MaxFowles NY Fall 2012 Campaign

Amazing fashion photography by Adam Rindy from Los Angeles, CA, USA. Enjoy :)

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Aga Prus handmade shoes

The creations of Polish designer Aga Prus combine classical models, made ​​entirely by hand with care and genuine leathers, with the modern use of details and colors.

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WeWood’s Limited Edition Jupiter Watch


Feather-light, smooth and made of 100% natural wood, WeWOOD is the eco-chic way to tell time. Born in Florence, the city of art, beauty and creativity, WeWOOD consolidates the Italian ability to architect unique items and the necessity to care for our environment. Spotted at BonjourLife

Fashion Photography by Martin Bauendahl

Martin Bauendahl was born in 1970 in Cologne, Germany. He has been taking photos since the age of 15. First started shooting for the music industry. by Creative Photography.

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“Python Crystal” Platers Flat by Christian Louboutin

Monsieur  Louboutin Platers Flat

Go classy with “Python Crystal” Platers of Christian Louboutin. All black elegant and glossy. Checkout at BonjourLife

Motion Control Technology: Seductive Motion


Talk about mixed signals. When this gorgeous model uses motion-control technology, her Samsung Smart TV isn’t the only thing that reacts.
[spotted at WHUDAT]

BLOW by Rocco Malatesta

BLOW, up for sale here:

Limited edition poster by Rocco Malatesta.


Wither by Marco Angeles

Digital photo collage of a skull from Kutna Hora’s Bone Chapel and autumn leaves from Philadelphia. A haunting image depicting death and fading away.

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Designed by Marco Angeles
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Rayfish, customize sneakers made from Genetically Engineered Stingrays

More Information and Pictures at LooksFeelsWorks!

At Rayfish Footwear, customizing a pair of sneakers isn’t just a matter of assembling pre-selected textiles and dyes. The Thailand-based label provides customers with the tools to engineer a bespoke stingray of their own, which it will breed live, then harvest for its leather. But you won’t find any of Rayfish’s catalog in nature. The company utilizes a process it calls “bio-customization” to combine patterns and colors from dozens of animal species, resulting in a transgenic “designer stingray” like no other.

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Neda Rajabi

Alexander Blouse

While still waiting for the hot season, shirt remains the perfect garment.

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SWIMS Lace-Up Loafers

SWIMS Lace-Up Loafers

So you want casual loafers for summers? Checkout this SWIMS Lace-Up Loafers. Anti-bacterial, waterproof keep feet fresh. Featured at BonjourLife

Daily Inspirations no. 435

Yesterday, we were starting with something for the dog lovers … today, it’s gonna be the cat lovers happy with our selection. There are actually two cat photos featured today, but I’ll pick just one of them I like better. It’s the Black Cat by Ben Heine … happy with my selection? :) If you like photo realistic illustrations make sure not to miss Olivia by Cgaddict. Nice amber eyes btw. If you’re more into cartoon type illustrations, Sailing at midnight by Sabrane is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s beautiful. From art / digital art section I like Nenufar Girl by Ariana Perez and the artwork by Javier Perez the most. If you can’t find a perfect free user interface, check today’s freebie … a nice Black UI Kit by Designkindle. Enjoy the whole collection!

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Fashion Photography by Florian Grill

Florian Grill is a talented young fashion photographer based in Hamburg. Between 1998 and 2000 he lived and worked in Bournemouth, England, and in 2007 opened his own studio in Hamburg. by Creative Photography.

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AW 2012 by COMMON in

AW 2012, COMMON, fashion, design, thisispaper, magazine
AW 2012, COMMON, fashion, design, thisispaper, magazine
AW 2012, COMMON, fashion, design, thisispaper, magazine

“We are unique in offering a menswear collection which is 100% manufactured in Sweden. Renowned as a country of quality craftsmanship we wish to promote and nature Swedish textile industry…”

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