Xgen Portraits by Lee Griggs

Waiting In The Wings by Benjo Arwas

001 waiting wings benjo arwas Waiting In The Wings by Benjo Arwas

Collection of beautiful fashion portrait photography by Benjo Arwas.

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Walls 2013 by Georgi Dimitrov

Moving Time by Gem Fletcher

001 moving time gem fletcher Moving Time by Gem Fletcher

Collection of creative light portrait photography by Gem Fletcher.

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More Strange Dreams by Bill Mayer

Manimals by Adam Spizak

001 manimals by adam spizak Manimals by Adam Spizak

Set of four artworks by Adam Spizak inspired by animals, produced in Zbrush and Cinema 4D.

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Sci-Fi Illustrations by Andree Wallin

1337000498 2 640x348 Sci Fi Illustrations by Andree Wallin
Swedish illustrator Andree Wallin prefers to create digital futuristic paintings. While in his portfolio can be seen the images from fairy tales, we will focus your attention only on the Sci-Fi topic.

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Jesse Kuhn’s Illustrations

1336899622 4 Jesse Kuhns Illustrations
American illustrator Jesse Kuhn uses in his digital work several techniques, ranging from the classic pen and ink to textures and layers in Adobe Photoshop. He draws illustrations for children’s books and advertising.

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Minimalist Cocktail Illustrtations by Nick Barclay

cocktails nick barclay everythingwithatwist 01 Minimalist Cocktail Illustrtations by Nick Barclay

Nick Barclay lives in Australia having 12 years of design and illustrations experience. In this project he expresses cocktails through geometrical objects and he does it wonderfully. From Bloody Mary to the classic Martini he tries to show the core elements through simple lines and some colours. “My work’s been getting more and more minimal over the past year, and something just clicked: I would break down cocktails into different blocks of colour into their basic form” he explains. Enjoy.

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Think Invisible Posters

1336805922 1 Think Invisible Posters
The essence of the project is to picture a famous character or an artifact in the form of shadow-silhouette, not whole but partial. The authors of the project are two illustrators – Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky.

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Fantasy Illustrations by Dmitry Prosvirnin

Concept Art by Jonas De Ro

1336674240 0 640x381 Concept Art by Jonas De Ro
This young illustrator likes to create digital images, using Photoshop and other software resources. Jonas enjoys various related kinds of art, so he does not limit himself to painting.

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Helvetica Illustrated – limited rispography edition

HelveticaIllustrated 00 650x433 Helvetica Illustrated – limited rispography edition

For the section “Fontnames Illustrated” of design magazine Slanted’s Swiss issue, twelve illustrations have been created by renowned Swiss illustrators. Because of the theme of this issue, all participants were given a single font name for the first time: Helvetica. The font names have been visualized by the invited illustrators as desired, curated by Raban Ruddigkeit.

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The Body Shop Campaign by Tom Anders Watkins

001 body shop campaign tom anders watkins The Body Shop Campaign by Tom Anders Watkins

The Body Shop Ad Campaign by Lincoln, United Kingdom – based Tom Anders Watkins.

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Digital Art by Blaz Porenta

1336554791 1a 640x640 Digital Art by Blaz Porenta
Blaz Porenta draws in the digital art genre. And what is more, he draws everything. His portfolio has covers for music albums, illustrations for fairy tales, games and cartoons. Picture variety is Blaz’s characteristic.

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