Awesome HandmadeTypography by Pablo Alfieri

Pablo Alfieri is an Art Director and Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires Argentina. After working as an art director in local studios he decided to create his own place “Playful” where he dedicates all his passion for graphic design illustration and typography. Characterized by a constant search of simplicity in geometrics shapes and structures of visual impact his skill established an interest from companies like Nike, MTV Internacional, Snickers, Chevrolet, Motorola, and Latinoamérica. Pablo’s passion and love for type is easily witnessed throughout his work. Enjoy!

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Illustrations by Erwin Madrid

Erwin Madrid was born in the Philippines in 1978 and grew up in San Jose, California. In May 2003, Erwin earned his BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, CA.

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Pizza hoodie – Cucina Italiana collection

Pizza hoodie.
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The Long Wait – Faith47 New Street Pieces In Johannesburg // South Africa

The Long Wait
Miners are waiting for justice. workers are waiting for a living wage.
People are waiting for service delivery. refugees are waiting for assistance.
Men are waiting for jobs. we are all waiting for an honest politician.
So many people are waiting for others to do things first. to take the blame.
To do things for them. to take the fall. to build the country. to admit defeat.
There has been so much waiting in this country that much time has been lost.

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Packaging Design Inspirations -4

Unique, Attractive and Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and stand out from the rest. Marketing and designers have power to grab customer’s interest with their skills and creativity ideas with use of good colors, design, typography and packaging material which helps to boost sales.

perfume bottle concept


corn box packging

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Conceptual Art by David Rapoza

If you guys like fantasy illustrations, today we’ve got something or someone special for you. Below, you may see the best of David Rapoza‘s artworks.

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Stunning Horror Art by Brandon Heart

Today we stumbled upon an amazing artist from the United States – Brandon Heart.

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llustrations by Nicolas Le Borgne

Below, you may see an interesting collection of pop-surreal illustrations by French artist Nicolas Le Borgne. Nicolas aka Odö usually works with watercolor, pen & ink or acrylic.

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Autumn Campaign by Charles Voegele

The motives we created will be used in different formats at the Point of Sale of over 850 stores. These are located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary as well as the Czech Republic and Poland.

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The Depthcore Collective is delighted to release it’s 44th Chapter, “ECHOES”. Featuring work themed around the concept of reflected sound, thought and memory, “ECHOES” is a diverse collection of artwork produced by members old and new over the course of the last eight months.

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25 Free Professional Icon Sets for Graphic and Web Designers – Download Now

In this post we have added 25 high quality Free icon sets for designers. This list contains some of the best handpicked Free Useful Icon Sets from different categories. Download them instantly and make your websites more attractive.

AUTHOR LINK: Not available (Inspiration post)

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20 Hyper realistic Glamorous oil paintings from Artist Dick Bobnick

Profile of Artist Dick Bobnick: Dick Bobnick has been a successful illustrator for over 40 years. His versatility in creating celebrity portrait montages, beautiful figures, action-adventure and sports illustrations in addition to historical and gorgeous pinups keeps his work in demand among regional, national and international corporations, advertising agencies, public relations firms as well as book and collectibles publishers.
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Beautiful Light Paintings of 1970′s New York City

These incredible light paintings were taken on the streets of New York City back in the 1970′s using nothing but a Nikon 35mm film camera, 4th of July sparklers and Christmas lights.

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5 cool illustrations by the talented artist Cristian Grossi

Cristian Grossi is a talented genius designer. His work is kitsch and a little insecure, for Cristian illustration is the right combination of spontaneity and dedication. Discover more about him at his Facebook FanPage or his website

Amazing Oxana Zaika Artworks!

Amazing Oxana Zaika Artworks!  So colorful and joyful!  Artist :
Source : Just Imagine