Lotus Coat-hanger

The inspiration draws from the shape of lotus and the structure of the ancient bucket arch. With six feet standing on the ground gracefully, it present a sense of harmony.The twelve hangers in six different directions greatly fulfill the needs of customers.Every tip is well polished in case fabrics get scratched.  The solid wood material and swallowtail structure make it durable and easy to transport.

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Rocking Horse Bench

This design is a remake of the combination of the traditional bench and the rocking horse.When swinging, it can support one or two people in an entertaining way.The firm and detachable structure makes it durable and convenient to transport.

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Triangular Stool

This design features traditional Chinese architecture. It can be placed independently or matched with other decorations, and both ways strongly display its uniqueness. Because of its exquisite shape, the stool can also be used as a tea table.It is made of solid wood, so it’s sturdy and durable.The detachable structure makes it convenient to transport and eco-friendly.

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Olga Guanabara Walter Desk

This is an utterly stylish, sophisticated, modern and minimalist design furniture with an archetypal touch. Besides, it will harmonize presently both home and office environment.

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Skull Chair by Vladi Rapaport

The ‘Skull Chair‘ is designed by Vladi Rapaport, a craftsman from Netherlands, and it’s part of his ‘Vanitas’ collection which is a collection of products inspired by the Dutch vanitas still-life paintings from the 16th and 17th century.

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Rough Sketches Come to Life as Furniture by Daigo Fukawa

Usually it takes a long way for a sketch to be turned into an actual product. Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa just might change all that, however, with his series of furniture called “Rough Sketch Products” that look like they’ve just been transferred directly from his sketchbook to reality. The project was submitted as Fukuhawa’s senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Made from cleverly arranged wire and photographed with a perfectly blank background, his various benches and chairs trick our perception of dimensions. Suddenly, 2D meets 3D, and the people sitting on these unique scribbled creations seem to be levitating in the air. It might not be the comfiest furniture out there, but it will definitely put a smile on your face.

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Alpha shelf a bookshelf design by www.dast1.com

Inspired by the lines and planes form the urban landscape, and turn them into abstracts forms to become in shelves. Design piece made by modules; in two colors; also has 4 modules whit doors, to let you organize your books, souvenirs, tasks and more.

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MK1 Transforms From Coffee to Dining Table

Multi-purpose furniture is great for small spaces, and the team at Duffy London agree. This is exactly why the brand created their MK1, a table that can convert from a coffee to dining table in a matter of seconds.

More Details at HiConsumption.com

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The Dine

Miguel Mestre‘s new creation The Dine is the perfect table when hosting guests. It houses a recessed ice bucket at its center, equally accessible for everyone.

Made from marine plywood and with a white lacquered surface, it can endure splashes, water and being in the exterior. It can be bought through MadeiGuincho here. Photo credits – Joana Soda.

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Contrepoids by Pool

Contrepoids is a minimalist design created by France-based designer POOL. ”Contrepoids” tables and the “Maillet” lamp will come in limited editions of 10. A combination of the traditional know-hows of hammered metal and contemporary design, these pieces refer to the tradition of the French decorative arts.

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Secretaria Desk by Nika Zupanc

Secretaria Desk is a minimalist design created by Slovenia-based designer Nika Zupanc. Imposingly tall and at the same time conveniently narrow this striking desk is, as it turns out, fabulous at keeping secrets, too.

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Hammock Table by Ian Walton & Marcel Twohig

Hammock Table is a minimalist design created by Ireland-based designer Ian Walton & Marcel Twohig. The hammock table is a low coffee table defined by a suspended fabric shelf. The shelf is kept in tension by rope connecting to aluminium leg mounts.

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Bookcase B by Sebastian Erazo

Bookcase B is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer Sebastian Erazo. The bookshelf is built on wooden Pine slats in 20mm by 20mm cross sections. The design is flexible and customizable in terms of width and height.

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Lambretta Chair

South African based Iconic Design takes retro Italian scooters (lambretta’s) and creates new cool furniture for the home / office. Iconic Design is based in Johannesburg, and the brainchild behind these new pieces of unique chairs is Jim Plester; who is a self-confessed lambretta enthusiast.

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Creative Baby Furniture Design

A unique crib and bassinet combo that make the baby feel more safe, and in turn give you more relief. [View More Photos at Inthralld.com]