Facebook Chat Comic

Check out this nice little comic strip by illustrator Loading Artist about the Facebook Chat Problem.

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SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA – travel through a local lens

Reflections on water. A locals guide to St. Paul, MN.

“Saint Paul is a beautiful urban area tucked inside of an even more beautiful area of nature. There are many things that people might claim define the area, and I’m not going to try and claim this is the most important one, but it’s one of the most defining aspects for sure: water. We have the Mississippi River, which starts here in Minnesota, flows south, cutting through both Saint Paul & Minneapolis (and in the Twin Cities sports amazing trails along both the east & west banks). Then of course there are our 10,000 lakes.” Travel through the local lens of Peter Skwiot Smith at Global Yodel.

Spaghetti Western

A T-shirt design up for scoring/voting at Threadless

Fashion Illustrations by Mustafa Soydan

Fashion Illustrations by Istanbul based Graphic designer and fashion illustrator Mustafa Soydan.

The theme in my works is totally complicated. It changes with my mood; it contains my past, my wishes for the future, pictures of the moment, and daily pleasures. My passion is to put my love for living into my work and make a mark on life.

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“Street Art” T-Shirts

Street art T-shirts designed by Claude Bossett cafepress.com/bossett

20 Creative Abstract Graphic Illustrations and Photo manipulations by Nik Ainley

Author: Nik Ainley is a digital illustrator based in the UK. He has been producing personal and commissioned illustrations for a wide array of clients for over ten years. Nik is constantly trying to expand his range of abilities and is happiest when learning new software or techniques. He works in both 2D and 3D software to produce his images and especially enjoys the results combining the two can achieve.
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Unsettling Watercolor Illustrations by Dima Rebus

Illustrator Dima Rebus was born in a small town in Russia in 1988 and graduated from art school in Moscow in 2011. He now works on a wide range of projects ranging from his personal artwork to illustrations for magazines
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The Summer-Land by Liza Corbett

This series explores the Summer-Land, the spirit world that co-exists with this one, the veil between life and death.

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Mind Bending Optical Illusions by Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian painter of magic realism with a unique perspective and style. He produces original works, limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books.

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Illustrations by Slawomir Maniak

Slawomir Maniak is a 33-year-old artist from Gdansk, Poland, whose works mostly represent the war in an imaginary, magic and dark World. He has notably worked for Wizards of the Coast. Below you may see 36 extraordinary illustrations and concept designs handpicked from his portfolio. If eager to see more, make sure to visit his website – link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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Art by Aad Goudappel

Simple and funny illustrations by Aad Goudappel from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Enjoy :)

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Paper Talk drawings by Jari Di Benedetto

Some drawings taken from the interesting collection “Paper Talk” by Italian artist Jari Di Benedetto.

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Artworks by Roy Nachum

His artistic ability and phenomenal creativity brings a young vision to life that explodes with complexity and character. The elite atmospheres he creates are stunning, elegant, contemporary and authentic but always warm and inviting.

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Beauty Illustrations by Amanda Mocci

Amanda Mocci is a freelance Graphic Designer and illustrator from Montreal Quebec.

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Aztec Hadron Collider by Ctrl Alt Design

Inspired by the particle accelerator at CERN

Aztec Hadron Collider Ctrl Alt Design 001 Boston

Aztec Hadron Collider Ctrl Alt Design 001 Boston  iphone5 Case

Aztec Hadron Collider Ctrl Alt Design laptop skin

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