Mag Rack Tables Series by ZONE Architekten Vienna

MAG Impulse in black linoleum

Everyone is familiar with the chaos you encounter on the coffee table in your living room or at the office. The selec- tion of notebooks, diaries, daily press and tabloids all need to be put away into shelves, drawers, workrooms or bags and this requires time. This is impractical, especially if you want to leave the impression of a neat host in a case of an unannounced visit or if you are trying to quickly create a surface to place your wine glasses while the moment still lasts. Maybe you’re trying to find a quick way to give the little ones something to do? Turn the main drop off surface for loose items into a functional play surface and then catch a moment of peace, lean back in your chair and kick your feet up on the Mag Rack table. We’ll keep it between us that you shoved the last few things into the slot using your foot. With just one swift movement of your hand (or foot), the mess disappears in the slots of this practical table.

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Collage Collection by DSIGNIO


The Collage Collection has much to do with the artistic movements that emerged at the beginning of S XX. It is a time when art breaks with everything and appear some movements which trigger a real cultural revolution.

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Journal/coffee table “FAKED IN CHINA” with deepening in surface for daily stuffs like car keys, mobile phone, newspaper or journal. Dimensions 750x790x450mm. By nekaadsdizains.

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Hidden Lights Chair by Giha Woo


You don’t need to sit under the Bodhi Tree to attain enlightenment. Sitting on the Hidden Lights Chair, created by Giha Woo, may suffice. It provides you more than the proverbial halo, so be sure you make the most of it. A simple swing of the frame makes all the difference between darkness and light! So choose your reading material carefully!

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Iron Vault Desk, by Restoration Hardware


The Iron Vault Desk is modeled on the stalwart safes that were a fixture in turn-of-the-last-century jewelry shops and factory offices, our furnishings are crafted from steel sheet and fitted with latching doors and heavy-duty metal wheels.

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16 Luxurious Sofa and Couch Designs

Instead of purchasing the mundane, why not acquire a work of art, a focal point that has your guests talking? A sofa can be an object to inspire, enjoy and impress. Browse the following list and find one that inspires you or grabs your attention.

Canape by Lila Lang

Canape by Lila Lang

Short on space but want that old fashioned style? Look no further than the Canape by Lila Lang – it is perfection. The symmetrical design fits either way up a corner wall, blending function and style. And bragging rights include the design that was featured at the Parcours Saint Germaine exhibition in Paris, France.

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½ Stool | WitaminaD


Designed by the Polish studio WitaminaD, the ½ Stool is a versatile piece of furniture that serves as a stool or an end table and can be placed indoors or outside. The two-part design is composed of a solid oak wedge seat and metal triangular base. The wood is sustainably forested and oiled, and the metal is laser-cut, zinc-plated, and powder-coated. The durable materials are a fine pair, as the tree rings of the timber complement and contrast with the smooth black metal.

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The Floyd Leg


The Floyd Leg gives you the framework to take ownership of your furniture by allowing you to create a table from any flat surface.

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Open/Close Series | by Atocha Design


The ATOCHA DESIGN Open/Close is the latest offering in a series that features a mix of classic and new ATOCHA DESIGN elements. The Open/Close Series references mid-century album storage and Hi-Fi style, but is updated for the needs of the twenty-first-century music lover.

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Fusion Tables


Fusion Table is a dining table and pool table all in one, featuring a modern sleek design, unlike the classic, heavy looking, wooden tables we usually find at pool table stores.

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Tribeca Desk, by Soren Rose


Tribeca Desk is a beautiful, elegant and functional work desk, that keeps your workspace clutter free…

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Aluminum & Wood Furniture | by Hilla Shamia


Hilla Shamia has created a beautiful collection of Aluminum and Wood fusion furniture, the unusual combination is achieved by pouring aluminum directly into the crevices and cracks of the wood…

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Half Pipe Desk


Inspired by designer Eric Pfeiffer’s backyard skateboard ramp he had growing up, the Half Pipe Desk brings a little play to your workspace. The cantilevered desk surface creates a soft form scaled perfectly for smaller spaces. The functional desk is packed with storage – the desk hutch offers a place for your desktop items and under the desk there is a small shelf that allows for a small printer or book storage. A perfect ramp to launch your next project!

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The Abyss Coffee Table


The Abyss Coffee Table by Duffy London is a conversation piece as much as a functional one. But while previous works play with gravity, this new design is concerned with depth, and creates a geological cross-section as mesmerising as the sea.

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Trees and Rocks by Martín Azúa

‘Trees and Rocks’ is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Martín Azúa. A wooden table which incorporates some veined marble discs in the central part. The discs have a practical function: they highlight the center of the table and make it more resistant to heat and scratches. The rounded rectangular shape of the table allows a more dynamic relationship among the guests who are not opposite each other as in parallel sides tables.

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