Bookcase B by Sebastian Erazo

Bookcase B is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer Sebastian Erazo. The bookshelf is built on wooden Pine slats in 20mm by 20mm cross sections. The design is flexible and customizable in terms of width and height.

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Lambretta Chair

South African based Iconic Design takes retro Italian scooters (lambretta’s) and creates new cool furniture for the home / office. Iconic Design is based in Johannesburg, and the brainchild behind these new pieces of unique chairs is Jim Plester; who is a self-confessed lambretta enthusiast.

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Creative Baby Furniture Design

A unique crib and bassinet combo that make the baby feel more safe, and in turn give you more relief. [View More Photos at]

Air by Daniel Garcia Sanchez

Air is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Daniel Garcia Sanchez. It seeks to surprise through everyday fun and personal pleasure. Provoke a new experience and encourage consumers to participate and interact with the product, avoiding uniformity and decorative rigidity.

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Marumi by Mikiya Kobayashi

Marumi is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Mikiya Kobayashi. The wooden chair has curved characteristics that give it a slightly organic aesthetic. The arm chair variation includes an arm rest that extends from the base and legs of the chair.

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Yi Chair by Michael Young

Yi Chair is a minimalist design created by Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young. A chair that is influenced by some of the great Scandinavian designers yet displaying the unmistakeable design language of Michael Young.

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Mobile Workstation by La Function

This beautiful workstation is actually a carrying case for a laptop and plenty of other accessories for business people on the go. [View More Photos at]

Louis Vuitton x Charlotte Perriand x Cassina LC4 Chaise Lounge

Secretary Hyppolite by Florence Watine

Secretary Hyppolite is a minimalist design created by France-based designer Florence Watine. This workstation has just the right amount of storage and drawer space to organize even the messiest of desks. The body of the desk is manufactured in MDF, covered in an oak veneer.

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Vintage Skeeball at Home

A skeeball game that can be enjoyed at home in a classic art deco styling. [View More Photos at]

Funky Printed Sofa

A zen like sofa comes in modular pieces so you can mix, match and have a field day pairing together the artsy patterns including the giant Buddha somewhere on there. [View More Photos at]

Dutch Design Furniture | Chaise Longue

Dutch design at its finest! Combining ingenuity with raw Dutch talent. This magnificent Chaise longue has such a distinctive flavor that any passerby will stop and ponder upon the ravishing beauty of this Dutch design furniture.

This luxurious chaise longue is built using old airplane seats and vintage fur coats (recycled) which was unveiled at DMY International Design Festival Rotterdam – the Netherlands on 30th May 2012.

This product can be found exclusively at Dutch Design Only:

Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri

Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri. Via
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Infinito modular system by Oriol Barri
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Massaging Bed Rest

nap Massaging Bed Rest. Treat yourself to luxurious support – and a soothing massage – in bed, anytime! Built-in massager provides targeted muscle relaxation. Choose a stimulating vibration massage (high or low speed) or pulsating program to relieve sore, tired muscles. Covered in our ultra-plush, NapSoft material.

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Garden Light Fixture For Your Living Space

Light fixtures are typically all the same, but this beautiful design but OID has us stunned. A living planter is able to be stacked and clustered with others to create a garden feel. [View More Photos at]