The Wearable Tomato Dispenser – Every Runner’s Dream

Kagome Co’s employee Shigenori Suzuki appears with the newly-developed “Wearable Tomato” device for runners during its unveiling event ahead of the weekend’s Tokyo Marathon in Tokyo February 19, 2015. The eight-kilo (17.6-pound) contraption fits on a runner like a rucksack. It can distribute a total of seven medium-sized tomatoes, one by one, at the click of a button and supplies the runner with much needed nutrients during a long jog or race. (Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters)

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10 Stunning infographics about the NBA

With the NBA seasons currently underway, millions of fans around the world rejoice with the epic games and individual performances. I mean, we’re talking about some of the greatest athletes in the world, and with all due respect to other major sports, the game of basketball is, by far, my favorite one, and it has been so for the past couple of decades.

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New Famous Movie Posters Hijacked by Malaysian Instagramer Jaemy Choong


Jaemy Choong, a Malaysian graphic designer, pokes fun at famous movies by photographing a “mash-up” of people and posters using his smart-phone camera. By merging postcard-sized movie posters and odd poses from his “models”, he puts a new twist on movie posters and seamlessly blends fiction and reality. Every photo is captioned with references to the movies in his clever photos, which range from the classics to current hits.

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“StickyHeadz” – Illustrator Erik RVA Has Created Thousands of Post-It People


Based in the UK, Erik RVA is a self-titled “digital chef, animation soldier and creative minion.” The illustrator has been drawing funny faces on post-it’s on the daily for quite some time. He uploads his daily doodles to his Tumblr called StickyHeadz. Aside from the doodles, he often shows the background which inspired each face behind it, with clever commentary below.

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Airboard is the new high-tech winter sports tool, a «bodyboard» for the snow. Made of high-quality polyurethane covered textiles, light and extremely durable just like you are; steered by shifting your weight, it makes you feel like you are hovering over the snow; the flexible «air body» absorbs slope unevenness giving you a smooth ride; to brake, just turn your airboard at a 90° angle to your downhill direction.

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Toy Stories – When a Photographer is Having Fun with his Favorite Toys


The Instagram photographs of Daniel Cerejo who is having fun to stage his favorite toys into funny and offbeat compositions, from Buzz Lightyear to Woody through Mr. Potato Head but also Batman, Jack from Adventure Time or Superman…

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Tao Gym Chair


Wouldn’t it be great if you could exercise while just lounging in your living room? Tao Gym Chair tries to make that happen by allowing you to work out while sitting down. It allows you to do a variety of core exercises like presses, leg lifts, curls, depending on the position of your body. It also features built in sensors that help monitor how many calories your burn through the screen located on the right armrest. It also comes with a smartphone app that coaches you through a variety of different workouts while enjoying the comfort of your own chair. This is definitely the dream chair of every lazy man who want to stay in shape.

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Kitchen Safe


Build good habits by locking temptations in the Kitchen Safe. Simply place an item in the Kitchen Safe, rotate the dial to set the time, and press the dial to activate the lock! Once locked, it cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero. No overrides!

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Mermaid On Starbucks Coffee Sleeves Turned Into Popular Characters


Art can be done anytime and anywhere. Take, for example, @Sleevebucks, an Instagram (and tumbr) about movie and pop-culture characters drawn on the sleeves that come with cups of Starbucks coffee.

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The Coolbox features all of the classic storage and compartments you would expect, but with a modern rugged design and more features than have ever been offered in a single toolbox.

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If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair

Ariel with actual wet hair. (Walt Disney Studios/Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed)

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Emoji Masks

Beautiful and funny Emoji masks for your face.

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Couple Recreates Movie Scenes with Cardboard and Their Baby

Every week of the last three months, Leon Mackie and his wife Lily recreate scenes from famous movies. It wouldn’t be so interesting if they didn’t involve in this activity their now 10-month old son Orson.

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Emojiple – Emoji People

Moscow based High School of Art and Design (BHSAD) strikes again. Having a talented tutor like Dmitry Karpov can be fun but requires a lot of potentials to fulfill the daily challenges he gives to his students. The recent one was an 8 hrs workshop with the aim to imagine people using Emoji smile icons in real life. Check the quick results below. Surely it was inspired by French Rosapark’s “Innocence et Danger” campaign but goes a little bit crazy.

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They Said It!

01 An Apple a Day
If sayings and phrases originated today, who would have said them?

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