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KETTAL edits the Basket chair for ‘Fiera Milano’

0143 650x455 KETTAL edits the Basket chair for Fiera Milano

Kettal edits the Basket chair, created in the 1950s by Danish designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel.

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The Deer Bookshelf

Deer Bookshelf by beDesign 650x433 The Deer Bookshelf
This impressive-looking bookshelf is inspired by the wild deer in the forest, and their noble nature, which is reflected in the appearance of the shelf. The curiosity-awaking shelf is made of solid oak, while maintaining a lightweight feel, thanks to its airy shelves. The shelf is perfect for storing books, magazines or small items.

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Delightful Chairs With Quirky Characters by Irina Neacsu

Chairs With Quirky CharactersChairs Miss One Miss Due1 Delightful Chairs With Quirky Characters by Irina Neacsu

Chairs have never looked more chic and appealing, you’ve got to agree with me on this one! The Romanian designer Irina Neacsu launched a collection of chairs with character. The “eccentric” pieces of furniture are ideal to decorate any space with some classic accents.

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Aniamls Themed Furniture

cat couch 650x433 Aniamls Themed Furniture
Definitely following stuff is incredible thinking ideas for themed furniture. Basically most of the people loved pleasant home. Because its big relief in our stress whoever affected worked presser .that’s way now a day’s home decor, interior and architecture are a big market.

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Bibliochaise Bookshelf Chair

Bibliochaise 01 450x244 Bibliochaise Bookshelf Chair

The Bibliochaise is an Italian design armchair that doubles as a bookshelf. The chair is made with materials adapted from high performance yacht technologies, with the additional feature of hidden wheels.

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Adirondack Rocker, by Loll Designs

adirondack rocker loll designs large 650x1078 Adirondack Rocker, by Loll Designs

Designed with an exaggerated rocker silhouette, the Loll Adirondack Rocker will put a smile on anyone’s face and might just Loll you into another realm. The thin profile of the recycled plastic gives this chair a refined modern quality and nearly every stainless fastener is hidden. The contoured seat and back are comfortable enough without a cushion to worry about.

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Stockwerk Foldable Shelf

Stockwerk Foldable Shelf 024 450x304 Stockwerk Foldable Shelf
The Stockwerk Foldable Shelf is an alternative shelf design that requires no assembly. It comes folded up so you just have to extend the shelves to be able to use them. The side walls are split in half, cut at an angle, and fixed with piano hinges. That way when the shelves are open, the walls rest on each other pushing outward where the side wall halves meet. By doing this, the shelves stay open and can support weight.

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Tables By Olze & Wilkens

1102 Tables By Olze & Wilkens
The Berlin & Freiburg-based duo deftly translates the scale of the lightly stained woodgrain to create the winsome scenes. From swimsuit-clad sunbathers on a sparsely populated beach to cabins against a backdrop of fresh snow, it takes just a couple well-placed elements, digitally printed on plywood, to suggest an aerial image on the otherwise unassuming tabletop.

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Slatepro | Personal TechDesk

slatepro personal techdesk large 650x859 Slatepro | Personal TechDesk

The SlatePro’s desk space fits any size computer or laptop. It has multiple display docks for all your mobile devices – phone or tablet. The air vents provide constant cooling for your laptop and other tech products. Plus, it has a heavy duty mousepad that sits flush against the surface. Not to mention, the SlatePro was installed with a filing rack, pen dock, and a recessed cup holder to eliminate any device damage.

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Kaufmann Mercantile Walnut Tool Box

kaufmann mercantile walnut tool box large 650x444 Kaufmann Mercantile Walnut Tool Box

Handmade tool box hewn from Nicaraguan walnut. Interior tray for screws, nails and storage of other small items. Large lower compartment for hammers and screwdrivers. Measures 14 inches long x 6 ½ inches deep x 6 inches high.

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Hidden Furniture: As If From Nowhere

hidden furniture 08a1 450x285 Hidden Furniture: As If From Nowhere

Hidden Furniture is a new idea by Orla Reynolds where brightly colored chairs and tables are hidden between the shelves of a bookcase. This Hidden Furniture is good for space-saving and the whole dining set fits tiny apartments perfectly.

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The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People

The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People 61 650x433 The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People
Clive Wilkinson Architect firm has created their masterpiece, the SuperDesk at NYC office of creative marketing agency The Barbarian Group. The twisting and turning table is a 1,100feet long, 4,400 square-feet continuous packed desk for all the 125 TBG employees (total capacity 175) to share it altogether.

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Modular Rise Sofa By Note Design Studio

modular rise sofa 01ab 450x318 Modular Rise Sofa By Note Design Studio

The collection’s name is Rise because of how the shape of the seat’s back resembles to the sun coming up over the horizon. The purpose of the high back’s design is to keep the sitters from falling over when they lean especially if it’s an open space behind sofa.

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REK: Modular Bookcase Grows With Your Books

rek bookcase 05a REK: Modular Bookcase Grows With Your Books

REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The more books you have, the bigger it expands. This bookcase consists of 5 parts that slide out to accommodate books and expands depending on the number and size of books the user adds.

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Contemporary Tabeau Dressing * Nicole Brock

Contemporary Tabeau Dressing By Nicole Broc Contemporary Tabeau Dressing * Nicole Brock

Tabeau is the result of Belgium-based designer Nicole Brock’s analysis of the daily beauty routine. Composed of 3D volumes and materials and connected with hidden magnets, Tabeau allows the dressing table to perform the beauty regime whilst storing personal belongings.

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