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DIY Furniture 2

Featuring 30 new designs by leading designer-makers from around the world, DIY Furniture 2 builds on the international success of the previous title, showing you step-by-step how to make unique designer furniture.

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Oscar Desk | by Giorgio Bonaguro

A tribute to Architects drwaing boards, the Oscar Desk features three soft curves of different widths: informal pockets for keeping drawings, notes, papers or for the less traditionalist, a tablet computer.

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backpack wall shelf system

backpack is an outmost modular and light shelf system, useful for work areas and living quarters, but also for entrance areas and for the kitchen. Wooden shelves (up to 6) are infinitely variable in their positions and continuously adjustable along belt strapes by an unique kind of fixture, very easily mounted at a wall.

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Focal Locus Seat

You don’t sit on a Locus Seat. You lean into it. When you do, your body is supported in a relaxed upright position. This award-winning ergonomic seat is designed to adjust to every move you make, while maintaining equilibrium between your back and abdominal muscles.

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Balloon Chair

Playful balloon chair appears to be floating in air by Japanese studio h220430.

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BDi Semblance Modular Systems For Office And Home

Engineered to integrate technology into the workspace, the desks provide smooth and resilient work surfaces while their wire management systems keep wires neatly organized and out of sight. The versatile Drawer Modules are available in two sizes and provide a top storage drawer for supplies and a lower file drawer. Endlessly configureable, SEMBLANCE is ideal for offices of any size.

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Modular Interlocking Furniture

Create your own furniture from a basic building block – shoe rack, TV stand, coffee table, or whatever you’d like to build.

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The Trash Closet – Raising Awareness for the Global Furniture-Waste Crisis

The Trash Closet by Dutch designers Marijke & Sander Lucas is a monumental cabinet that utilizes discarded furniture that would normally end-up in a landfill. By incorporating leftover furniture to produce an outstandingly functional and eye-catching storage unit;  these Dutch designers strive to inform individuals about our global furniture-waste catastrophe.

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KETTAL edits the Basket chair for ‘Fiera Milano’

Kettal edits the Basket chair, created in the 1950s by Danish designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel.

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The Deer Bookshelf

This impressive-looking bookshelf is inspired by the wild deer in the forest, and their noble nature, which is reflected in the appearance of the shelf. The curiosity-awaking shelf is made of solid oak, while maintaining a lightweight feel, thanks to its airy shelves. The shelf is perfect for storing books, magazines or small items.

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Delightful Chairs With Quirky Characters by Irina Neacsu

Chairs have never looked more chic and appealing, you’ve got to agree with me on this one! The Romanian designer Irina Neacsu launched a collection of chairs with character. The “eccentric” pieces of furniture are ideal to decorate any space with some classic accents.

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Aniamls Themed Furniture

Themed Furniture
Definitely following stuff is incredible thinking ideas for themed furniture. Basically most of the people loved pleasant home. Because its big relief in our stress whoever affected worked presser .that’s way now a day’s home decor, interior and architecture are a big market.

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Bibliochaise Bookshelf Chair

The Bibliochaise is an Italian design armchair that doubles as a bookshelf. The chair is made with materials adapted from high performance yacht technologies, with the additional feature of hidden wheels.

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Adirondack Rocker, by Loll Designs

Designed with an exaggerated rocker silhouette, the Loll Adirondack Rocker will put a smile on anyone’s face and might just Loll you into another realm. The thin profile of the recycled plastic gives this chair a refined modern quality and nearly every stainless fastener is hidden. The contoured seat and back are comfortable enough without a cushion to worry about.

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Stockwerk Foldable Shelf

The Stockwerk Foldable Shelf is an alternative shelf design that requires no assembly. It comes folded up so you just have to extend the shelves to be able to use them. The side walls are split in half, cut at an angle, and fixed with piano hinges. That way when the shelves are open, the walls rest on each other pushing outward where the side wall halves meet. By doing this, the shelves stay open and can support weight.

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