Paintings by Donald Roller Wilson

Donald Roller Wilson 650x823 Paintings by Donald Roller Wilson

Donald Roller Wilson is an American artist who uses some unique items in his paintings, such as dogs and cats, chimpanzees, dill pickles, wooden matches, olives, asparagus stalks, and even cigarettes. He paints in oils in very polished realism using the same techniques of the Old Masters.

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A Separate Reality 09 by Alex Andreyev

Lady Autumn Breeze by Stefka Pavlova

Siren by Joseph Alexander

001 siren joseph alexander Siren by Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander wanted to push this concept a little further by expanding it’s defintion. The aim was to create a series of photographs representing feminine power and beauty. He played with themes focused around mother nature, lust, tranquility and chaos.

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Living Sculptures by Mike Campau

001 living sculptures mike campau Living Sculptures by Mike Campau

A conceptual series by Mike Campau that was constructed to give human personality and activity to an otherwise nondescript structure. By adding wardrobe, and movement within the clothing, the sculptures instantly take on a personality and tell a story all to their own. By combining studio photography and cgi in a whimsical style and colorful palette… this series is meant to push the visual norm.

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Awesome Digital Art by Yan Li

003 awesome digital art yan li Awesome Digital Art by Yan Li

A must-see collection of digital artworks by Yan Li.

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Concept Art by Keun Chul Jang

A Father’s Day by Tamypu

001 fathers day tamypu A Fathers Day by Tamypu

Traditional illustrations by Tamypu, an artist from Vietnam.

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Digital Illustrations by Roy Flowers

001 digital illustrations roy flowers Digital Illustrations by Roy Flowers

Set of inspiring digital illustrations by an artist from Chile, Roy Flowers.

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Creative Illustrations by Lee Changha

Copy Paper Challenge by Danny O’connor

Kima by Ricardo Abrahao

Akira Toriyama’s Tribute by Rubens Cantuni

001 akira toriyamas tribute rubens cantuni Akira Toriyamas Tribute by Rubens Cantuni

The early work of Akira Toriyama has always been a big inspiration for Rubens Cantuni.

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Portraits / Part Two by Paweł Bajew

Editorial Miscelánea by José Quintero