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Tens Instagram Sunglasses. The Real Life Photo Filter.

tens 1 600x408 Tens Instagram Sunglasses. The Real Life Photo Filter.
What we see on a regular day while going to work or taking a walk can have a pretty strong influence over what we feel or think in those moments. A pretty common example for a better understanding of what I’m getting to: a sunny day is more beautiful than a rainy, gray one, and I’m not referring to anything else here except the colors that define each one of them. Colors are important. This is why I’m going to introduce you to Tens.

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50 Beautiful Ear Piercings

40 Ear Piercings 50 Beautiful Ear Piercings

Studies made by anthropologist and historians allow us to claim that the practices related to the embellishment of the body are very ancient. Ear piercings reside firmly within this realm, together with tattoos, hair styling and nail art. As a matter of fact, the oldest mummy ever found has holes in the ears, very similar to those used nowadays for earrings. As demonstrated by scholars around the world, this art form has spread all over the planet and it is now a central part of the most different cultures.

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Goruck Rucking Kits

goruck rucking kits large 650x517 Goruck Rucking Kits

The Rucking Kits by Goruck are what you need to get started rucking. Think of it as your “Go Bag” or your “Go Ruck” – if you will – for hitting the streets, the trail, the beach, or one of our events.

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Miranda Kerr photographed by Xavi Gordo for Elle Spain // May 2014

miranda kerr xavi gordo elle 01 650x433 Miranda Kerr photographed by Xavi Gordo for Elle Spain // May 2014

Australian model Miranda Kerr wows with her most recent cover story by fashion photographer Xavi Gordo for the May 2014 issue of Elle Spain, styled by Inmaculada Jiménez. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel was photographed on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland sizzling in some of the hottest designer swimwear.

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Nike Debuts Kevin Durant’s KD7

kd  650x433 Nike Debuts Kevin Durants KD7
After winning the MVP award this last season, Kevin Durant’s deserves a nice re-design of his signature sneaker. And he got just that with the KD7.

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The Vintage Messenger Bag

bag 1 650x433 The Vintage Messenger Bag
The talented design team at Whipping Post is known for their beautifully crafted leather goods, and the Vintage Messenger Bag does not disappoint.

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Shwood Prescott Sunglasses

shwood prescott sunglasses large 650x776 Shwood Prescott Sunglasses

Strong and forward-looking, the Prescott by Shwood projects a calm, confident appeal. Its sweeping, raised browline and rectangular lenses come together to create an ideal unisex frame that makes a tastefully bold statement…

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Nixon Landlock Backpack Camo

nixon landlock backpack 2 camo large 650x444 Nixon Landlock Backpack Camo

There’s not much use for backpacks for a life on the high seas, but for all you landlubbers there’s the Nixon Landlock II Backpack. It has a padded laptop compartment to keep your computer safe on the way to work, since you probably have farther to go to get there than just climbing from the lower deck to the galley.

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Shopper Finds ‘Cry for Help’ Label Sewn into £10 Primark Dress

1257 Shopper Finds Cry for Help Label Sewn into £10 Primark Dress

Rebecca Gallagher was horrified to find a hand-stitched label reading “forced to work exhausting hours” sewn into the floral sundress. She has now vowed never to wear her bargain find for fear it could be the result of exploitative labour.

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Victorinox Maverick Sport Collection

victorinox maverick sport collection large 650x444 Victorinox Maverick Sport Collection

Victorinox has added eight new references to the Maverick Sport Collection four three-handed watches and four chronograph models.

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“Trashion” Fashion Show

1199 “Trashion” Fashion Show
Models take part in the “Trashion” fashion show on the roof of a building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the Brooklyn borough of New York May 31, 2014. The show featured designers who used recycled items such as coffee filters, tissue paper, grain sacks and window screens. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

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Wildfox Pre-Fall 2014 Lookbook – Ali & Grace are the Rainbow Dream Girls

wildfox rainbow dream girls pre fall 2014 lookbook 01 650x432 Wildfox Pre Fall 2014 Lookbook – Ali & Grace are the Rainbow Dream Girls

Rainbow Dream Girls–For its pre-fall 2014 collection lookbook, Wildfox Couture goes all “Rainbow Brite” on us with these colorful images starring Ali and Grace. The duo sports blue and pink hair for the super girly and feminine photo shoot. Rainbow-hued accessories, pastel tops and lightweight sweaters bring some much-needed lightness to the pre-fall season.

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LOOKY LOOKY x Kate Bellm – Teenage Riot Summer 2014 Lookbook

Lookylooky Teenage Riot Summer 2014 Lookbook 01 650x432 LOOKY LOOKY x Kate Bellm – Teenage Riot Summer 2014 Lookbook

Most t-shirtlabels tend to get lost in the delusion of having their products striking a balance between affiliation and distinction. Thing is, there is no such balance, and if there was one, it wouldn’t be maintained by a t-shirtlabel. Those Looky Looky girls don’t have so much in common with your ordinary flashy shirtfactory, except the tees. It is actually more of a Thelma & Louise affair, except Louise is more of a Luise and there is no Thelma at all. But there are Conny and Julia instead.

There’s this crewthing going on between them, a little made you look-attitude here, a little bigmouth strikes again-temper there, all bound together by loads of charm, style and humor. They would be passing ideas, drafts and designs onto each other, as in „they are doing their thing“ and in the end there’s this stock of fresh apparel that you might check out at their homepage. Simple as that.

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

1142 Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses
A model presents a creation by designer Luis Razo of Chicago during the 10th annual toilet paper wedding dress contest in New York June 12, 2014. The materials used to make the dress include eight rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft, tape, glue and thread. There was something old, something new, something borrowed and something double-ply for 10 designers who battled it out for $10,000 and the top prize in the 10th annual toilet paper wedding dress contest held in New York City. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

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Rocksmith – Summer 2014 Lookbook

rocksmith 2014 summer lookbook 01 650x432 Rocksmith – Summer 2014 Lookbook

New York’s Rocksmith presents its official Summer 2014 lookbook with a strong emphasis of sportswear-driven garments for performance and comfort. Utilizing leather detailing, French terry and breathable mesh for its multi-fabric constructed items – silhouettes consist of perfect summer essentials with tank tops, shorts and t-shirts in minimalist and monochromatic fashion.

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