10 Tips on Pursuing Your Passion

Who are you? Do you really know? How will you find out?

If you cannot answer the question “Who am I?” with some degree of certainty, then chances are you may not be able to find out who you are by continuing to do the very same things you have done up to this point in your life. There are many wonderful things to learn in life, but one of the most important learning experiences is the ongoing inquiry into knowledge of self. This knowledge of self will guide you in the pursuit of your passion.

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Speed Reading 101: How to Read Faster

On average, a person reads around 250 words per minute, but if that same person learns the art of speed reading, then the amount of words read per minute can be doubled. However, the question we have to ask is why go to the trouble of learning how to read more quickly? Well, firstly, one benefit is that you will be able to learn more as you will increase your knowledge-base, and will be able to read more material in the same amount of time.

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Best Tasting Seasonal Sam Adams Beers

Sam Adams is largely responsible for pioneering the entire craft beer craze that’s currently down. That’s why we decided we’d honor the Boston based brewery by rounding up their 12 best tasting seasonal beers.

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Shuffleboard Table | by District MFG

Constructed from reclaimed oak, District MFG´s playing surfaces are unique and custom manufactured one at a time. They source their wood from old barns and other structures that would otherwise be laid to waste…more details at blessthisstuff.com

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Tilt, at Hancock Center Chicago

If being dipped over the city with nothing but a pane of glass stopping your 1,000-foot fall toward the pavement sounds appealing, then check out Chicago´s latest attraction…

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Most Cool Things #13

High Impact Magazine Ads Tutorial – A 55-minute video tutorial on the use of advanced color grading techniques to transform a photo that desperately needs more punch into an high impact image that could be used in a magazine ad for example. By using different techniques to exaggerate to contrasts and accentuate the colors, you can give our photo a sort of “painted” look that is very popular right now with commercial photographers. If you want to take your photography to another level, this tutorial will show show step by step how to edit your photos like the pros.

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50+ Amazing Finds on Google Earth [MASTER COLLECTION]

Movie Pics on Real Life Backgrounds via Iphone by Francois Dourlen

France-based Photographer Francois Dourlen has made a hobby of saving movie scenes as pics on his phone and then finding the perfect background in the real world to hold the scene up in front of. Sometimes the scene he sets replicates the movie, as in the case of The Dude in the grocery aisle. And other times, the background is hilariously surreal, like Bruce Willis being stuck in a microwave.

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The Best Pale Beers on the Market

Sierra Nevada paved the way for the classic American Pale Ale, and now plenty of craft breweries are running with it, creating some of the tastiest pales on the planet. We’ve tasted hundreds of them, and rounded up the 15 best Pale Ale beers on the market.

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Mattel BOOMco Blasters Are Coming in Summer 2014

Most maniac sporty stunt comes with the air-powered option (Rapid Madness) that will propel 20 projectiles in few seconds up to 50 feet, or at a distance of your fun-hating annoyed neighbor. Clipfire and Farshot offer added fun for some extra stupidity. Already available in Europe, while in the US, they are likely to be out in coming summer. Watch the video to see the rapid madness.

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20 World Maps they didn’t teach you at School

Here’s a list of 40 maps that you never would have seen in school, but I guess you guys would have totally loved them.

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Badly Translated and Misspelled Product Names

These badly translated and misspelled product names have been making their rounds on the internet, and it is easy to see why. From “Shrimp Flavored Crack” to “Soup For Sluts” or “Golden Gaytime” these product names will make you wonder if you should laugh or cringe. Most of these products are from countries where English is seldom used, which could explain why they have been so badly labeled.

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20 Food Hacks That Will Make You Hungry

If you are a big foodie then these food hacks below will certainly make you fat. Have a look and enjoy!

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Why You Should Take More Risks

Are you comfortable in your life right now?

If you are, you could probably do yourself a huge favor by stepping out of that comfort zone. Start making changes in your life. Why not? F%*& it!

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HopBo Home Brewing Kit

With the recent surge in craft beer popularity, beer fans everywhere have been taken to their homes, looking to craft their own brew right from their living rooms. The HopBox kit comes complete with everything you need to get started home brewing.

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