Just Mobile UpStand

Stand for iPad
If you know anything about modern technology and aren’t of those who still seriously believe that you can go without owning an iPad or an iPad2, you will just have to give the Iconic iPad Stand a check. You will find it to be perfect for desktop use and might even want to say bye-bye to your good old laptop thanks to it. Evidently no need to say that you can read more about it on Gadget-o!

Skull Sugar Cubes

Sugar Cube Skulls
Check these sugar cubes in the shape of skulls we discovered on Gadget-o. Their very original design can suit many kind of occasions and whoever your guest is from your best friend to your boss. Have a blast watching their reaction as they will try and figure out the reason they appeared next to their cuppa. Use them to scare the pants off your coffee or guests sometime soon. Success guaranteed!

What Happened Bandages

So you stubbed your toe. Cut yourself shaving. Tripped over nothing. Make your wound a little less lame with these latex bandages, topped with explanations for why you’re wearing one. Pack of 25 includes exciting reasons like “shark bite,” “ninja fight,” “jousting,” and “dance off.” Via Gadget-o