The World’s Best Amusement Parks

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Summer is still not over, which means there’s still plenty of time to gather up some family and friends, and hit one (or all) of our picks for the 15 best amusement parks in the world.

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Meet Chango: The Swaggiest And Most Handsome Pit Bull On Instagram


Like most pet owners, Evelyn Ramirez and Juan Manuel enjoy posting adorable photos of their pit bull on Instagram. However, their photos seem to be gaining traction online, thanks to their pet’s dapper get-ups. Chango Leon, a 5-year-old pit bull that was saved from a pet shelter by the couple, is featured in various outfits that could make other style bloggers on Instagram envious with its effortless sartorial choices. Often sporting a calm look, Chango poses gamely for the camera while its owners dress it up in stylish combinations of shades, jackets, shirts, and hats.

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Rejected Emojis You Won’t Forget

If you are an avid user of emojis, you may have wanted to express something in the past but did not not have the available emoji to do so. These are the best rejected emojis that don’t exist but definitely should. You can find rejected emojis like a man screaming at a spider, crying in the shower, a happy fart or my favourite, a talking pizza.

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The Best Movies To Watch With The Whole Family

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There are few things better than cozying up on the couch with the family to watch a great movie. That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up the 50 best family friendly flicks of all time.

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Terrible Rough Drafts from Your Favorite Movies


Paul Laudiero’s likes to imagine what the rough drafts looked like to some of the scripts from your favorite movies. We’re glad these aren’t real.

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What Photographers Hate to Hear?


I am presenting before you some really crazy things people say to photographers and that’s what photographers hate to hear. Photographers are confronted with some really clumsy and stupid clients; all they want from them is to look cuter, beautifier and less fatty.

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Reebok Introduces Bacon Line for Crossfit Games

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Sportswear giant Reebok has just announced its latest venture, and it’s something no one saw coming. Reebok just revealed that they would be rolling out their own range of bacon.

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Images that Prove Smaller is Definitely Cuter


Ok so I like tiny thing because it makes me feel like a giant. Is it really that weird and inappropriate? Most people can easily say that they’ve held a tiny bottle of liquor and let out a small chuckle. Besides the fact that it’s just cool, you can really appreciate the craftsmanship and intricacise of these everyday objects at a fraction of the size. These little sculptures have hours of hard work and an intricate eye for detail attached to them.

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Nose Mouth

Nose Mouth is single topic blog which features photoshopped images of celebrities with such disproportionately enlarged noses that entirely cover their mouths. Nose Mouth was created by Tumblr blogger and artist Phil Pastore.

Barack Obama

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30 Fat Superheroes Character Designs by Alex Santos


It would be hilarious, fun packed and cheerful experience for all of the superheroes fans out there. Scroll down to see fat superheroes character designs by Alex Santos. You can’t help yourself pulling your hair off and cracking up in huge laughter, seeing our superheroes in a fat and chubby looks is just so funny and comical representation of their characters.

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Romanian Salt Mine Turned into a Museum

Inside an old salt mine Salina Turda in Transylvania, Romania there is the largest museum in the world.

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Cheeky Collages Blend Ordinary Images With Provocative Cut Outs By Kalen Hollomon


Visual artist Kalen Hollomon is known as the “cut out king of New York”, due to his series of controversial yet creative collages. His work often features normal city life scenes, high fashion editorials and vintage advertisements juxtaposed with cut outs from old pornographic materials. Hollomon uses his iPhone to create and shoot most of his collages as he explores New York’s streets and subways.

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Paintball Machine Gun

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This awesome paintball machine gun is a World War II replica, and will let users fire semi-auto, 3-shot and fully automatic rounds of paintballs.

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Lego Tumbler Batmobile


LEGO have unveiled a spectacular UCS-scale version of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy. The massive vehicle will measure over 15 inches long and 9 inches wide, has a full interior cockpit, and includes a nameplate, and Batman and Joker mini-figs.

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This Guy Is The Best and Worst At Celebrity Dress Up

Instagrammer waverider_ aka Liam The Lion is a real gem of a human. Here he is dressed up and impersonating celebrities.

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