Animalia Editorial by The Weather Chanel

Animal Print is the new animal print. Always in fashion but never completely, loved and hated, leopards and zebras takes part every season. Of course, the animal print is not here to stay, it has been here before fashion itself.

So to celebrate its primitivism, The Weather Chanel proposes a light dressing with animals in natural conditions and model in natural conditions.

Photo: Ber Arce.

Concept and art direction: Ber Arce, The Weather Girl.

Production: The Weather Girl.

Model: Belén Ibañez.

Collaborator: Martin Garrido.

Daily Inspirations no. 408

Hi guys! It’s Monday and if you didn’t party too hard you should be relaxed and ready for new set of quality design inspirations I am about to present. As usual we’ll be starting with several nice photos … is a hard choice to pick one or two of them, as every single one deserves to be featured. Anyway, make sure to check the amazing ice cold nature photo called Transmission by Karsten Wrobel. The other one I like a lot is the girl with freckles … unfortunately we couldn’t find the author, but I am sure you’ll forgive us :). We got some cool illustrations right below as well. I’ll pick just one of them .. simply because it’s very unique, and that’s what counts when speaking of inspiration. The artwork is called Unwritten by Jacques Marcotte. I bet you like it! My favorite section, typography brought us three cool artworks. The middle one is my favorite. At the very end, make sure to check today’s freebie … a nice party flyer. Enjoy!

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Night Life in Paris, France – by local photographer Keffer

Name? Keffer – Place you live? Paris, France – Occupation? mostly photographer – A perfect night in Paris? The unpredicted one – See Keffer’s Paris nightlife photos at Global Yodel.

A Bronx Tale, Kill Bill, Cape Fear – Posters by Rocco Malatesta

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Construction Overhead

A set of self-advertisemets, created by Sorensen-Grundy Milliners – a company, that specialises in making couture for theatres, films and television.

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Hairstyle by So Yoon Lym

Hi, my name is Evans, I’m an aspiring illustrator, comic artist, and photographer based in New Jersey. Elated to be a part of Sweet Station. Read my day to day idiocy on my Twitter.

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Nurmi s/s 2012

The spring/summer 2012 collection “Nurmi”, a Finnish brand created by designer Anniina Nurmi.

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Enjoy this cool #270 Monday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Gustavo Marx Photography

His photographs are fresh, bright and colorful. He works for many publications or brands like Adidas.

More pics and info here.

Vintage Art | Extravagant clothing style | Handmade Artworks | WE DID IT | RUN SLOW

Hope is our oxygen. Self improvement is the beginning. We wish to make a change. Enviroment is our home. Nature is our family. So, let’s reconsider. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to believe. We need to believe. We keep dreaming of a better future. We know one thing for sure, impossible is nothing. Planet Earth has to start breathing again, immediately. We don’t imagine all the people. We take for granted that everyone wishes a better life. Enviroment is in great danger and we have run out of time. So, next time we should think twice. This official campaign about mother nature, is not a project, is a way of life. Open your eyes. Change your attitude. Be the change. You are going to find more information, about the ”Save the last tree” campaign in our website. Ten percent of the amount of money raised by our sales will be allocated for this purpose. Do not forget that, the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.

Inspiration #274

Like every week(end), I invite you to discover or rediscover: the Canadian artist Tavis Coburn, Michelle Fennel photography, a video shot by Estevan Oriol with tattoo artist and graffiti artist based in Los AngelesMister Cartoon, Simon Cecere photography

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Fashion Photography by Susanne Kindt

Susanne Kindt is a talented fashion Photographer based in Los Angeles, United States, originally from Stockholm, Sweden. by Creative Photography Blog.

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Fashion Photography by Sergio de Luz

Sergio de Luz is a fashion photographer that officiates for both editorials & commercials purposes. by Creative Photography Blog.

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Fashion Photography by Txema Yeste

Spanish born, Txema Yeste, began his career as a reporter after completing his photographic studies in Barcelona and Birmingham. by Creative Photography Blog.

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Fashion Photography by Josefina Bietti

Josefina Bietti is a female photographer from Buenos Aires, currently based in São Paulo. by Creative Photography Blog.

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