These Hyperrealistic Sculptures Are Made Entirely From Stone


Sculptor Robin Antar began working with stone in high school art classes and now, almost 40 years later, has carved her own niche in the art-world with her hyperrealistic work. Antar takes common, everyday objects and replicates them, sometimes enlarging them, but keeping every detail intact. Antar’s method involves using pieces from the actual object along with custom-made stains, paints, plastics, and gold leaf. Tell me you wouldn’t eat those Mint Milanos. And stone boxing gloves could make for one helluva funtastic bloodsport!

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Splendid Illustration Work of LaB LaB

Splendid illustration work of Lab Lab will be exposed below. Lab Lab is an illustrator and designer who remain busy to create something new. Create something new, to do something exceptional is great thinking. In fact creative and artistic mind remain busy to form new piece of art, to illustrate something new to people to inspire them. Their passion, their state of mind and thoughtfulness make them more and more ambitious. We love to explore such creative mind artists and designers to show their work with our readers. We raise the value of their effort that they make for doing such task and we want people to know about their work and reason of doing that work. How much time they spend in order to generate such wonderful, marvelous and outstanding piece of work. You can see that our website is full of inspiring stuff that has been shared for your inspiration.

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Interesting Hyperrealistic Paintings by Joshua Suda

Artist Joshua Suda paints not just hyperrelistic portraits. He gives them an interesting entourage.

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Illustration Pieces By Liév

Life is an illusion is the name of illustrator Liév’s project. Cool drawings depicting a bit of twisted ideas.

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Surreal Apocalyptic Paintings by Michael Kerbow

San Francisco-based artist Michael Kerbow has a series of acrylic paintings that show surreal versions of the future, where the industry grows to apocalyptic sizes.

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Photorealistic Paintings of Food and SuperHeroes


Here is an incredible series of photorealistic paintings made by talented artist Doug Bloodworth. Each element on the following images are oil painted: from the potatoes, candies and wrapping strewn on the wooden table, to the pop art comics of Superheroes.

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Numerical Digits 1 — 9

36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give ​their particular view on the signs from our alphabet.

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BBC Football Commentator Nick Barnes Shares His Precious Notebooks


Football (or more precisely soccer?) is the king of sports as reports identify it as the most watched sport worldwide. But apart from football per se, commentating has immense importance when someone watches it. Nick Barnes commentates on BBC Newcastle Radio.

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Hand-Painted Illustrations by Canadian ‘Plate Artist’ Jacqueline Poirier


Toronto-based artist Jacqueline Poirier has a knack for hand-painting beautiful illustrations on white plates. Calling herself a ‘plate artist’, Poirier paints a wide variety of subject matter, ranging from celebrities and animals to pop-culture characters and food. Striking and unique, you can find more of her awesome plate paintings on her Instagram — which is appropriately named @thecrazyplatelady.

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Digital Concept Artist Dan Luvisi


Dan LuVisi is a digital concept artist working in the film, video game and comic book industry. Dan has worked for some of the biggest entities in their field, including Batman and Superman for DC Comics, followed by work for Hasbro, FOX, Universal, Microsoft and several gaming companies.

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Surreal Merged Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Netherlands based artist Redmer Hoekstra creates unusual drawings where he combines things that could not normally be combined.

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The Art of Sandwiches

“The Art of Sandwiches” illustrations by Jeremy & Gabrielle.

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New Badass Cartoon Heroes

Whimsical Drawings by OkArt


OkArt is a passionate designer based in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by natural elements, OkArt’s work is often themed as a girl portrait with birds. Sometimes the drawing renders the effect of double exposure by confusing the eye of the model with that of the bird, reflecting harmony between the human and animals.

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“Ciné-Hipsters” – Cult Films And TV-Shows Reimagined As Hipster Logos


Ever thought the too-cool-for-school Pulp Fiction or dystopian A Clockwork Orange would be perfect as hipster logos? Tumblr blog ‘Ciné-Hipsters’ has turned those, and other cult films and television shows into stylish emblems.

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