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Moustache Tie Clip

moustache tie clip large Moustache Tie Clip

Who said tie clips have to be boring? The moustache tie clip disguises your tie and adds a touch of whimsy to your formal business attire. Functional without compromising style, it is an understated accessory that every man needs in his fashion arsenal.

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Planet Blue – The Perfect Storm Lookbook

planet blue the perfect storm 2014 lookbook 01 Planet Blue – The Perfect Storm Lookbook

One of our fave go-to fashion retailers here in sunny LA, Planet Blue reveals their new swimwear lookbook “The Perfect Storm.” Mimi Elashiry stars in the beautiful editorial imagery, styled in cute bikini styles from the retailer’s Blue Life line.

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Street Fashion in Milan, Italy

milan fashion everythingwithatwist 13 Street Fashion in Milan, Italy

Fashion is imprinted in the heart of Milan. People over there just not dress up to go to work or to do their main activity. They dress up to impress the society, and they do it wonderfully. I have been there once and I was impressed. Enjoy this trip through images.

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Cute nails 101

1 Cute nails Cute nails 101

What is the first action you do when you meet someone? You probably shake the other person’s hand, or maybe you hug him/her or you wave your hand to say hi. As you can see, no matter the level of intimacy you share with the person you meet, you will use your hands to either introduce yourself or communicate something. And communication is precisely the galaxy where hands are quite indispensable.

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The Orion | Ultralight Waterproof Jacket

the orion ultralight mission workshop large 650x380 The Orion | Ultralight Waterproof Jacket

The Orion jacket by Mission Workshop provides complete waterproof protection in a lightweight and packable format. The relaxed cycling fit combined with durable stretch fabrics enables maximum movement.

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A Basic Introduction to Superhero T-Shirts

Batman A Basic Introduction to Superhero T Shirts
Excited by the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past? Caught up in the hype of the pending release of Guardians of the Galaxy? Basically, you’re a super-fan of superheroes – so how about getting a new superhero t-shirt before summer hits and you hit the cinema?

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rvnDSGN Watches

rvndsgn watches large 650x444 rvnDSGN Watches

vnDSGN is a boutique watch brand established in 2011 as the vision of award winning industrial designer zach raven. rvnDSGN timepieces are the first of their kind, completely built using the latest in 3D additive manufacturing technology. designed in solid titanium, one of the newest and most precise methods of 3D printing, the beauty of the manufacturing process shows the story of its creation through subtle grain on the case, allowing each watch to be unique. each rvnDSGN timepieces is completely handmade in the United States per order…

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Black Scale VV Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

Black scale womens spring summer 01 Black Scale VV Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

San Francisco-based streetwear mainstay Black Scale has been extremely active lately with releases related to the warm weather season. Following an earlier look at their SF quickstrike collection, the brand now turns to their attention to the ladies with the all-new VV Spring/Summer 2014 collection and accompanying lookbook.

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Shwood Titanium Collection

shwood titanium collection large 650x888 Shwood Titanium Collection

Featuring frames cut from a single sheet of high-quality titanium and paired with domestic hardwood temples, the brand-new Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection is a sophisticated combination of premium materials. Lightweight and completely hypoallergenic, titanium offers unmatched comfort and durability. And with our handcrafted manufacturing process and meticulous attention to detail, each pair stands apart as a truly one-of-a-kind piece of eyewear.

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The Barstow Goggles

the barstow goggles large 650x888 The Barstow Goggles

The Barstow Goggle fuses vintage moto design with modern styling and technology resulting in a timeless look with next level motocross performance…

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Wildfox Summer 2014 Lookbook w/ Pro Surfer Hanalei Reponty

wildfox summer 2014 hanalei reponty 01 Wildfox Summer 2014 Lookbook w/ Pro Surfer Hanalei Reponty

With summer quickly approaching, Los Angeles-based label Wildfox acknowledges that you’re gonna need a sexy new bathing suit to skinny dip in that warm, clear water.

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Travelteq Active Carry-on Bag

travelteq active carry on large 650x743 Travelteq Active Carry on Bag

The active line by Travelteq is created for the athletes amongst us. This brand focuses on the best technology in materials and functionality, without compromising on beautiful style and design. The bags are made up of strong and flexible materials, convenient compartments, and resistant to all weather types.

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OTTILLIE POP – Disrupting Fashion One Dress At A Time

OP1 OTTILLIE POP   Disrupting Fashion One Dress At A Time

A look at new fashion startup OTTILLIE POP photographed by Richard P Walton in the brands factory in the UK. OTTILLIE POP is launching a collection of dresses supported by a revolutionary business model that allows for otherwise expensive dresses to be sold at a fair price.

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Bibiana Mesa Stylist for Catalina Estrada

portada2 Bibiana Mesa Stylist for Catalina Estrada
The Following are some images from the advertising campaign for the renowned illustrator Catalina Estrada. The clothes displayed are from her collaboration with the Spanish brand Massana.

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Top artists design T-shirts for charity using Indonesian kids’ drawings

Face This 2014 Ana Benaroya T shirt2 Top artists design T shirts for charity using Indonesian kids’ drawings

Nine renowned illustrative artists from around the world selflessly teamed up with the Face This foundation and designed the 2014 T-shirt collection for the Dutch based charity. All artists created their T-shirt with drawings made by underprivileged kids living in Bogor, Indonesia.

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