Tram by Thomas Feichtner

Tram is a minimalist design created by Austria-based designer Thomas Feichtner. Feichtner’s concept is strongly inspired by the company’s time-honored production processes: first by the company’s own plant for the production of seat shells from molded wood, and second by its longstanding factory for the production of classic bentwood. The intention was to unite the methods used to produce bentwood and molded wood for the first time in a single product, thus building a bridge between traditional and contemporary furniture design.

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The Abyss Table, by Duffy London


a dramatic coffee table made with perspex and wood, arranged like a 3-D representation of a geological map and representing a mesmeric abyss…

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Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen


Furniture maker Greg Klassen builds intricately designed tables and other objects embedded with glass rivers and lakes.

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Joints Furniture from Sweden


With Joints, we aim not only to bring beautiful pieces of furniture to the market, but also to spread the joy of making, exploring and experimenting. Sure, you can always go to IKEA and get a pre-designed piece of furniture to put together, but there’s something innately more satisfying and fun when you have an option to hack your own creation from a kit of parts.

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Furniture and accessories of the DAM on a pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter


Having the goal to create synergies between designers, artisans and industry, valorizing the portuguese identity throughout the world, DAM launched a pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter. This will take the brand to the next level, developing new products to the family – Chicos, Lena, Silva and Anas.

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Kagome Stool Reflects Traditional Japanese Craft

Combination in the form of the basket like pattern, a traditional pattern of Japan when viewed from above the right triangle, “Kagome stool” is a stool which was passed by the structure support each other to each other. It’s in place and remove to emphasize dare one triangle. It can also be used outdoors in the room, weight can be easier carrying around 4kg. Size is 400 mm W 490 x D 450 x H, you can choose from three types of red, black, white matte color. This stool which won a gold medal Italian International Competition of 2013 in “A ‘Design Award”, craftsman in Tokyo since it produced in made-to-order each one carefully, takes the 28th about to ship.

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Raft by kaschkasch


Raft is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer kaschkasch. The inspiration for raft – as the name suggests – is a wooden raft with its round timber. Due to its round shape, the shelf has a fascinating haptics or rather look. The bookend can be perfectly connected to the shape of the round timber.

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JM & Sons Furniture


JM & Sons are furniture crafters from Toronto, Canada. Each of their minimal creations is built by hand with locally sourced, reclaimed wood and raw metals, they strive to make sure each piece retains a bit of that natural ruggedness.

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10 solutions for a Healthier Workstation


“Sitting is the new smoking”…We all know a sedentary lifestyle is bad for us, we just don’t realize how bad it is. have rounded up a great list of solutions to improve your health and posture while working…

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JM & Sons


JM & Sons are furniture makers in Toronto, they strive to make sure each piece of furniture retains a bit of that natural ruggedness. Each piece is built by hand with locally sourced, reclaimed wood and raw metals.

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Pixel Chair By Vivian Chiu

RISD furniture student Vivian Chiu has completed a new project called ‘pixel chair.’ Creating a trompe l’oeil effect, this seating unit is made up of 1/2″ x 1/2″ cubes,placed individually by hand in a brick-laid formation then laminated together.

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Sprout Kids Tool Free Furniture

Inspired by his own experiences playing with Legos as a child, Clark designed furniture that helps kids to be an active part of the creation process. Sprout products are put together using tension lock technology, where each piece of the furniture uses a sturdy, durable joint to lock it in place with other pieces. It doesn’t require any tools to put together, allowing children to help assemble their furniture themselves.

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Modern Cork Family Stools By Vitra

Whether side tables or stools, the versatile members in Jasper Morrison’s Cork Family will get the job done. These little guys are comparatively lightweight, enormously tough, and pleasantly comfortable. Choose model A, B, or CÉ or all three!

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Blackhawk Secretary, by Restoration Hardware

Inspired by the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of mid-20th-century aircraft, this trunk is clad in a patchwork of polished aluminum panels accented with exposed steel screws. Rounded corners and inset drawer pulls give it sleek, aerodynamic lines…

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Convertible Shelf Table

What is it? You decide. This unusual fir-and-iron piece swivels in place for use as a chic dining table, or a standing or leaning bookshelf. The perfect choice for dinner guests, this unique furnishing is an interesting addition to your dining area.

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