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Premium HTML Responsive Website Templates

Eloupps: Agency / Corporate Business Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale
HTML responsive website templates is one of the fastest growing trend and help save development time. These templates are very organized and equally useful, hence they are hot favorite of the web designers and they prefer to use responsive website template to layout their sites.
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Vibrant Illustrated Posters by CampSteve

Awesome travel and nature posters with a vintage twist illustrated by CampSteve of Boulder, CO.

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Fantasy Illustrations

It seems you guys enjoyed the last fantasy illustrations collection we published here on Cruzine A LOT. To extinguish your thirst after fantasy art we decided to do another one. In today’s collection you may expect artists’ creativity unleashed resulting in many hot art pieces. My personal favorites is the Animus by ManiakS, The moth by Elda and Blessings of Nature by Jumboshrimp. Ok, won’t waste your time anymore … enjoy this collection and of course get inspired .).

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Posters by Dabsmotion (Venezuela)

Photoshop Custom Shapes

Amazing and unique photoshop custom shapes for your design. Resizable vector shapes for web or print graphics. Enjoy ;)

Download here

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Threadless by Chow Hon Lam

Interesting t-shirt designs by Chow Hon Lam. Enjoy!

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John Doe Covers

Cover illustrations for the italian comic book series John Doe.

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25 Outstanding Digital Illustrations by Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is an Australian artist that started his career at the age of 5. From then on Patrick turned drawing into his main hobby and by the time he hit college Brown learned how to create his art in a digital format by using Photoshop. Judging by his work, his main inspiration comes from video games as well as TV series. Currently working as a graphic designer he uses his free time to create artwork based on everything and anything that he likes..

So far Patrick has racked up over 2.1 million pageviews on his Deviantart profile. He deserves much more and we wish him future success! Without further ado, we hope you enjoy his outstanding work!


Batman: Arkham City

Hitman: Sniper Challenge

See the rest illustrations here!

Epic Breaking Bad Wallpapers

Today we have some awesome Wallpapers for you to plaster your love for Breaking Bad & Chemistry all over your wall or desktop or iphone background, whatever you have, Put some breaking bad on it son! I hope that you enjoy these wallpapers and that they inspire you, or at the very least re-live a few of the great moments of the show in your head. Such a good show. Enjoy!

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Set by Natasha Shaloshvili

Set of fashion illustrations by Natasha Shaloshvili from Simferopol, Ukraine.

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Game of Thrones – HBO exhibition

Game of Thrones

Bottleneck gallery exhibition started at the weekend with a large selection of prints available.
This Game of Thrones print – 1 color black on metallic gold paper is available here

Amazing T-Shirt Designs

People usually choose T-shirts very carefully, because it really matters what is printed on them. A T-shirt should reflect the inner world of a personality; that is why people often choose T-shirt designs, which are related to their personal likes, hobbies, music or political preferences, etc. And modern industry is ready to satisfy literally any demand in T-shirts designs, producing an uncountable number of classical, reserved, humorous, satirical, sexy, aggressive, soothing, grunge, provocative, and other types of designs for T-shirts. Some of them are really creative; so, we have even decided to make a separate showcase at Cruzine and display modern T-shirt designs with a distinct art nature.

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DaddysGirls – Crush ft Troy – #MusicVideo

Illustrations by Moon

Moon is a painter, illustrator and web designer based in Nantes French. After training in art school, he worked for 8 years as an art director in an agency before going freelance. Today his works range from traditional illustration to digital creation. More work on his portfolio .

More picture here.
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Glennz Tees Concepts for Voting Jan-Jun 2011

Vote for these concepts at Glennz Tees to help us choose our next shirt print.

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