Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri

Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri. Via
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri
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Massaging Bed Rest

nap Massaging Bed Rest. Treat yourself to luxurious support – and a soothing massage – in bed, anytime! Built-in massager provides targeted muscle relaxation. Choose a stimulating vibration massage (high or low speed) or pulsating program to relieve sore, tired muscles. Covered in our ultra-plush, NapSoft material.

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Garden Light Fixture For Your Living Space

Light fixtures are typically all the same, but this beautiful design but OID has us stunned. A living planter is able to be stacked and clustered with others to create a garden feel. [View More Photos at]

Oxidized Maple Coffee Table by Dylan Design Co.

Oxidized Maple Coffee Table is a minimalist design created by American-based designer Dylan Design Co.. This is a beautiful slab of Maple that has been oxidized and set on a solid steel ‘X’ Base. Finished with a durable matte clear coat.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

Fino Collection by Thomas Feichtner

Fino Collection is a minimalist design created by Austria-based designer Thomas Feichtner. Anrei, a family business founded by Anton Reisinger in 1894, is one of Austria’s oldest existing furniture companies and has been a leading producer of solid wood furniture for generations.

Check out Leibal for more minimalist design.

Discarded Cable Drum Transformed into a Sculptural Furniture

Designer Henry Baumann has transformed a discarded wooden cable drum into a beautiful piece of sculptural furniture. Called ‘4 1/2 circles’, the piece is made out of a one huge cable drum by making single spiral cut that allows the drum to be transformed into the desired shape without breaking the integrity of the original object. The only thing that is not a waste is the glue that holds the entire structure together. (Via: Environment Team, CONTEMPORIST)

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Artichair, Chair Made of Artichoke Pulp

A simple bucket chair made from artichoke thistle and a biological resin abstracted from yesterday’s cooking oil performs like plastic but without the damaging properties. This fantastic alternative is 100% biodegradable, no landfill sob stories around here.

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Giant Cat Sofa

A sofa shaped like a cat is large enough for its human counterparts to lay and lounge on. [View More Photos at]

Inheritance Collection | by Stephen Kenn

Composed of steel welded frames with a marbled brown finish, custom webbing belts, smooth leather straps and repurposed WWII military fabric. The design is simple, comfortable, and conducive to conversation.

Full collection at

“Up To Date” – an innovative Baby Crib by Brani & Desi

More images: Brani & Desi

Mira Schroder’s Workbed combines a work desk and a resting bed

German designer Mira Schroder from experimental studio BLESS takes things to a more ‘personal’ level by creating the Workbed. As the name suggests, this contrivance fuses a work desk and a bed into a singular conception.

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Bookshelves Incorporated to Wood Chair

This furniture design doesn’t look like your average chair, but has a beautiful shape about it with functional storage and seating. [View More Photos at]

Skull Armchair executes a brilliant design for gothic themed interiors

Harold Sangouard is one of those designers who has taken a cue from edgy dimensions of human skull to design a beautiful armchair named ‘Skull.’ Skull Armchair is a perfect example of skull furniture that exudes both mystery and elegance into your lair.

Image Gallery Here

Contemporary Dining Table Resembles a Tree

A sleek and sophisticated work of art doubles as a dining room table. [View More Photos at]

New Sexy Bar Stools by KOKET

Sit in front of a counter. Sip a scrumptious old Oporto Wine, taste a comforting Liqueur or even quench thirst with a magnificent champagne. Involved in a good gab with someone who is willed for us with a warm and delicious atmosphere. That we love to do.

Chandra gives us a bold and daring ambiance. Its shape makes a connection between modernity and the glamour of the 20s.


The Incanto Bar Stool was created to enliven a conversation with charm and entice. Its wonderful pattern were designed to adorn the most elegant spaces.

Enchanted Sexy Bar Stool


To conceive the Enchanted Bar Stool our designers and craftsmen masterfully captured the essence and charm of the forest and move them into our homes.

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