Star Wars Macarons

Preserving Berries

Preserve berries longer by dipping them in this water solution: one part vinegar and ten parts water. Afterwards swirl them around, drain, rinse, and refrigerate.

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Sprout A Pencil That Grows

Sprout A Pencil That Grows is a very simple but excellent concept. We all know that as soon as a pencil gets down to the point where there’s only an inch or so left it’s pretty much useless. The Sprout lets you put that little stub to get use. The end of the Sprout has a seed capsule that is water activated, after you plant your pencil and water it a few times the capsule dissolves and the seed’s start germinating. The plants usually take about a week to sprout. The Sprout pencils come in a number of varieties including vegetables, herbs and flowers like rosemary, tomato, marigold, and many more.

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Fix Carpet Dents

Fix dents on your carpets that were caused by heavy furniture by letting ice cubes melt on the spot. Use a toothbrush to fluff the surface after it dries.

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Woody’s TabletTray is a precision-crafted carrier for Apple’s iPad and Wireless Keyboard made out of massive walnut, cherry or beech wood. It’s much easier to enter long text passages through an external keyboard rather than typing it on the iPad itself. Woody’s TabletTray bundles the two devices into one clean and ergonomic unit. Both horizontal and vertical orientation of the tablet are possible. It is compatible with all iPad versions (including iPad Air and iPad mini)…

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Store Your Onions

Make your onions last for a month or two by storing them in pantyhose.

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Stack Empty Bottles Or Jars To Create A Bookshelf

Stack empty bottles or jars to create a bookshelf. Put a shelf on top of the bottles, secure, and continue to stack.

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Organize Your Accessories And Jewellery

Use a bulletin board to organize your accessories and jewellery.

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Make Elegant Hooks And Holders Out Of Old Utensils

Make elegant hooks and holders out of old utensils by simply heating them and bending.

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Use Lego Pieces As Key Holder

Lego pieces can be use as key holder and never misplace your keys again.

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LadderLimb makes working on ladders safer by holding tools, buckets or paint cans securely in place, it´s like having a third hand on a ladder!

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Have Your Own Knife Storage

Create your own safe knife storage with bamboo skewers.

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Use Your Counter’s False Fronts As A New Kitchen Storage

Put your counter’s false fronts to use by turning them into tilt-out storage space.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Toothpaste

Get the most out of your toothpaste by using a bobby pin to squeeze out the drop.

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Magnetic Spice Rack

Use magnetic spice containers for your fridge to save space.

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