Photorealistic Drawings by Marcello Barenghi

Italia-based illustrator Marcello Barenghi makes realistic drawings of everyday objects with colored pencils, and sometimes he uses markers or watercolor paint.

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Illustrations and Digital Artworks by Ali Gulec


Ali Gulec is an illustrator and designer of T-shirts. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Ali Gulec draws a lot of skulls. His quirky illustrations span a wide range of styles and concepts, and he is constantly pushing his work to new levels of quirkiness.

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Cute Yellow – Pop culture dissected by illustrator Mahmoud Refaat


The Cute Yellow series of Egyptian illustrator Mahmoud Refaat, based in Cairo, who is having fun to dissect the cult characters of pop culture, from Homer to Pikachu through SpongeBob or the Minions.

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“My name is Pieter van den Heuvel and I work as a freelance creative and copywriter. In my spare time I’m also an illustrator.

Ever since I read Tim Burton’s short stories and Shaun Tan’s beautiful work I’ve been writing and illustrating books myself. I haven’t tried to publish one of them yet, but I’m sure that paper version will come, one day.
Broken is a short story about broken beings. Literally and sometimes metaphorically. I always thought that there is something both sad and extremely cute about animals wearing plaster casts and I really wanted to make a story that plays with those two emotions.

I made the book in the same week my wisdom teeth were removed, which might explain its dark ending. On the other hand, I just like to surprise people with a story that literally goes into every direction until it lands right in your face.” – Pieter van den Heuvel.

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Illustrative Observations Of The Imagination With Just A Ballpoint Pen

“My name’s Marco. I’m originally from a small country town in regional Victoria, Australia. Drawing with a ballpoint has always been my favourite medium and long since I can remember that’s all I’ve really used. All these drawing have been illustrated freehand, without drafting in pencil. The idea of drawing without guides is liberating, allowing me transform any part of the drawing into anything I want. I’ve always had a love of drawing, particularly of things that swirl around my imagination. I find fun and engaging exercise to challenge your creativity. In this series of works I’ve been experimenting with machining the forms of organic figures by stripping them down of their natural figure and redesigning them through the combination of smaller mechanical parts. Thank you for looking.”

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Minimal Charcoal Portraits of Celebrities by Ileana Hunter

British artist Ileana Hunter is widely using charcoal in her works, making very beautiful portraits of celebrities.

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Valerie by Stefka Pavlova

Valerie by Stefka Pavlova

Set of amazing make-up portrait photos by Germany-based Stefka Pavlova.

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Velvet Magazine by Tina Patni

Velvet Magazine by Tina Patni

Collection of amazing fashion photos by Tina Patni for Velvet Magazine.

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Amazing Illustrations by Ladynlmda

Amazing Illustrations by Ladynlmda

Collection of amazing digital paintings by Polish artist Ladynlmda.

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L’Oreal Paris by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

L'Oreal Paris by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Set of beautiful fashion illustrations by L’Oreal Paris by Hsiao-Ron Cheng.

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Digital Illustrations by Mathia Arkoniel

Digital Illustrations by Mathia Arkoniel

Set of exceptional digital illustrations by Mathia Arkoniel, an artist from Hungary.

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Illustrations Inspired by San Francisco’s Downtown for Children


Eda Kaban is a Turkish illustrator devoted to children’s books. Her main inspiration on her work is the marketing of the fifties. Her stimulus to create them is the every day life of downtown San Francisco as she lives near Chinatown, where neverending raw material is there to be crafted. “I like making people smile” she says, and this is evident through her work. Enjoy.

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Concept Art by Scarypet

Concept Art by Scarypet

Set of amazing digital concept artworks by a talented artist from the Philippines, Scarypet.

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The Italian Nightmare by Federico Massimiliano Mozzano


Memo:Rise is a digital composition for Philantra 2014 a small exhibition in our hometown. This colorful illustration is intended to represent abstractly our most childish dreams throughout our entire life.

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