Those are Rice Butterflies!!!

Rice Butterflies® is the newest and the most beautiful wedding product. Rice Butterflies fly to newlyweds to bring blessings, good fortune and prosperity. They are lovely alternative to tossing plain rice, blowing bubbles, throwing rose petals …
And what’s the big deal? They are made of rice ONLY: rice grains, rice paper and rice glue.
Please, visit for more information.

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Daily Inspirations no. 437

What would be the best photo to start the last day of the week? After checking the ones featured today, I would say Dreamscape by RealityDream would be just perfect. Let’s continue with one amazing 3d artwork of a cute lady called Miss Vixi by Crying Horn. If you think that’s sexy … what about Take Care by Sandra Jawad, an artwork available in our art / digital art section .). If you like amazing cribs, check the Modern Harborview Hills by Laidlaw Schultz Architects. I could imagine chilling up there .). There is a nice WordPress theme ready for download in the freebie section. As usual by Moon Themes. Have a nice weekend!

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Bling necklaces by Hitokoo

A series of fabric jewels created by Hitoko Okada.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Bling necklaces by Hitokoo
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Luminous Dress From Old Film

This dress cames from Emily Steel, a student at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design in New Zealand. As part of her Wearable Technology project she created the dress.

More infos here.

SCAR RED & SCAR BLUE — Rocco Malatesta

Limited edition of 100. Hand Signed and Numbered. HERE:

Archival pigment print. 100% Cotton, 310g. 12 Colors.

Real Giclée Fine Art Print on Museum Hahnemühle William Turner Paper and Archival Ink.

Rocco Malatesta

Merging 2012 by Masha Reva in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

Merging 2012 by Masha Reva in

Merging 2012, Masha Reva, fashion, design, thisispaper, magazine
Merging 2012, Masha Reva, fashion, design, thisispaper, magazine
Merging 2012, Masha Reva, fashion, design, thisispaper, magazine

“Today a human is surrounded by huge amount of information, while social networks and blogs bring us an opportunity to create a superficial representation of ourselves in the web. Becoming a part of virtual reality, a computer data, we merge within the boundless informational field that is internet…”

More here.

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Molecular Addictions by Aroha Silhouettes

Molecular Addictions is a conceptual series where the molecules show the addictions we can have to substances such as drugs or the intake of nicotine, chocolate or alcohol.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Molecular Addictions by Aroha Silhouettes
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RumbaTime Perry GO Watch

RumbaTime Perry GO Watch

Aside from sporty look and interchangeable nylon straps RumbaTime Perry GO Watch features a built-in contactless NFC payment chip. No need to carry heavy wallets just add your card information online and wave your wrist at every store that accepts contactless payments. Spotted at BonjourLife

PaulWhite – Fashion | RGB – Collection out NOW


Wir präsentieren die offizielle RGB – Collection von PaulWhite Fashion!
Start 29. Mai 2012
PaulWhite – Fashion Munich


We present the official RGB – Collection of PaulWhite Fashion!
Start 29. May 2012
PaulWhite – Fashion Munich

Like dreaming Red

Hang on Green

Creations prodigy Blue

Don’t forget to check out our Website at: PaulWhite – Fashion!!!
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Fashion Photography by Michelle Fennel

Michelle Fennel is a professionell beauty and fashion photographer and videographer Her images are the results of excellent team work, show emotions, elegance and sometimes they appear a little extreme. by Fashion Photography Blog.

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Fashion Photography by Lukas Renlund

Lukas Renlund practises his photography with detail to esthetical finesse, whilst exploring the boundaries between the surreal and the ordinary. by Creative Photography.

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Is there anyone, you would leave everything for? | Summer Lovers Issue | WE DID IT

Temptation is for Lovers

Made of Love | True Romance Issue

– He’s askin’ about Alabama.
– Where the fuck is that bitch?
– She’s with me.
– Who the fuck are you?
– I’m her husband.
– [laughs] Well, that makes us practically related.

I had to come all the way from the highway and byways of Tallahassee, Florida to MotorCity, Detroit to find my true love. If you gave me a million years to ponder, I would never have guessed that true romance and Detroit would ever go together. And til this day, the events that followed all still seems like a distant dream. But the dream was real and was to change our lives forever. I kept asking Clarence why our world seemed to be collapsing and things seemed to be getting so shitty. And he’d say, “that’s the way it goes, but don’t forget, it goes the other way too.” That’s the way romance is… Usually, that’s the way it goes, but every once in awhile, it goes the other way too.


Alyssa Miller Plays Swimsuit Babe for GQ Turkey’s June Cover Shoot Shot by Koray Birand

More shots HERE

Fashion Photography by Maik Floeder

Originally from Germany, Maik Floeder began his passion for photography by assisting top photographers. by Creative Photography Blog.

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Daily Inspirations no. 436

Let’s start with a sexy underwater photography by Nikosalpha called Anerades. That’s the way to start the working day .) If you’re more like taking a walk through the woods, check Daybreak by R3novatio … so peaceful. In the illustration section I love the very last artwork called Freedoom by Apofiss. For those loving digital art, there is nice Marilyn Monroe by Ben Heine. Pretty stunning what geometry and talent can do together. In the ad section, there is a hilarious artwork by Ogilvy & Mather called Retro Boutique: Grandpa. That’s right … we shouldn’t leave naked :). If you’re already curious what’s new in the freebie section … guess what?! There is a nice set of PSD Paper Notes … So if you think you’ll find an use for it, go ahead and download. Enjoy the collection!

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