and selected by the users of The Planetary Society website and the following are the completed designs…

Voyager Program

The Voyager Program — As we expected (and honestly were praying) the Voyager Program came into the top spot with 507 votes (18.5%). As many of you already know… Voyager 2 holds the record for most celestial bodies observed in a single mission having flown by four planetary systems — two of which were previously, never seen before by human eyes. Then of course Voyager 1 also became the first man-made interstellar object with Voyager 2 expected to do the same in 2016. Click for more.

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Buggypod Lite


The must-have seat for tired big brother or sister. The Buggypod Lite is a light, compact extra seat that attaches easily to the side of nearly all strollers…

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only-best-sellers Only Best Sellers Mega Bundle! vol.3: hundreds of design goods

This is the 3rd volume of a hugely popular bundle. If you though the first two were good, then you should be really excited for the third bundle. The bundle offers the highest quality resources for an amazing price. With this offer, you will same more than 93% on the original price, so you should really get it while it is still available.

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Giant Chocolate King-Kong Ready to Storm the Stage

Assistants of French chocolate maker Jean-Paul Hevin work on a four-meter (13-feet) tall chocolate King-Kong created by Richard Orlinski in Colombes, near Paris, on the eve of the 20th Salon du Chocolat (Paris Chocolate Show), Oct 27, 2014.

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Slanted Magazine #24 – Istanbul


Istanbul – the city on the Bosphorus – is famous for its countless minarets, magnificent palaces, colorful markets and traders, seagulls and stray cats. Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that unites two continents. Traditional crafts collide with a young and blossoming art and design scene, which is slowly changing the face and image of the city.

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Colorful Lamps Made from Plastic Bottles

Spanish designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon, two years ago, visited South America, where he participated in an environmental project, the goal of which was to protect the virgin forests of Columbian Amazonia. He got inspired by this project.

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