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Sketch book drawings using “hatching” technique

DCS Sketch Book v11 vert01 650x433 Sketch book drawings using “hatching” technique
This week I experimented with a hatching technique using various flowers as my model and here are the results. See the entire set of drawings here.

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New York by Eiko Ojala

001 york eiko ojala New York by Eiko Ojala

Amazing New York City papar art by Eiko Ojala, an artist from Tallinn, Estonia.

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Anime Illustrations by Siiju

001 anime illustrations siiju Anime Illustrations by Siiju

Set of creative anime illustrations by Siiju.

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Magazine Illustrations by Viktor Miller-Gausa

008 magazine illustrations viktor millergausa Magazine Illustrations by Viktor Miller Gausa

Set of inspiring magazine illustrations by Saint Petersburg, Russia – based Viktor Miller-Gausa.

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Amelia’s Magazine Gold Foil Artists’ Book & Gold Leaf Prints

contemporary illustration cristian grossi ver sacrum detail2 650x351 Amelias Magazine Gold Foil Artists Book & Gold Leaf Prints

That Which We Do Not Understand: 10th anniversary limited edition book and fine art prints from Amelia’s Magazine. Amelia’s Magazine is 10 years old!

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Schon by Adi Goodrich

001 schon adi goodrich Schon by Adi Goodrich

Set of beautiful colorful fashion portrait photos by Adi Goodrich.

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Illustrations by Sylvain Sarrailh

001 illustrations sylvain sarrailh Illustrations by Sylvain Sarrailh

Collection of creative illustrations by French artist / illustrator Sylvain Sarrailh aka Tohad.

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Original Portraits by Olga Tereshenko

001 original portraits olga tereshenko Original Portraits by Olga Tereshenko

Set of amazing portrait illustrations by a 25-year-old Russian artist Olga Tereshenko.

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Pixelated Superheroes

Around another World

annecy Around another World

This is an ongoing personal project. Traveling is one of my biggest passions, and also if I’m not a very skilled photographer, I always take lots of photos wherever I go. So I decided to take some photos of my last trips and add my personal touch on them with another of my biggest passions: character design.

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Awesome Illustrations by David Delanty

Tales of Auto Elasticity by Chris Labrooy

004 tales auto elasticity chris labrooy Tales of Auto Elasticity by Chris Labrooy

A series of images based on on the 2013 auto aerobics project by Chris Labrooy. The context is inspired by Californian road trips through deserted baron lands.

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Beasts by Stefan Zsaitsits

Low Poly Character Design

Low Poly Characters 1 650x487 Low Poly Character Design
Low poly design appears to be a new and popular digital art form that many illustrators and Photoshop enthusiasts love to experiment with. Designer Jona Dinges has taken this generally 2D approached art-form and created a mini collection of digital-3D fictional characters.

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Illustrations by Brett Parson