Images that Prove Smaller is Definitely Cuter


Ok so I like tiny thing because it makes me feel like a giant. Is it really that weird and inappropriate? Most people can easily say that they’ve held a tiny bottle of liquor and let out a small chuckle. Besides the fact that it’s just cool, you can really appreciate the craftsmanship and intricacise of these everyday objects at a fraction of the size. These little sculptures have hours of hard work and an intricate eye for detail attached to them.

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Nose Mouth

Nose Mouth is single topic blog which features photoshopped images of celebrities with such disproportionately enlarged noses that entirely cover their mouths. Nose Mouth was created by Tumblr blogger and artist Phil Pastore.

Barack Obama

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30 Fat Superheroes Character Designs by Alex Santos


It would be hilarious, fun packed and cheerful experience for all of the superheroes fans out there. Scroll down to see fat superheroes character designs by Alex Santos. You can’t help yourself pulling your hair off and cracking up in huge laughter, seeing our superheroes in a fat and chubby looks is just so funny and comical representation of their characters.

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Romanian Salt Mine Turned into a Museum

Inside an old salt mine Salina Turda in Transylvania, Romania there is the largest museum in the world.

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Cheeky Collages Blend Ordinary Images With Provocative Cut Outs By Kalen Hollomon


Visual artist Kalen Hollomon is known as the “cut out king of New York”, due to his series of controversial yet creative collages. His work often features normal city life scenes, high fashion editorials and vintage advertisements juxtaposed with cut outs from old pornographic materials. Hollomon uses his iPhone to create and shoot most of his collages as he explores New York’s streets and subways.

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Paintball Machine Gun

paint 1
This awesome paintball machine gun is a World War II replica, and will let users fire semi-auto, 3-shot and fully automatic rounds of paintballs.

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Lego Tumbler Batmobile


LEGO have unveiled a spectacular UCS-scale version of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy. The massive vehicle will measure over 15 inches long and 9 inches wide, has a full interior cockpit, and includes a nameplate, and Batman and Joker mini-figs.

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This Guy Is The Best and Worst At Celebrity Dress Up

Instagrammer waverider_ aka Liam The Lion is a real gem of a human. Here he is dressed up and impersonating celebrities.

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Inconvenience Food – A McDonalds Curry by Zef

McDonalds have curry sauce but don’t make curries with it… I resolved this problem. Everything was prepared in-store with McDonalds cutlery. The rice is made from Hash Brown innards (collected in the morning), scraping them out was the most time consuming part of meal preparation. It tasted exactly how you would imagine it tastes.

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Artist Recreates His Own Childhood Drawings 20+ Years Later


With the help of Photoshop, Telmo Pieper, a Dutch muralist, digitally recreates his old drawings into realistic versions of his childhood imagination. The Kiddie Arts series features some of the weirdest-looking animals – a shoe-shaped whale, a snail with world’s smallest shell, and an alien looking fly – a great collection of typical boy-ish drawings.

Pieper drew the original images when he was only 4 years old which shows how greatly his painting skills have evolved. Now he works in an artistic muralist duo “Telmo Miel” in Rotterdam and draws on daily basis – a childhood dream came true!

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What Graphic Designers Hate to Hear?

Graphic-Designer-Quotes (18)

Scroll down to know ‘what graphic designers hate to hear’ by zerouno, most of the time during their work hours at office, over the phone call or in the personal face to face encounter with some silly, weird and disturbing clients. I am sure the graphic designers can relate to any of these awkward moments being faced by them somehow or the other!

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Funny Greeting Cards that Look Offensive at first


I am presenting creative yet funny greeting cards that look offensive at first. The designer Heather Abbott belongs to United States and loves to put her funny thoughts onto post cards, in the plain white backdrop, the message is in the spotlight, it is vocal and attractive depiction of fun notes like that!

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This Woman’s Mirror Art Makes For The Most Creative Selfies We’ve Ever Seen


Anyone can take a mirror selfie, but Helene Meldahl takes things to the next level. The 26-year-old has been inserting herself into some fantastic mirror artwork for about a year and posting the results to her Instagram account, Mirrorsme.

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If Football Players Were Sumo Wrestlers by Fulvio Obregon


Today I am unfolding a post that would be a great wit and humor to watch “If Football Players Were Sumo Wrestlers” how would they possibly look? Have a mien at the fat but flat designs made by Fulvio Obregon. He belongs to Columbia and has skillfully designed the Sumo version of footballers.

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The World Cup Superhero Kid


Post-80s parents dress up their kid to salute to the world cup.

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