Russian Motor-Head Creates Perfect Life-Size Motorcycle Out of Wood


Yuri Hvtisishvili, a carpenter from Russia, has created an astoundingly perfect wooden replica of the legendary IZH-49 Soviet motorcycle. The life-size model is so realistic that you’d expect him to mount it and take off at any moment.

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12 Amazing Light Lamps And Chandeliers Created Using Daily Life Objects


Since very long time artist have been trying to create incredible thing by the using recycled material. DIY home improvement products that uses these kind of miscellaneous objects too are getting more and more popular with people all over the globe because they yield us a tangible, real way to draw a little deviation in our waste imprint as a species.

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Cheese Graters As Earring And Necklace Holder


Repurpose old cheese graters by using them as earring and necklace holders.

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Cute Paper Cutouts by Lowra


Paper cutouts of cartoon characters have evolved into a meme known as Paper Child with a community on deviantART by the name of #paperchildREVOLUTION dedicated to the craft. The basic idea behind the ongoing, user-submitted project is to take photos of creatively composed paper characters against a real-life backdrop.

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Scaring Cakes Made by American Photographer


According to the redditor ChristineHMcConnell: “I decided to try making homemade waffle cones; Then this sorta happened…”

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DIY Coiled Charger


Create your own coiled charger by wrapping it around a pencil and blowdrying it.

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Hanging Air Plant Pot


Make your own hanging air plant pot out of bottle lids and string.

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Planters Out Of Tin Cans


Make your own hanging planters out of tin cans.

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Ready-To-Go Individual Size Packages


Create your own ready-to-go individual size packages of antibiotics cream with straws. Squeeze cream inside the straw and seal the sides by heating them up.

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Cleaning Your Dryer Ducts


Get lint out of your dryer exhaust tube with a vacuum cleaner and prevent fire hazards.

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DIY Build a Bar!

Hang Your Clothes With An Old Ladder


Repaint an old ladder and hang it. Perfect for hanging clothes in the laundry room.

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Klax Multi-Tool


The KLAX has it all, it provides ten handy tools into an easy to carry stainless steel package, heat-treated for rugged outdoor use, With the KLAX handle clamp, the KLAX is ready for the great outdoors.

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Happy Father’s Day 2014 Cards You would love to buy


Today I am unleashing before you Happy Father’s Day 2014 cards. Surprise your father by presenting him with adorable gifts that he would keep them forever with him. Write him lovely love notes that he would read every morning and get happy having you around.

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Star Wars Macarons