Amazing Digital Illustrations by Serge Birault

If looking for something hot, make sure to check today’s featured artist, Serge Birault.

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40 Awesome Twitter Covers for Your New Twitter Profile

Few days ago, Twitter pushed live new updates, launching version 5.0 and refreshing the user interface, introducing fresh profile views, new photo streams. Twitter has released New Header Images for each user’s profile. You may now change your Twitter Covers if you like.

We have collected the following awesome Twitter Covers from TwitrCovers. All Twitter covers are divided into categories like Nature, Movies, Animals, Art, Games, Quotes and etc. What are you waiting for. Let’s pick one from these 40 Awesome Twitter Covers for Your New Twitter Profile now!

Spectacular Thanks Dribbble Shots

As you may already know, Dribbble is a great source of inspiration due to its high concentration of talented people.You may find various exceptional examples that can serve as a good push for creating logos, characters, website layouts, typography, illustrations and much more. You can explore different categories in order to find something peculiar, but there is one special category that can charm you with its queerness and unpredictability. It is debut shots that are mandatory for everyone and generally consists of thanks illustrations. Since Dribbble is invite-only community not everyone has an opportunity to become  a proud member of it, so thanks shot is a sui generis tribution to your opener.

Today I have collected 30 spectacular examples of thanks dribbble shots.

1. Thanks for the invite! by Takamasa Matsumoto

Thanks for the invite! by Takamasa Matsumoto

2. Thanks to Lukas Troup for Invitation by iZZYMedia

Thanks to Lukas Troup for Invitation by iZZYMedia

3. Dribbble by Aleksandr Novoselov

Dribbble by Aleksandr Novoselov

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Evolution: 99 Steps of Progress

“99 Steps of Progress” is a project by Paris based Creative Collective Maentis, which shows some new ways how to interpretate the “March of Evolution” – enjoy:

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Pop-surreal Illustrations by Nicolas Le Borgne

Below, you may see an interesting collection of pop-surreal illustrations by French artist Nicolas Le Borgne.

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Artworks by Kekai Kotaki

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kekai has always had a passion for art. Finding the sunshine and beautiful scenery distracting he moved to dreary Seattle in 2000 to attend art school. After graduating he proceeded to attempt a career at doing art. This meant getting a job at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild Wars franchise as a lowly texture artist. Through hard work and more than a little luck he was able to become a concept artist. After 5 years as Lead Concept Artist on Guild Wars 2 and 8+ years total at ArenaNet, Kekai has left to go look for new endeavors and to work on his burgeoning illustration career.

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Illustrations by Chaichan Artwichai

A must-see illustrations by Bankok-based illustrator Chaichan Artwichai. Scroll through and get inspired! Amazing stuff.

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llustrations by Jessica Oyhenart-Ball

Set of various digital illustrations by Dallas, Texas based artist, Jessica Oyhenart-Ball. Get inspired!

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Triangle Design by Daniel Hannih ( –

“Olimpia” for White Sposa Italy

Here is a beautiful serie of photo shooted by the spanish photograph and digital creative Paco Pelegrin. 

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Black & White by Eva Widermann

Black & White art, mostly done with pencil or watercolours and gouache.

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CG Illustrations by Weiye Yin

Over a hundred of works of his have been collected in art volumns published by many famous CG organizations, and quite a few have even become examples in some software products. Let’s take a look at his amazing CG works now.

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Portraits by Sasha Ushkevich

Minsk, Belarus – based artist Sasha Ushkevich uses paper, pencil and eraser to create unique captivating portraits. One of my most favorite collections here on Cruzine. If you’re into realistic illustrations, make sure to check the 26 artworks below. Enjoy!

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Casa de Fados

Retro poster / brochure by talented Rita Neves from the Portugal. Enjoy!

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25 Awesome Adobe Photoshop Design Masterpieces For Your Inspiration

In this post we have added 25 most inspiring / master pieces of photoshop design for you. I am sure everyone will love this collection. Photoshop is having many hidden features which we are not aware so far. so it is time to learn hidden gems now.
AUTHOR: Not available – Inspired collection.

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