Unshrink Your Clothes

Unshrink clothes that you accidentally left in the dryer by soaking it in baby shampoo.

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Guy Creates Low-Cost DIY Costumes From Household Objects

Cosplay, which is a pastime in which participants dress as and/or play as characters other than themselves, can be expensive or complicated to get into – good costumes aren’t cheap.

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Tiny Living Room Makes its Way Inside PC

Using dollhouse furniture and copious amounts of imagination, an unknown Russian artist has created a miniature living room inside the shell of a PC computer. The tiny room replica includes a working floor lamp, a tiny gumball machine an oriental rug, and even a miniature copy of the New York Times. The pictures were posted to a Russian website, Modding.Ru.

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Cole-Bar Hammer

The Cole-Bar is a multi-function hammer with a full crow bar built in. It combines many tools into one. It is the hammer…reinvented! The Cole-Bar combines 7 tools into 1.

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Elephriends are forming a stampede

For not even 2 months Urban Paper Collective exists and already they are stirring up the papertoy-world. Their newest free downloadable model Elephriend is a DIY-platform-toy inviting 2D designers and artists to do their creating on a 3D canvas.

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Cereal Tea Bags, for When All You Want is The Milk at the Bottom

Instructables user Aaron Geman has made cereal tea bags that you can just dunk in the milk for flavor and then toss out the cereal. Give us a 7 step process to remove actual tea from a teabag, and replace it with crushed cereal.

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The Walking Bread

The Walking Bread is an art series depicting scenes from a certain similar sounding TV show (which itself returns on the 9th of February), only with the twist that all the characters are made out of bread. That’s right.. Bread!! A mixture of parody and downright creativity bring to life a miniature world in a way that captures the imagination. A moody zombie bread slice – scoops jam from the disembowelled body of another bread character in one scene.

Mark Nathan Willetts is the artist behind the series. He came up with the idea after jotting down some wordplay ideas for illustrations, and then decided with a moment of Eureka to take it a step further. Each of the characters were cut from a single slice of bread to make it seem as if they had just climbed straight out of a loaf. To further embellish the scenes, a range of buffet related items were used such as: cocktails sticks, BBQ grill etc. Finally lighting design was used to capture a comic book feel reminiscent of the Walking Dead comic book covers.

There are fourteen pictures covering 10 unique and fun scenes. Just be careful because this bread bites back!

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DIY Tutorial: Build yourself a desk out of pallets!

Those of you who would like to set up a small working area at home, but don’t want to spend a load of money (or maybe even no money at all) might want to take a look at this tutorial from Vilde in Norway. The 23-year-old is big on old stuff – as you can easily see from her furniture – and I really like her style, especially her idea for using a lonely pallet that had been hanging around her apartment for a while…

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The Ultimate Towel Folding Guide

The practice and study of origami involve various topics relevant to the mathematical field, but you don’t need to be any expert to fold some towels in a nice and different way. Terrys Fabrics shows us how in the following info-graphic.

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Clare Sams, Textile Artist

Textile artist Clare Sams knitted a narrative of the journeys that bring people to Archway (the area of north London). Clare created colourful knitted panels illustrating her own personal connection to Archway and peoples responses to the question ‘how did you get here?’.

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Ultimate Paper Plane

Remember those days back in middle and high school, when we used to entertain ourselves during class by making paper planes? Most of us grew out of that habit. After all, adults do not play with paper planes, do they?

Luca Iaconi-Stewart of San Fransisco, California decided not to grow out of this habit. Roughly five years ago, he set out to build the ultimate paper plane after being inspired by an assignment given to him in his high school architecture class. He was told to create simple paper model using manila folders. Well, after he completed this assignment, Iaconi-Stewart took it to the next level.

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Boeing 777 Built Entirely from Paper Manilla Folders

San Francisco-based designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart went home to begin construction on an extremely ambitious project: a 1:60 scale reproduction of a Boeing 777.

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Fan Builds Giant GeForce GTX 690 Replica with 11,396 Lego Pieces

Some fans build custom PC cases featuring our logo. Others have created virtual cities in the shape of the NVIDIA claw. And more than a few have gotten NVIDIA tattoos. A fan in China, however, has just hit our geek button, hard.

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Wicked Cool Hobbit Dollhouse

A gallery showing Hobbit Dollhouse by Maddie Chambers.

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A Magician has Spent the Past 12 Months Creating a Balloon Model Every Day

A magician has spent the past 12 months creating a balloon model every day – honouring some of key events of 2013 in the process.

From a blow-up Prince George, an inflatable turkey dinner and even a Tardis for the Doctor Who anniversary, ‘Robbie the Wizard’ has spent hours honouring some key events of last year with the amazing models. Other figures in the magician’s 365-strong collection include an evil-looking witch, several Mr Men characters, numerous animals including a duck, scorpion and a monkey, plus Dennis the Menace.

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