Illustrations by Conrad Roset


Conrad Roset is a Spanish artist, born in Terrassa, and currently based in Barcelona. He has a degree from Joso School, Faculty of Fine Arts, in Barcelona and his first work experience was at Zara, where he identified a way to incorporate regularity while still remaining an artist. After that, he started his own studio and from then on he works independently for different brands, advertising agencies, and publishing companies.

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Illustrated Movie Posters by Mobokeh

Total Recall iPad Wallpaper 3

Kate Jones, an English graphic designer also known as Mobokeh, got her inspiration from TV shows and movies that she liked to make visuals of several characters. We can find the famous Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Gollum and Gandalf from The Hobbit, Katniss from Hunger Games, Batman, Black Swan and also James Bond.

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Notorious Baldies: Illustrations by Fernando Perottoni


The London-based art director Fernando Perottoni brought us this collection of the most famous bald heads of movies and TV shows. Check out the illustrations below and visit Fernando’s website for more interesting projects.

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Dream in ihe Face by Takahiro Kimura

Illustrations by Chris B. Murray

Illustrations by Chris B. Murray

A collection of client based / personal illustrated projects from the past few years by Chris B. Murray.

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Editorial Collection 5 by Jon Reinfurt

Colors by Giorgio Cravero

Colors by Giorgio Cravero

Pretty awesome fruit artworks by Giorgio Cravero, an artist from Turin, Italy.

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Surreal Paintings of Indecision by Alex Hall

Artist Alex Hall, trying to illustrate his emotions, created a series of oil paintings depicting people in free-fall and indecision.

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Minimal Illustration Puns by Jaco Haasbroek


Jaco Haasbroek is a illustrator and designer from South Africa who has worked on all sorts of things from T-shirt design to logo design. One of my favorite projects from him is his series of minimal illustrations that contain some fantastic puns.

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Multiply Exposed Horyon Lee’s Erotic Realism

Korean artist Horyon Lee uses oil paint to create sensuous paintings with a little scandalous effect.

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Nine Most Despised Work Personalities


There are indeed bad behaviours at work, many very distinctive. They annoy, they distract, and they kill work productivity. There are definitely noticeable personalities: a loner, the one that complains all the time, a yes-man within the company, especially if the company is large.

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Kehinde Wiley Blends Hip-Hop With Renaissance To Make Beautiful Art


Kehinde Wiley is a New York based painter from Los Angeles who has situated himself firmly within art history’s tradition of portrait painting. Wiley, as the contemporary descendent of a long line of portraitists including Reynolds, Gainsborough, Titian, Ingres, and others, appropriates the signs and visual rhetoric of the heroic, powerful, opulent, majestic, and sublime in his representations of young, urban, black men.

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Extraordinary Illustrations by Olly Moss


British designer and illustrator Olly Moss is somewhat of a legend within the design industry and is probably best known for his creative re-imagining of famous movie posters. His unique style and cunning ability to always come up with new creative ways to combine elements and messages makes his work instantly recognizable.

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Oil Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

Wearing surgical gloves, artist Iris Scott paints oil paintings with her fingers bringing into them an impressionistic sense.

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Whimsical Mini Illustrations of Pop Culture Characters by Spanish Hey Creative Studio


Spanish creative studio Hey has a penchant for illustrating pop culture characters in their signature style, and has built quite the Instagram following of folks who just can’t get enough of the whimsical creations. So far they’ve drawn up a slew of favorite characters, both real and imagined — everyone from Gandalf to James Brown, the Ninja Turtles to David Bowie, Heisenberg to Neymar, and more.

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