Chic Fashion Illustrations by Kelly Smith


Tasmania, Australia based freelance illustrator Kelly Smith has been working on fashion projects since her education of Fine Art from The Tasmanian School of Art. Her latest works here are series of chic fashion and beauty illustrations. The portraits are often embellished with natural and symbolic elements like flowers, skull, birds, etc.. Some of pieces are portrayed in some surreal style.

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Forest Watercolor Landscapes by Anna Armona

Ukrainian artist Anna Armona creates very colorful and rich watercolor paintings in which she mainly depicts forests. The critics call her work a kind of a celebration of nature’s beauty.

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Neon Hoodies by Tim Tadder

Neon Hoodies by Tim Tadder

Set of creative fashion portrait photography by Tim Tadder.

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Quant by Vyacheslav Novikov

Quant by Vyacheslav Novikov

Abstract digital art by Vyacheslav Novikov, an artist from Moscow, Russia.

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Pen and Ink Illustrations by Si Scott

Manchester-based designer and illustrator Si Scott created an impressive series of swirling illustrations drawn with pen and ink.

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Creative Animal Alphabet by Marcus Reed

British illustrator Marcus Reed is the author of an alphabet in which letters are illustrated as animals. This alphabet can be fun not just for children.

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“Lil’ Ye & The Hip Hop Hoorays” – Daily Illustrations by Ali Graham

Fantastic hand illustrations by Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes is a young Filipino illustrator born in 1990. What he loves most of all, the hand illustration and all in black and white. You will see his drawing style is really beautiful.

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Trial Records 2015 by Riccardo Mucelli

Trial Records 2015 by Riccardo Mucelli

Digital art for Trial Records by Firenze, Italy – based Riccardo Mucelli.

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Editorial Update by Muti

Editorial Update by Muti

Set of creative editorial illustrations by Muti, an artist from Cape Town, South Africa.

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Amazing Art by Micaela Dawn

Amazing Art by Micaela Dawn

Set of various creative artworks by talented Micaela Dawn.

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Concept Art by Tierno Beauregard

Concept Art by Tierno Beauregard

Set of inspiring digital concept artworks by Tierno Beauregard, an artist from France.

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Beata Anima by Aurelio Monge

Beata Anima by Aurelio Monge

Honoring El Greco by Aurelio Monge, an artist from Barcelona, Spain.

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How oo Spend It by Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica

Summaries of Pop Culture Movies in Pictogram Posters by Viktor Hertz


Viktor Hertz is a talented graphic designer from Sweden and he is the author of the following pictogram movie posters. Through two frames and pictograms’ characters, the poster summarizes classics such as Forrest Gump, several Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club and The Big Lebowski.

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