Antia Chair

Antia is the chair that turns in elegance even plain steel bar, which also happen to be its main material. Thanks to the graphic and light lines of the Design, it has a delicate and neat appearance. A comfortable and harmonious seat that, thanks to the different finishes, fits well in different environments. To complete the chair, you can choose to add the cushions, available in felt.

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Stereo Console | by Symbol Audio


Whether you’re streaming, spinning records, or watching TV, integrate all your media into this modern console. Connect multiple devices to the built in amplifier and switch between sources with the push of a button. Enjoy the immersive soundstage from the 4” full range drivers and substantial 8” subwoofer.

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Tamn Dock & Desk Organizer


Tamn is a neat desk organizer that keeps your work essentials in place and your workspace clutter free…

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UPFU – Urban P[r]oof FUrniture, by Jacques Sarphatie

Detail UPFU sidetable-console high gloss white (2)
UPFU is a new Dutch design label with a flexible collection of side tables/consoles and stools. UPFU is an abbreviation for Urban P[r]oof FUrniture – inspiration for the collection designer Jacques Sarphatie gets from his daily living environment. Sarphatie, who has twenty years of experience as a self-employed furniture maker, manufactured the whole collection in his workshop in Amsterdam.

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21 Seriously Cool Chair Designs That You Should Never Miss

Those who have delved deep in to the history of Chairs , will know that the Chair was always a symbol of authority and dignity than a place to rest your butt. The chair is used as a symbol of status even today and here are some cool chair designs that we have handpicked just for you

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OneLess Desk


Introduce some style, organization, and ergonomics to your workspace with the OneLessDesk and rekindle the flame. The OneLessDesk conserves precious floor space with it’s unique nesting design. Tuck the lower deck beneath the upper deck to reclaim valuable square footage.

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The Leaning Loop


The Leaning Loop is a multi-purpose upright organizer made of solid hardwood. It is a handcrafted modular clothing hanger, bag holder, gadget shelf, mirror, magnet board, key holder, and shoe shelf all in one slender package.

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Rianne Koens’ stackable drawers function as cabinets, tables and stools

Istanbul Design Biennial 2014: Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Rianne Koens stacked sets of different-sized wooden boxes on top of angled legs to form these furniture pieces.


Rianne Koens‘ Otura modular furniture system is based around a series of open-fronted boxes, available with and without drawers inside.

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Tusciao valet stand inspired by traditional Italian landscape


Tusciao, designed by Andrea Brugnera for Formabilio, is a valet stand, a piece of furniture for every day needs. It’s made for a neat and practical hanging for your clothes and accessories. To each his own: the three elements in beech wood and metal rod perfectly accommodate the most delicate apparel, from jackets to pants to accessories. So you’ll easily find everything at your fingertips! Design and modern reinterpretation of the classic bedroom coat rack, Tusciao puts style in the service of your needs.

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Brand New Dining Table Designed by Andreas Engesvik and Stefan Borselius

SAM is a brand new dining table designed by NOTE, Andreas Engesvik and Stefan Borselius. It is inspired by family life and friends, the Sam table series invites us to gather and socialize around it. Everyone has enough space to sit comfortably round the table. SAM is highly functional when it comes to cleaning and durability and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

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41D Gerstner Chest | by Best Made


Suitable for storing knives, watches, pens, natural specimens, or just about any small keepsake, the 41D is the most dignified chest you will ever own.

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Mag Rack Tables Series by ZONE Architekten Vienna

MAG Impulse in black linoleum

Everyone is familiar with the chaos you encounter on the coffee table in your living room or at the office. The selec- tion of notebooks, diaries, daily press and tabloids all need to be put away into shelves, drawers, workrooms or bags and this requires time. This is impractical, especially if you want to leave the impression of a neat host in a case of an unannounced visit or if you are trying to quickly create a surface to place your wine glasses while the moment still lasts. Maybe you’re trying to find a quick way to give the little ones something to do? Turn the main drop off surface for loose items into a functional play surface and then catch a moment of peace, lean back in your chair and kick your feet up on the Mag Rack table. We’ll keep it between us that you shoved the last few things into the slot using your foot. With just one swift movement of your hand (or foot), the mess disappears in the slots of this practical table.

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Collage Collection by DSIGNIO


The Collage Collection has much to do with the artistic movements that emerged at the beginning of S XX. It is a time when art breaks with everything and appear some movements which trigger a real cultural revolution.

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Journal/coffee table “FAKED IN CHINA” with deepening in surface for daily stuffs like car keys, mobile phone, newspaper or journal. Dimensions 750x790x450mm. By nekaadsdizains.

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Hidden Lights Chair by Giha Woo


You don’t need to sit under the Bodhi Tree to attain enlightenment. Sitting on the Hidden Lights Chair, created by Giha Woo, may suffice. It provides you more than the proverbial halo, so be sure you make the most of it. A simple swing of the frame makes all the difference between darkness and light! So choose your reading material carefully!

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