Twist party t-shirt

Twist party tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage t-shirt for sale on!

REVS magazine issue #3 BIRTH

BIRTH is a short film capturing the cover shoot for REVS magazine issue #3 with Katrin Thormann, shot by photographer Juha Mustonen. Directed by Federico Cabrera

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Baku Street Fashion | Summer 2012

Supermarine Waterproof Rain Shirt

OUTLIER Supermarine Rain Shirt

Supermarine Waterproof Rain Shirt” is a perfect rainy day shirt. Shelters you from the storm yet is light enough to wear even when the sun’s out. Super breathable, highly water resistant and made of 100% Supermarine Cotton.

Then and Now Portrait Photography by Irina Werning From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Irina Werning is a photographer who loves to look at other peoples’ old photographs. Instead of just admiring the photos, she wonders how people would feel and look if they were to reenact the same photos today.

This project, titled Back To The Future features a collection of her photographs of individuals and groups of people reenacting a photograph that was taken in the past (usually many years ago).

The result is somewhat beautiful. You can tell just from one photo that a lot of work has been put into research, locations and props for each and every shoot – even time and money has been put towards finding the same (or similar) object in the background, such as wallpaper or curtains.

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Eastbound & Down Print by @needledesign

Eastbound And Down Print

A Print Inspired By HBOs Eastbound & Down.
Size: 420mm x 297mm
Hi-Gloss 250gsm print.
Dispatched ASAP.
worldwide Postage and packaging included in price
(this is unofficial fan artwork)

Transparency Suit

A data body is a collection of personal data that consists of all the information you have ever left behind through your buying behaviour, mobile phone, surfing habits, online social communities et cetera. Everywhere you fill in something personal it immediately enters your data body, which then grows without you even being aware of it. And the only thing you have to do is be a consumer or civilian. Therefore our existence has become increasingly transparent on virtually every level. Decisions are aligned with our desires and needs, and technology is used to track us as accurately as possible.

The ‘Transparency Suit’ visualizes the unseen flow of information around us (in this case as a result of our buying behaviour). It shows us an aesthetic and expressive solution that reveals a new field of visual code. The hidden information of the data body is made visible through a second skin, a suit that falls outside of the everyday experience.

Concept & design: Studio Smack | Commissioned by GDFB, 2010 | Photo by Suzanne Jongmans © All rights reserved.

logo suit

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Walnutwax aka Stuart Mitchell

Walnutwax aka Stuart Mitchell — new extremely cool stuff from London based photographer

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Fine Nude Photo Art

Unfortunately, the attitude of the mass audience towards nude art is spoiled by many social prejudices, religious dogmas, and fake moral principles. Though, there is much more pureness and honesty in fine nude photography than, for example, in politics or trade. People, who understand this, can understand the real artistic value of fine nude art, looking far beyond and seeing much more than female breasts on such photos. Nude photography often accentuates emotions and feelings. Look deeply into the eyes of the models and you will see the whole new world with love and sufferings, joy and sorrow, and true uncovered sexuality, of course.

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Animal Footprint Shoes Throw Off City Dwellers

Shoes that are modified to leave animal footprints behind in urban areas, looking as if bears, rabbits, or deer were running loose around the city. More photos: Animal Footprint Shoes Throw Off City Dwellers

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Collection of beutiful photos from Gucci Fall / Winter campaign. Enjoy!

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Noway | Year Øf Dragon Lookbook

Lookbook nowayapparel
Lookbook nowayapparel
Lookbook nowayapparel
Noway is the project of a couple of creative based in Milan. Born in May 2011 is his second collection, also the latter is characterized by the unique feature of the screen printing hand made, with the novelty of costum t-shirts in three different variants for the female line.The collection played with optical effects and symbolism in a mix of geometric shapes, patterns and typography. Contrary to the claim that ironically declares the intent of the couple is to convey all that to them is Noway, ie the concentration of shared experiences and passions.

Barbara Palvin for Victoria’s Secret, Summer 2012

Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin presents Victoria’s Secret summer 2012 collection. In photographs by Greg Kadel.

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Lotty Rose’s fashion illustrations

A few brush strokes and the runway becomes artwork. This is how Lotty Rose, fresh graduate of London College of Fashion, drew the F/W 2012 collections of Gareth Pugh and Mary Katrantzou.

Beauty portraits by Annick Bouvattier

Annick Bouvattier was born in Nevers in the mid sixties. Her father, a paediatrician and art lover, passed on to her from her early childhood his passion for painting. Annick Bouvattier painted women, often alone, in almost empty flats, but furnished mainly by shadows and light. Young, pretties, they live their femininity without false modesty, unconcerned by the looks of others. Large canvases, close-up compositions, the works of Annick Bouvattier are spaces where the picturial rhymes with the emotional.

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