Best LIFE Magazine Covers

So much nostalgia, memories, and history flood into your senses when browsing through these magazines. I am sure you will get some type of nostalgic feeling – or perhaps the old vintage style design will inspire you to create something new with a vintage look . Some of these magazines you can even buy – some of you magazine designers could possibly benefit from browsing through the real thing, get some layout ideas from the days that have long since passed. Whatever you do with this inspirational resource – I hope you ENJOY!

 Best LIFE Magazine Covers

marijuana life magazine cover design 750x968 Best LIFE Magazine Covers

 Best LIFE Magazine Covers

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Paintings by John Copeland

JC1 Paintings by John Copeland

JC3 Paintings by John Copeland

John Copeland is an American painter with works marked by shapes and brush strokes coarse mixture of abstraction and figuration. His paintings deal with the ambiguity of human behavior in social situations or describing events of everyday life.

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Gallery of Mo wants you!

poster Gallery of Mo wants you!

Gallery of Mo is looking for Artists, Illustrators and crafty folk to help raise money for Movember (Prostate and Testicular Cancer Charities) in 2012.

We’re needing your help to create artwork of all the people who donate through our website in October and November. You can do as many portraits as you like, in any medium and style you like! The only rule is you MUST add a moustache to the portrait!

The actual Movember charity saw our last years efforts ( and are fully backing us this year to push the site on a more national scale with the hope of getting more press for the charity and artists involved, but also getting celebrity support. They’re also planning on creating an actual Art Exhibition in Leeds (England) displaying some of the art created this year.

With just 20 artist last year we raised over £5000 and illustrated 189 portraits! Just imagine what we could raise with a team of 200 artists! We’re currently on 91 artists you have signed up to help. This is amazing! Can we reach 100 by the end of today?

If you’re interested please visit our site for more information and to sign up :

Examples from Last Year
allportraits 750x467 Gallery of Mo wants you!

Back in the Blue

tumblr m7tlvqEEFv1rse1ipo2 500 Back in the Bluetumblr m7tlvqEEFv1rse1ipo1 500 Back in the Blue
Created by Ginger Monkey, illustrator, designer, typenut.

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Creative Typography and Illustrations by Sebastien CUYPERS

Sebastien Cypers aka Cuypi is a French art director and illustrator. His works are very reminiscent of early 90’s graffiti / street art mixed with absolute clinical typography, comparative to none other. He seems to be a great ambassador for the street / skateboard culture which many other artists seem to be straying away from in favour of more recent trends. Scroll through and get inspired .).

i1a245 Creative Typography and Illustrations by Sebastien CUYPERS

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20 Illustrations by young and talented french Illustrator Rei Plys, clearly with some inspiration by Japan and Manga culture.


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NATRI – New Shirt Label – big boy – white shirt

Tribal / Kanji Custom Tattoo

vt 1 Tribal / Kanji Custom Tattoo

Vicenzo.T Custom Tattoo design [France]
Style : Tribal / Kanji.
(Published with permission)

© 2012 | Jonatan Sophie

Amazing Illustrations by MooNyk

Incredible collection of creative illustrations by MooNyk. Enjoy!

i1a240 Amazing Illustrations by MooNyk

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“RISE” T-shirt (Designer: Ramin Nasibov)

“RISE” T-shirt (Designer: Ramin Nasibov)

rise1 RISE T shirt (Designer: Ramin Nasibov)


Arslvs Illustration

artslvs artwork 4 750x478 Arslvs Illustration

Arslvs Illustration

/ Work in progress /

© 2012 | Jonatan Sophie

Illustrations for Nike by PEACHBEACH

Some new Shirt designs we produced for Nike. Enjoy :)

i1a238 Illustrations for Nike by PEACHBEACH

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Typographic ID’s Santiago Wardak

Typographic Id’s project for History Channel by Santiago Wardak Buenos Aires, Argentina. Enjoy :)

i1a5 Typographic ID’s Santiago Wardak

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Black Thunder Lookbook

BLACK THUNDER 09 Black Thunder Lookbook
Portugal based brand Black Thunder launched a cool collection, with a pretty cool lookbook. CHECK THE FULL COLLECTION HERE
BLACK THUNDER 11 Black Thunder Lookbook

Goverdose #03 VOID

14 Konrad Kirpluk the void2 small Goverdose #03 VOID

Goverdose was born in 2008 as a result of online collaboration between digital artists. Group has released only one e-zine in the past however our friendship and passion for creating has never died.

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