Hound spring/summer 2012

The spring/summer 2012 by the brand Hound, founded by the designer Jennifer Beeman.

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Daily Graphics Inspiration – 539 | Most Inspired Graphics around the web

This post is part of my daily series of posts showing the most Inspired Graphics on internet. These inspired graphics were selected by me and some of my blog users. This post includes Photoshop, Graphics Design, Web Design, 3D Characters, Animation, Fine-Arts, Drawing, paintings and much more for your inspiration.

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Visual Artist Kate Rohde, Australia

Visual Artist Kate Rohde from Australia is creating some amazing jewellery using resin. Brilliant colours and love the design.
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20 Fabulous Examples Dark Digital Art

Here is a new feature again of some talented artist who don’t have a lot of recognition for their great work. I always been fascinated by digital art illustrations by people who is so creative and spend a lot of their time to create something unique and different.

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21 GRAMS by Rocco Malatesta

How much does life weigh?

HERE MORE: http://malatesta.mysupadupa.com

Limited edition of 100. Hand Signed and Numbered.
Archival pigment print. 100% Cotton, 310g. 12 Colors.

Guitar Hero: Tom Cruise for W Magazine, June 2012

‘Rock of Ages’ star Tom Cruise is strumming his way to the hall of fame. In photographs by Mario Scorrenti.

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Box couture by Dombon-a-tanya & BétaVersion

The BétaVersion and Dombon-a-tanya design teams worked together on this Box Couture project creating four different bags, a men’s bag, a women’s bag, a picnic case and a laptop bag.


Leon Rose Magma fall/winter 2012

The new fall/winter 2012 collection by designers Morgane Bellefet and Salomé Brussieux.

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Vespa 3D t-shirt

Vespa 3D tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage t-shirt for sale on vintage.it!

Rawtee X Death In Paris | Lookbook

The teeblog Rawtee teams up with the french creative bureau Death In Paris to create a limited edition tee, hand-screened and hand-finished by Rawtee. Here’s an excerpt from the lookbook.
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Creative Animal Hair Style

A hairstyle, harido, or haircut Refers to the Styling of hair, usually on the human head. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.

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Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California – travel through a local lens


Travel through a Kodi Lane’s local lens. Read the full interview and Kodi’s insight on Los Angeles at Global Yodel.

50′s Calling, Elle Bulgaria, August 2012

Artwork and jewellery by Krista McRae, Australia

Beautiful artwork and jewellery by Krista McRae set with fine gems and diamonds.
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Well, there’s nothing quite like having your mind blown first thing on a Monday morning… and I have artist Denise Julia Reytan to thank for that! Denise has been creating stunning art jewelry for the last ten years, as well as installation pieces and other art objects. Check out more of her work below and see if you don’t find yourself staring at your monitor all wide eyed and mouth agape. Go on. I dare you!

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