Fruit Bowl Collection by Hiroomi Tahara

Fruit Bowl Collection by Japanese designer Hiroomi Tahara
Inspired by a bowl of fruits, designer Hiroomi Tahara has designed a very playful furniture collection named The Fruit Bowl, for the manufacturer Yamakawa Rattan.

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Artist Creates Chairs Naturally Grown From One Single Piece Of Either Wood

Trees grow in the shape of chairs in the garden of Austrian artist Bernhard Schmid in Lassnitzhoehe, Styria province, Austria, May 5, 2015. Schmid creates chairs naturally grown from one single piece of either maple, hazelnut or hornbeam wood by letting the trees grow into their final design over some 20 years. No nails, screws or glue is used in the process. (Photo by Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters)

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Elevate | Portable Standing Workstation


Elevate makes it possible to use any existing desktop or table surface as a standing workstation for your laptop. Made from naturally strong birch ply, the Elevate has a modern, sustainable aesthetic to suit any environment.

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Modular System by Giuseppe Bavuso

Self Up Modular System by Giuseppe Bavuso - InteriorZine
The modular system by Italian designer Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio, allows its owners a plurality of horizontal and vertical combinations. And at the same time the objects are created by high-quality finishes, a minimalist and elegant aesthetic. The fronts are made of painted glass, the bodies of the shelves – lacquered wood, standing on aluminum feet. Self Up is suitable for the office, your own home or workplace at home.

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SNAP | Design Your Own Furniture


With SNAP you can create endless solutions for your living space. You can transform any surface into a unique piece of furniture.

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Undercover Sofa by Anna von Schewen

Undercover Sofa with Interchangeable Removable Covers -
The new-upholstered range designed by Anna von Schewen for Zanotta involves the cover as protagonist of the project. The key advantage is a possibility to remove and change the fabrics – pillows, can be changed thanks to a zip allowing the partition of the two coloured fabrics, so they can be washed separately.

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Upcycle – collection of handmade lamps

Upcycle - collection of  lamps
Upcycle is a collection of five handmade lamps by Benjamin Spöth Design in Eindhoven, Netherlands. By using local resources and smart solutions to avoid waste and pollution, the designer has used local, nature-friendly materials to realize these five ceiling-lamps.

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Unique and inspired furniture – RADform

RADform  - unique and inspired furniture
RADform is the showroom of Rad Design studio from Toronto, Canada. The space is planned to expose supplies and goods realized by the studio designers.

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Bike Shelf | by Vadolibero


Bike lover meets bike maniac. The bike shelf is intended both as a spectacular stage for the bicycle and as a smart organiser for the pedalling passion, with a stylish design that can easily fit your sitting room; moreover the clothes rack is a lamp, casting light on the bike frame.

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Gingerbread collection: combinations of shapes, materials, styles and traditions

Through the Lando Gingerbread collection, the designer Paola Navone aims to rediscover the suggestive power of wood using unusual combinations of shapes, materials, styles and traditions. By reviewing the traditional combinations of wood, Paola Navone brings to the fore the harmonious compatibilities of wood with ceramic and steel, with rich floral fabrics and bright colors.

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Baked Roast | Handmade Skateboard Furniture


Baked Roast stands for high quality, beautifully designed skateboard furniture. As chair, stool, bedside table, side table, footstool, hammock chair or just as decoration: Baked Roast does what you want it to do. The possibilities are endless: you can sit on it, stand on it, lean on it, place things on it or just look at it.

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Furniture Design by Two.Six

Color, Simple Lines and Functionality by Two.Six -
Bi Silla is the stylish and comfortable chair you want in a lobby. Thanks to its symmetry can be adapted to different places and draw different figures according to its distribution.

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Garden Furniture by Ligne Roset

Outdoor Seating for Long Summer Evenings -
This is the French way to spend your summer evenings in the city. The selection of furniture and accessories for garden by Ligne Roset is impressive. The furniture is part of the portfolio of young talent and established names in design.

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Infinitum Table by Lou


Infinitum is an arduino-powered table that turns on when items are placed on it, and which turns off when they are removed. This table is designed for people who never tidy up, but leave their belongings everywhere. The designer decided to design a table that would light up when objects were placed on it, giving people a beautiful backdrop for their objects and the illusion of an infinitely deep hole in the floor. This would also encourage users to tidy up before they left a room because the light would only switch off once there was nothing left on the table.

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Sao Paulo Designer Turns Fallen Trees into Outdoor Furniture

“A designer from Sao Paulo is working with the city to make use of fallen trees to turn them into sculpture furniture to line the city’s parks, streets and plazas. Brazil’s largest city was slammed by several strong storms this rainy season that brought with them heavy rain, lightning and winds as high as 90kmph. More than 1,700 trees fell throughout the city as a result of the powerful storms leaving the city asking what it could do with all the wood and fallen trunks and branches strewn throughout the city. The city asked artists and other residents to find ways to make use of the fallen trees and one artist, Hugo Franca, has answered the call.

Franca has been carving massive benches and other pieces of furniture and play equipment out of the trees. Franca said he thought it was important to reuse the wood from the trees so as to not to have to cut down forested areas to harvest the valuable wood that was tossed around the city by the powerful storms. Franca takes the fallen trees and designs the sculpture and then cuts them to shape using a chainsaw. The pieces are then carefully sanded down and covered in varnish to protect the wood. Several of his creations are already being used as sustainable art furniture and residents come to them to sit and relax, have a chat or read as they enjoy the day”. – Adam Justice.

Brazilian artist Hugo Franca (R) and his assistant Jailton Procopio look at a tree after cutting it to create a bench at Ibirapuera park in Sao Paulo March 17, 2015. Franca, a designer from Sao Paulo is working with the city to make use of fallen trees to turn them into sculpture furniture to line the city’s parks, streets and plazas. Brazil’s largest city was slammed by several strong storms this rainy season that brought with them heavy rain, lightning and winds as high as 90 kilometres (55 miles) per hour. (Photo by Nacho Doce/Reuters)

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