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Shwood Titanium Collection

shwood titanium collection large 650x888 Shwood Titanium Collection

Featuring frames cut from a single sheet of high-quality titanium and paired with domestic hardwood temples, the brand-new Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection is a sophisticated combination of premium materials. Lightweight and completely hypoallergenic, titanium offers unmatched comfort and durability. And with our handcrafted manufacturing process and meticulous attention to detail, each pair stands apart as a truly one-of-a-kind piece of eyewear.

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The Barstow Goggles

the barstow goggles large 650x888 The Barstow Goggles

The Barstow Goggle fuses vintage moto design with modern styling and technology resulting in a timeless look with next level motocross performance…

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Wildfox Summer 2014 Lookbook w/ Pro Surfer Hanalei Reponty

wildfox summer 2014 hanalei reponty 01 Wildfox Summer 2014 Lookbook w/ Pro Surfer Hanalei Reponty

With summer quickly approaching, Los Angeles-based label Wildfox acknowledges that you’re gonna need a sexy new bathing suit to skinny dip in that warm, clear water.

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Travelteq Active Carry-on Bag

travelteq active carry on large 650x743 Travelteq Active Carry on Bag

The active line by Travelteq is created for the athletes amongst us. This brand focuses on the best technology in materials and functionality, without compromising on beautiful style and design. The bags are made up of strong and flexible materials, convenient compartments, and resistant to all weather types.

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OTTILLIE POP – Disrupting Fashion One Dress At A Time

OP1 OTTILLIE POP   Disrupting Fashion One Dress At A Time

A look at new fashion startup OTTILLIE POP photographed by Richard P Walton in the brands factory in the UK. OTTILLIE POP is launching a collection of dresses supported by a revolutionary business model that allows for otherwise expensive dresses to be sold at a fair price.

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Bibiana Mesa Stylist for Catalina Estrada

portada2 Bibiana Mesa Stylist for Catalina Estrada
The Following are some images from the advertising campaign for the renowned illustrator Catalina Estrada. The clothes displayed are from her collaboration with the Spanish brand Massana.

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Top artists design T-shirts for charity using Indonesian kids’ drawings

Face This 2014 Ana Benaroya T shirt2 Top artists design T shirts for charity using Indonesian kids’ drawings

Nine renowned illustrative artists from around the world selflessly teamed up with the Face This foundation and designed the 2014 T-shirt collection for the Dutch based charity. All artists created their T-shirt with drawings made by underprivileged kids living in Bogor, Indonesia.

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Bremont MB Watch

bremont mb 2 large 650x995 Bremont MB Watch

The Bremont MB was designed to be quite simply the definitive British aviation chronometer. Tested and designed in conjunction with the iconic British aviation company ‘Martin-Baker’, three models available: the MBI, MBII and MBIII.

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Machine Era Wallet

machine era wallet large 650x444 Machine Era Wallet

Securely holds 2-6 cards with a simple elastic band. Cash and business cards can be easily strapped on the back or front for easy access. The slim design is barely noticeable in front or rear pocket…

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Grind London Classic Summer Lookbook 2014

Grind London Summer Lookbook 2 Grind London Classic Summer Lookbook 2014

Since Grind London’s formation in 2008, we have focused on developing an honest approach to menswear, aiming to mix original concepts with the brand’s own roots and culture.

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Mahabis Slippers

mahabis slippers large 650x802 Mahabis Slippers

Mahabis slippers can be enhanced with unique detachable soles, enabling your slipper to be customised and protected, enabling you to wear your mahabis indoors or outdoors…

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Modern Mahabis Slippers

Slipper 1 650x433 Modern Mahabis Slippers
Just when you thought slippers couldn’t get any better, the Mahabis slippers hit the market. Hand crafted in Europe, these slippers were designed to be comfortable to wear both inside and outside of your home.

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Nail Art: A Long Story

red lipstick Nail Art: A Long Story

Even if nail art as such is strongly related to the great Asian empires of the past, in order to really appreciate the beauty of this story we must consider the fact that even prehistoric men and women loved to decorate their own bodies. As a matter of fact, it has been confirmed that human beings started to paint their nails using henna during the Bronze Age. This incredible historical discovery has led many scholars to discuss the ways in which tattoos and nail art are in fact a sign of the human need to express not only a clear sense of belonging but also a more or less defined sense of self.

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Boreas Kezar Daypack

boreas kezar backpack large 650x444 Boreas Kezar Daypack

The Kezar is a tactical inspired daypack, tough enough for any adventure. Featuring our signature hidden daisy chains placed in MOLLE compatible rows, allowing you to add MOLLE attachments to customize your bag to best suit your needs. Pack body only MODULAR SUPER-TRAMP not included.

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50+ Acrylic Nail Designs

28 Acrylic Nail Designs 1 50+ Acrylic Nail Designs

First of all, remember never to leave your nails wet: always dry them carefully whenever you wash your hands, take a shower or swim. Protect them with gloves when you do the laundry, when you wash the dishes or the car and when you water the plants around the garden. Even bacteria can be extremely dangerous when it comes to acrylic nails, therefore it is better if you use an antibacterial soap. Even if the reconstruction was made by a beautician, make sure to take care of your nails daily and to apply weekly a transparent protective base coat.

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